Chapter 361: Imperial Guards, Defend to the Death!

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At this moment, the Emperor’s anger was ignited. He felt a salty sensation on his neck.

Pu —

Immediately, he spat out a mouthful of blood!

In the Imperial Court, blood splattered everywhere!

“Your Majesty!” Eunuch Liu hurriedly held onto the Emperor.

The Emperor was extremely weak. Eunuch Liu hurriedly sat at the back and used his Qi to treat the Emperor’s injuries. “Your Majesty, don’t speak for a moment. I’ll treat your injuries!”

At this moment, the Emperor, Ji Wentian, smiled and said, “The situation has already been decided. I’m already powerless to turn the situation around.”

“Liu Xi, listen to me…”

“Your Majesty, speak!”

Liu Xi immediately said.

“You’re an expert in the Transcending Tribulation Realm. Only you have a chance of escaping. Right now, the only person who can break out of this situation is Ye Chen.”

“Your Majesty, do we still have a chance of winning?” Liu Xi did not know what chance they had of winning now.

Almost the entire Imperial Court was under Ji Xuan’s control. Even the royal guards were now under Ji Xuan’s control. Otherwise, the royal guards would have long charged in to protect the Emperor.

Therefore, they should be at the end of their rope now.

At this moment, the Emperor smiled and said, “I believe in that brat, Ye Chen.”

“The surprise he gave me was too great. I originally thought that if he could safely arrive at the Imperial City, then he would have the qualifications to become the Emperor of our Eastern Imperial Kingdom.

However, I never imagined that he would actually annihilate Sima’s family.

“So, as long as he’s alive, we still have a chance of victory.”

“So, escape alive and tell Ye Chen about the situation in the Imperial City!” The Emperor calmly spoke.

“Your Majesty!” Eunuch Liu looked at the Emperor, his heart filled with shock.

“This is my final order,” the Emperor said.

At this moment, experts came out from the Imperial Court one after another, and everyone was fighting.

Four Transcending Tribulation Realm experts came out.

The imperial guard flew out alone, his long sword flashing with rainbow light as he stabbed toward the four Transcending Tribulation Realm experts of Ji Xuan’s.

At this moment, Yin Ghost flew out, and his iron claw clashed with the imperial guard’s long sword.

Yin Slave took out his sword from his back and placed it horizontally in front of the three of them.

Clang clang clang!

The remaining two royal guards also charged out and clashed with Yin Dragon and Yin Tiger.

Instantly, they were swept onto the two of them.


The two of them were ruthlessly smashed and instantly flew backward.

In an instant, the long sword in Yin Dragon and Yin Tiger’s hands stabbed out. The eight of them immediately engaged in a fierce battle. The royal guard had been at a disadvantage from the moment they attacked and was tired of dealing with them.

The imperial guard secretly groaned. The Yin Ghost’s claws immediately swung out and collided with the imperial guard’s long sword, causing sparks to fly in all directions.

Ji Xuan’s eyes lit up, and he immediately shot a look at Eunuch Zhao.

Eunuch Zhao immediately understood what Ji Xuan’s subordinates meant. He slowly circled around the imperial guard’s back and struck out with his palm toward the imperial guard’s back.

Eunuch Zhao leaped up and struck down with his frost palm toward the back of the imperial guard!

“Go to hell!”

Eunuch Zhao shouted as the power in his body burst forth.

Pu —

Immediately, a loud sound rang out.

One of the imperial guards flew out.

He spat out a mouthful of blood.

In an instant, fresh blood splattered down.

The other Transcending Tribulation Realm experts instantly charged forward and pierced through his chest.


One of the imperial guards was instantly killed.

There were only five people left.

On the other side.

Three experts charged at one of the imperial guards.

A powerful force landed on his body.

Peng —

Loud sounds rang out.

The imperial guards were also killed.

They could not deal with the twelve experts.

“Liu Xi, leave!”

The Emperor ordered.

“Your Majesty!” Liu Xi looked at the emperor.

“Go!” The Emperor said immediately.

Eunuch Liu could only fly out. At this moment, Ji Xuan sneered, “Stop him!”

Instantly, three Transcending Tribulation Realm experts flew in front of Liu Xi to block him.

At this moment, Liu Xi could not cope with the three Transcending Tribulation Realm experts.

Boom —

A loud sound rang out.

A Transcending Tribulation Realm expert smacked Liu Xi’s body.

Pu —

Immediately, Liu Xi spat out a mouthful of blood.

Another Transcending Tribulation Realm expert stabbed out with his sword and instantly pierced through Liu Xi’s back.

His body was severely injured.

“I must escape!” Liu Xi said as he flew out with all his strength.

“Kill him!”

Ji Xuanyin said coldly.

Eunuch Zhao flew out immediately and arrived in front of Liu Xi. He struck out with his palm, and immediately, his palm struck Liu Xi’s body.

Pu —

Immediately, Liu Xi spat out another mouthful of blood.

His life force continued to disappear.

Liu Xi also fell to the ground.

At this moment, Zhao Yin was about to kill Liu Xi, but at this moment, Chen Changqing suddenly charged out.


A sword cry!

A long sword fell into his hand!

A cold light was instantly released, and a white light was reflected in Chen Changqing’s eyes.

Chen Changqing also stabbed over.

He blocked in front of those few Transcending Tribulation Realm experts.

The remaining few imperial guards who were in the Transcending Tribulation Realm also flew over.

“Go, I’ll block it for you!”

Liu Xi dragged his broken body and instantly flew out.

“Kill him!”

“If you want to kill him, you have to step over our corpses first!” Chen Changqing roared and a powerful force burst out.

A powerful force burst out, and the power in his hand increased. Endless power burst out from his hand.

As Chen Changqing said this, his eyes became extremely vicious, and the power in his hand increased dramatically.

As Chen Changqing spoke, he immediately leaped toward Ji Xuan’s subordinates.

The longsword in his hand danced, and his sword technique transformed into three thousand, stabbing toward the imperial guard.

Xuanqing three thousand swords!

In front of the imperial guard, the imperial guard saw countless longswords stabbing toward him.

He did not panic. It was as if an incomparably powerful force had surged into his body. The imperial guard felt that his strength had increased quite a bit.

He lightly tapped his longsword with the tip of his sword!

Ang —

Immediately, they heard a light cry, like a dragon’s roar.

At this moment, Ji Xuan’s subordinates immediately attacked.

Ang —

A powerful force flew into the 3000 sword formation.

The 3000 sword formation was actually unable to block the golden dragon’s attack and was directly broken through by the golden dragon!

The golden dragon took advantage of the situation and directly rammed into Chen Changqing’s body. Chen Changqing’s body instantly flew out and smashed into the wall.

The twelve Transcending Tribulation Realm experts instantly attacked.

The other Transcending Tribulation Realm experts were also all repelled.

Chen Changqing used his longsword to defend himself. He looked at Ji Xuan’s subordinates and said sternly, “Ji Xuan, you’re disobedient and will definitely suffer the wrath of the heavens!”

“Wrath of the heavens? Hahaha…I want to become the emperor of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom. From now on, I am the heavens!”


Instantly, the remaining four Transcending Tribulation Realm experts were all killed.

Only Chen Changqing was left.

Chen Changqing looked at Ji Xuan.

He slowly stood up and stood in front of the Emperor.. he shouted angrily, “Your Majesty, Chen Changqing failed to protect the Emperor. Changqing is willing to be punished!”