Chapter 360: The Battle of the Royal Palace!

“A test?”


“Don’t tell me so many useless things. Now that the situation is set, I will ask you one last time, are you going to give up your position or not?” Ji Xuan coldly stared at Ji Wentian, there was not the slightest bit of pity in his eyes, there was not the slightest bit of kinship between them.

At this moment, Ji Wentian closed his eyes and fell silent.

Ji Xuan’s gaze was cold. He had already obtained the answer.

Right now, he had already led his guards into the royal palace. The victor would be the king and the loser would be the bandit. This was the only move he could make.

Although Ji Wentian was not dead, as long as he killed Ji Wentian, this world would still belong to him!

“Ji Wentian, oh Ji Wentian, your life is indeed tough. But as long as I kill you now, this world will belong to me!”

Ji Xuan held the long saber in his hand as he stared fiercely at Ji Wentian.

He had already prepared everything for the coup today. Of course, he had also considered this moment. Although killing Ji Wentian now would make everyone know that he was the Emperor who had rebelled against the Emperor, he could not care less.

Ji Xuan held the long saber as he walked step by step toward Ji Wentian.

“Go to hell!” Ji Xuan’s eyes revealed a sinister look.

As Ji Xuan spoke, the long saber in his hand slashed towards Ji Wentian.

When Ji Wentian saw Ji Xuan’s cold blade descend, he did not show any signs of panic. He only silently closed his eyes.

At this moment, a cold light flashed and a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert landed in front of Ji Wentian.

The moment the Transcending Tribulation Realm expert appeared, a killing intent burst forth from his pair of bright eyes. He was like a graceful goose that had fallen from the sky.

A crisp sound rang out, and a streak of white light instantly pierced through the air, stabbing out with a sword!

Although Zhao Yin was a eunuch, he was a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert.

Zhao Yin rushed toward Ji Wentian. Instantly, Liu Xi charged over as well, engaging in a battle with Zhao Yin.

A great battle was about to break out.

Ji Wentian’s side had six Transcending Tribulation Realm experts, while Ji Xuan’s side had a total of twelve Transcending Tribulation Realm experts. Instantly, the entire Imperial Court turned into a battlefield.

“Protect His Majesty!”

Instantly, a guard appeared in front of Ji Wentian.

He was Ji Wentian’s imperial guard, Chen Changqing.

Instantly, two Transcending Tribulation Realm experts charged toward Chen Changqing.

Even if Chen Changqing was a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert, dealing with two great Transcending Tribulation Realm experts was still very difficult. In a short while, he was at a disadvantage and was tired of dealing with them.

Instantly, the two great Transcending Tribulation Realm experts charged out.

Yin Slave and Yin Ghost.

They were both Transcending Tribulation Realm experts raised by Ji Xuan.

“Don’t put up a stubborn resistance. You aren’t Prince Ji Xuan’s match.” Yin Ghost said coldly. As he spoke, his yin claws immediately reached out toward Chen Changqing.

Chen Changqing immediately flicked Yin Ghost’s hand away and hurriedly retreated. “If you want to rebel and assassinate His Majesty, then step over me first!”

Upon hearing Chen Changqing’s words, Yin Ghost immediately laughed out loud. “Hahahaha… laughable!”

Chen Changqing immediately let out a sword cry and released a sword ray. The rolling sword ray instantly shone in the sky and slashed toward the four great Transcending Tribulation Realm experts under Ji Xuan.

Yin Ghost’s yin claws reached out, and the rolling black energy instantly surged in the hall and clashed with the Xuanqing sword technique.

Among the four Transcending Tribulation Realm experts under Ji Xuan, Yin Slave was a woman, and the other three were Yin Ghost, Yin Dragon, and Yin Tiger.

The Yin Slave and Yin Ghost kept fighting with Chen Changqing.

After the Yin Dragon and Yin Tiger left, the pressure on Chen Changqing lessened a lot.

Zhao Yin and Liu Xi were both Transcending Tribulation Realm experts.

At this moment, the two eunuchs were engaged in a fierce battle, and they were evenly matched.

The Yin Dragon and the Yin Tiger charged into the crowd, opening, and closing, and corpses fell to the ground one after another. There were so few experts in the Transcending Tribulation Realm on the side of the emperor, so he was already on the verge of defeat.

Against two experts in the Transcending Tribulation Realm, Chen Changqing could barely deal with them. However, Yin Slave and Yin Ghost were not weak either, so Chen Changqing did not have the upper hand.

At this time, the officials in the court were fleeing in all directions. Most of them were civil officials, and it did not matter whose henchmen they were. If they were not careful, they would be killed by mistake.

It was the same not only in the main hall but also outside the main hall. They were constantly fighting, and, corpses were strewn all over the place, and blood flowed like a river.

On the steps and in the main hall, they were all dyed red with blood…

Eunuch Zhao was Ji Xuan’s subordinate, a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert. He had always been by Ji Xuan’s side. He was Ji Xuan’s loyal dog. When Eunuch Zhao heard the order, his figure instantly turned into a phantom.

Eunuch Zhao’s palm was like frost as boundless energy shot out.

At this moment, a person suddenly rushed out and blocked the Emperor’s path. His palm faced Eunuch Zhao.

This person was Eunuch Liu, who was standing beside the Emperor.

The two palms met, and endless power clashed together.


Both of them were Transcending Tribulation Realm experts, and there was no way to tell who was stronger. Both of them were pushed back.

“Your Majesty, now that the situation is over, let’s retreat!” Eunuch Liu hurriedly said.

Ji Wentian nodded.

At this moment, Eunuch Liu hurriedly said, “Protect Your Majesty, retreat!”

“Where are the imperial guards?” Eunuch Liu asked.

At this moment, a general hurriedly said, “Reporting to His Majesty, the imperial guards have all been controlled by Ji Xuan.”

Only a few imperial guards came out to protect the Emperor.

On the Emperor’s side, there were a total of six Transcending Tribulation Realm experts.

There were also some Deva Realm and Mahayana Realm experts.

Now that Ji Xuan had so many Transcending Tribulation Realm experts at his side and the imperial guards were in his hands, if the emperor fought head-on with him, he would definitely lose.

At this moment, Eunuch Zhao charged over again. Eunuch Liu blocked him and shouted, “Your Majesty, run!”

Eunuch Liu was injured by Eunuch Zhao’s palm because he was protecting the Emperor. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

However, they had no way to retreat now.

Almost all of Ji Xuan’s soldiers were outside. Even if they left the throne room, they would die without a doubt.

In the throne room.

Some of the officials were directly hacked to death. There were also some who hid under their seats, looking very miserable.

The Emperor’s imperial guards were defeated, Eunuch Liu was injured, and Chen Changqing was almost unable to hold on any longer.

In the main hall, blood flowed like a river, and corpses were strewn all over the place.

Ji Xuan looked at the remaining people indifferently. All the officials were cowardly and hid to the side. In front of Ji Xuan, there were five Transcending Tribulation Realm experts, protecting Ji Xuan.

The Emperor was in a very poor state. Chen Changqing and Eunuch Liu protected him and were forced into a corner.

Instantly, Ji Xuan’s soldiers were restless and ready to make a move. The atmosphere instantly became tense!

Everyone’s heart was in their throats.

At this moment, if one person dared to move, it would cause a huge commotion.

Those officials who did not obey Ji Xuan were also killed.

Blood flowed like a river in the entire imperial court.

Emperor Ji Wentian was already at the end of his path. He sat on the throne and closed his eyes.

Even so, he did not lose his composure.

Protecting the greatest dignity of his Emperor..