Chapter 362: The Emperor Dies and Ji Xuan Inherits the Throne!

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The Emperor looked at Chen Changqing and said, “You have already done your duty. You are very good.”

At this moment, Chen Changqing walked out.

He threw his head back and roared, “Chen Changqing, I am willing to die for Your Majesty!”

Chen Changqing was willing to die for Your Majesty!

His voice resounded throughout the world.

He stood in the main hall, one man and one sword.

The twelve Transcending Tribulation Realm experts looked at Chen Changqing calmly.

Ji Xuan’s gaze was also icy cold.


At this moment, Chen Changqing walked out step by step, the long sword in his hand emitting light.

“The spirit sword has transformed into three thousand. Xuanqing’s heart is hidden, his sword heart can not rest, and his divine fate is undetermined!”

“Xuanqing’s sword!”

Instantly, endless sword intent landed on Chen Changqing’s body. Chen Changqing’s long sword pointed at the imperial guard. The three thousand sword intent transformed into a sword, and the sword shot toward the imperial guard.

At this moment, Ji Xuan, who was watching from the side, also made his move.

At this moment, Chen Changqing’s sword, man and sword as one, flew toward the twelve Transcending Tribulation Realm.

“Mantis arms stop a chariot!”

Chen Changqing slashed down with his sword. Brilliant divine might!

Endless sword intent descended.


Endless aura spread out, and a wave of heat swept out instantly. The surrounding soldiers and officials were all sent flying.

Chen Changqing’s sword intent emitted this divine might. Light green True Qi gathered together, forming an azure dragon. An incomparably powerful pressure descended.

Facing the pressure, Chen Changqing instantly charged forward.

“Die!” Chen Changqing roared loudly. The Aura on his body surged. His longsword erupted with this divine light, and endless light pressed down.

However, the opponents were twelve Transcending Tribulation Realm experts. How could he be their match?

With a slash of his sword, Chen Changqing’s sword intent was forced back.

The twelve Transcending Tribulation Realm experts attacked together.

A powerful force suppressed Chen Changqing.

It formed a huge beam of strong light and instantly charged toward Chen Changqing.


Under the strong light!

Blood splattered as far as ten meters!

Chen Changqing was directly cut in half!

Chen Changqing’s eyes were wide open. He stood on the spot with his longsword.

Pu —

He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood before slowly losing his life force.

However, he did not fall down even after he died. His tall body continued to protect the Emperor behind him.

At this moment.

The entire Imperial Palace was filled with rivers of blood.

One by one, the civil officials were killed by the aftershocks of the battle.

The entire great hall was filled with fresh blood…

Ji Wentian sat on his seat, his eyes closed as a pained expression appeared on his face.

They…were ultimately defeated.

Ji Xuan was incomparably calm. He stared at the Emperor who was seated on the dragon throne as he calmly spoke, “Father, your guards are all dead. Do you still have any backup plans?”

At this moment, Ji Wentian sat up straight, straightening his robes as he calmly stared at Ji Xuan.

Ji Xuan waved his hand.

Instantly, a serving girl appeared before the Emperor with a cup of poison wine in her hands.

Ji Xuan stared at Ji Wentian as he spoke, “Father, drinking this cup of poison wine will allow you to die a more dignified death. After all, we are father and son. I still can’t bear to kill you with my own hands.”

Ji Wentian knew that he had no way to reverse the situation. He stood up and lifted his wine cup. Without any hesitation, he downed the wine in one gulp.

He drank the poison wine.

Instantly, a trace of blood appeared at the corner of Ji Wentian’s mouth.

Ji Wentian collapsed and sat on the Dragon Throne.

At this moment, Ji Xuan calmly waved his hand. A few subordinates directly pulled down the Emperor’s corpse.

Ji Xuan slowly sat on the dragon throne and calmly said, “The Emperor has passed away. As a prince, Ji Xuan will inherit the throne of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom!”

At this moment, those who were still alive in the remaining halls hurriedly crawled to the center of the hall and bowed. “Long live the Emperor!”

Ji Xuan said, “From today onward, I am the Emperor of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom! The Emperor has passed away, and it is a glorious funeral!”


All the officials bowed.

Heavenly South City.

Ye Chen had subdued 100,000 soldiers.

At this moment, Yang Xuan brought 50,000 soldiers to Heavenly South City.

Ye Chen arrived at the city gate. At this moment, Yang Xuan brought his army to Ye Chen.

“Yang Xuan pays his respects to Your Highness!”

Immediately, Yang Xuan knelt in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen hurriedly came in front of Yang Xuan and immediately said, “General Yang, please rise.”

At this moment, Ye Chen and the others did not know about the changes in the Imperial Palace. The news had not reached their ears yet.

Yang Xuan looked at Ye Chen and said, “Your Highness, His Majesty has asked me to bring you back to the Imperial City to inherit the throne.”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “General Yang, since you have come here, how are the defenses of the Imperial Palace?”

Yang Xuan’s expression was a little unsightly and he immediately said, “His Majesty knows that Heavenly South City has strong military strength, so he has asked me to bring half of the Imperial City’s military strength to bring His Highness back!”

“Half of the Imperial City’s military force?” Ye Chen was shocked.

“If the Imperial City loses half of its military force, wouldn’t the Imperial City be empty?” Ye Chen asked.

“Yes, many of the Imperial City’s guards are empty, but as long as we can bring His Highness back to the Eastern Imperial Kingdom, everything will be worth it,” Yang Xuan said.

Ye Chen said somewhat icily, “In other words, if Ji Xuan wants to rebel at this time, no one will be able to stop him!”

As soon as he said this, Yang Xuan’s face instantly darkened.

He hurriedly said, “Your Highness Ji Xuan…is rebelling…”

Ye Chen knew that Ji Xuan was not easy to deal with. He was afraid that Ji Xuan would start rebelling once he received the news.

“Yang Xuan, quickly reorganize the troops. Let’s return to the Imperial Palace!” Ye Chen immediately said..