Chapter 365: Massacre!

Tianli City.

The smoke of war filled the air and yellow sand rolled.

Ye Chen rode on a white horse and brought 170,000 soldiers to Tianli City.

“Your Highness, the City Lord of Tianli City, Sun Wuchang, used to be a general and had 50,000 soldiers under him. However, now that the city gates are closed and we are not allowed to enter the city, I’m afraid he has already joined Ji Xuan,” Yang Xuan said.

“A bunch of fence-sitters!” Zhang Mo said coldly.

That was right, these people were all fence-sitters.

When the Emperor was still alive, they naturally listened to His Majesty the Emperor.

However, now that the Emperor had passed away, it was Ji Xuan who held great power in comparison to Ji Xuan and Ye Chen.

One climbed up to the throne step by step.

The other was just a bastard prince.

It was obvious who he supported.

They had already submitted to Ji Xuan, so it was impossible for them to open the city gate and let Ye Chen and the others in.

At this moment, Yang Xuan waved his hand.

Immediately, a deputy general came to the city gate and said, “Prince Ye Chen has arrived. Aren’t you going to open the city gate?”

At this moment, a general stood on the city gate and looked at Ye Chen and the others. “Your Majesty, give the order. Ye Chen is a wanted criminal. You are just a bunch of rebels. How dare you make a ruckus here?”

At this moment, the deputy general shouted, “If you don’t open the city gates, we will attack!”

At this moment, a voice rang out from within the city, “Open the gates!”

Immediately, the city gates opened.

A group of soldiers and horses came out.

It was General Sun.

He led 50,000 soldiers and charged out.

Ye Chen rode on a white horse, while General Sun rode on a Ferghana horse. He stood in front of Ye Chen, and behind him were five soldiers.

The 170,000 men army faced the 50,000 men army. Although the number of people on Ye Chen’s side was much smaller, General Sun’s soldiers had just lost a battle. They were all a group of defeated generals, so Ye Chen’s side was superior in terms of imposing manner.

“General Sun, you want to use the 50,000-strong army to block us?” Ye Chen looked at General Sun indifferently.

General Sun looked at Ye Chen angrily and said sternly, “Your Highness, His Majesty wants to kill you. We, as subjects, are helpless!”

Ye Chen looked at him and said with a faint smile, “Oh, is that so? Then we can only fight!”

Sun Wuchang knew that his only way now was to stall for time. He did not think highly of Ye Chen at all, so it was impossible for him to join Ye Chen’s side.

Once Ji Xuan’s army arrived, together with their army, they would definitely be able to take down Ye Chen and the others.


Ye Chen gave the order.

Beating the drums and fighting the heavens, the flags fluttered!

Following the order of Ye Chen and Sun Wuchang!


Instantly, the soldiers from both sides charged at each other without any regard for their lives!

The densely packed people rushed to the middle from both sides like ants.

When the swords clashed, blood splattered for thousands of miles!

The wind stirred and the clouds surged. The raging fire set the prairie ablaze. The shouts and cries interweaved, and the bloody light and the radiance of the swords reflected.

The arrows in the sky above the battlefield shuttled back and forth. The soldiers’ eyes were red with anger as they slashed their precious blades at the enemy’s head. The speed of the cavalry, the madness of the infantrymen, the agility of the archers…

From fighting to killing, from humans to demons. This was how war was without humanity, and how cruel it was

A bloody battle erupted in an instant like this. It was both accidental and inevitable. In an instant, the sound of killing shook the sky.

Countless short axes flipped over and flew towards the officers and soldiers. The poor officers and soldiers did not have time to defend themselves before they were hacked and smashed by the countless short axes, causing their flesh and blood to fly everywhere. Those officers and soldiers who were lucky enough to dodge the short axes were also surrounded by the brothers, in an instant, they were chopped into meat paste by countless short blades.

The remaining officers and soldiers were scared out of their wits. They only hated that their legs were too short. All of them cried for their parents and fled in all directions.

At this moment, everyone was engaged in an intense battle. They were all wearing full sets of armor and had swords, spears, bows, and arrows.

In front of them was the infantry formation, which acted as the main offensive force. Behind them was the cavalry column, which acted as the mobile force and was ready to pursue and defeat the scattered enemies at any moment. The infantry formation mostly used ‘du’ as the basic combat unit, which was equivalent to a ‘company’ in modern times.

In actual combat, there were usually 100 people in a formation of 10 people in a column, forming 10 columns. In each column, the first person was a sabersman, and the second person was a spearman.

The sabersman and spearman were the vice-captain. They wore heavy armor and acted as the vanguard. They were responsible for defending against the locust-like arrows, and at the same time, they were responsible for defending against the strong enemies that occasionally rushed in front of them. The eight people behind them were all archers. Each of them listened to the command of the captain and vice-captain and shot eight arrows at one person in a row. Therefore, almost all of them were hit, and they seemed to be unstoppable.

The massacre continued. Suddenly, the air was filled with the smell of blood. The entire world seemed to be shaking, and the mountains and the earth seemed to crack. In an instant, all the living beings turned into nothingness.

It was as if they were cut into a thousand pieces. Their remnant values and arms were broken and shattered everywhere. At this moment when they were engulfed by the bloody light, they could no longer distinguish what was a weapon. Their blood-red hands and sharp teeth could not wait to tear apart the faces one by one.

Everyone had long lost their rationality and went out of control to satisfy their desire to kill. Now, it seemed that the most wonderful feeling in the world was the pleasure of being able to wipe out everything with their own hands. It was already evening. Looking from afar, it was already difficult to tell whether it was the setting sun or the fresh blood that dyed the ground red…

Yang Xuan and Luo Shuihan, the two generals of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom, were like killing machines as they directly charged into the battlefield.

Yang Xuan wielded his long halberd and swept it out, causing the soldiers of Tianli City to instantly fall to the ground.

The halberd in his hand danced and pierced through a person’s neck. He retracted his halberd and stabbed a person in the chest.

Yang Xuan had already advanced to the Transcending Tribulation Realm. In a war, there was no one who could stop him. He swung his halberd around in the crowd, and one by one, corpses fell to his feet.

Piercing, slashing, waist cutting…

Their eyes were filled with killing intent, and everywhere they went, there was an endless aura of destruction!


The roars continued…

Luo Shuihan also rushed out. He was like a demonic god, two meters tall. He stood upright in the middle of the crowd, holding the ancient halberd in his hand as if he had turned into an Asura from hell, he continued to kill people one by one.

Killing, bloody…

Blood splattered everywhere.

He descended from the sky. With a sweep of his halberd, endless power erupted. It was as if a powerful force was enveloping everyone, like a domain.

With a move of his halberd, dozens of people instantly died in front of him.

He was dressed in a red robe and his battle armor was dyed red with blood!

Among the people, Luo Shuihan was like a demon god that had descended into the world. The surging power was constantly leaking out, tearing, and strangling. One by one, fresh lives were killed by him.

When the people of Tianli City saw how valiant and skilled Yang Xuan and Luo Shuihan were, their eyes immediately widened.

“How is this possible?”

“They are not people, but demons!”