Chapter 357: Subduing an Army of 100,000 Soldiers!
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They saw a dense number of soldiers.

At this moment, Murong Qingxue and Zhao Xiyao walked up.

“Little junior brother, what should we do?” Murong Qingxue transmitted her voice.

Ye Chen looked at these soldiers.

The Sima clan had already been annihilated. These soldiers were all ownerless armies.

Ye Chen and the others were all cultivators. Actually, they could completely ignore these soldiers and directly leave this place.

But Ye Chen still wanted to try and see if he could subdue these soldiers.

He knew that Ji Xuan might very well rebel.

Therefore, if he did not bring the soldiers back, it would probably be very difficult to pull Ji Xuan down from the throne.

At this moment, Ye Chen calmly said, “I’ll handle it.”

At this moment, Ye Chen walked to the front.

At this moment, a deputy general came forward to welcome him and directly asked, “Where is great General Sima?”

Ye Chen calmly looked at that deputy general and said, “He has already been killed by me. Not only that, the entire Sima clan has already been destroyed by me.”

When these words were said, the soldiers were incomparably shocked.

They all looked at each other in disbelief.

Sima Tianchi was their general.

“General Sima is dead. We want to take revenge for General Sima!” At this moment, a deputy general suddenly stood up and said.

Along with the deputy general’s voice, the 100,000 man army immediately said, “We want to take revenge for General Sima!”

Immediately, the soldiers became furious. They were about to rush forward and kill Ye Chen.

Ye Chen’s gaze was extremely calm.

“Kill him!” Following the deputy general’s voice, all the soldiers’ voices rang out.

Their voices resounded throughout the world, and everyone seemed to have been injected with stimulants.

Instantly, everyone was about to make a move.

However, at this moment.

A green-robed figure suddenly charged out and appeared in front of the deputy general. The long sword in the deputy general’s hand suddenly flew over and stabbed into the deputy general’s chest.

Instantly, the deputy general’s chest bled and he knelt on the ground with his eyes wide open.

Ye Chen slowly walked up to them and calmly looked at everyone.

Ye Chen glanced at him indifferently and coldly asked, “Are you the soldiers of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom or Sima Tianchi’s private soldiers?!”

His voice was incomparably loud and clear, and it entered everyone’s ears.

Although they were Sima Tianchi’s private soldiers, they were hired under the name of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom, so they could be considered soldiers of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom.

As soon as these words were spoken.

Everyone looked at Ye Chen.

A deputy general immediately said, “Of course, we’re soldiers of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom!”

No matter who it was, they could not be said to be private soldiers, right? As long as they said it, they would probably not be labeled as conspirators.

Ye Chen calmly said, “Since you are soldiers of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom, then you should take the country of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom as your responsibility. I am the Prince of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom, so do you want to kill me as well?”

The moment these words were said, all the soldiers lowered their heads.

Ye Chen continued, “Do you know how Sima Tianchi died?”

Everyone shook their heads.

Ye Chen said, “Let me tell you, I returned to the Imperial City to inherit the throne, and this Sima Tianchi was preparing to assassinate me on the way, so he was killed by me.

“He wanted to kill the person who would inherit the throne in the future, so that’s considered treason. That’s why he was executed by me, so are you all going to rebel now?”

“Sima Tianchi is already dead. Now, if we wanted to leave, even your 100,000 man army wouldn’t be able to stop us. However, have you all thought about who you would follow after Sima Tianchi’s death?”

When Ye Chen said this, everyone immediately lowered their heads.

“I will give you all a chance now. Either you follow me, and when I become the Emperor, you will be my personal guards.

“Or I don’t mind burying all of you here.”

Ye Chen said coldly.

Ye Chen was not joking. Ye Chen had once cultivated the song of the great oblivion.

One song could kill thousands of enemies.

Although there were a hundred thousand soldiers here, they were all ordinary people. If Ye Chen wanted to kill them, he would just play a few more songs.

Moreover, among the experts who had transcended the tribulations, who was not a figure who could fight against thousands.

There were so many experts who had transcended the tribulations around Ye Chen. It was very easy to kill them.

At this moment, a deputy general suddenly knelt in front of Ye Chen and said, “We are willing to submit!”

As one person kneeled, the others began to kneel as well.

Soon after.

One after another…

All of them put down their weapons and kneeled down in front of Ye Chen.

At this moment, all of them kneeled down!

“Greetings, Your Highness!”

The 100,000 soldiers shouted in unison. Their voices were deafening and resounded throughout the world.

Ye Chen’s gaze was calm as he said indifferently, “Get up!”

“Thank you, Your Highness!”

At this moment, Elder Jian Ling and Grandmaster Jing Kong stood behind Xiao Chen and watched this scene in shock.

The 100,000-strong army was subdued just like that?

This Ye Chen was indeed not simple.

Even if he could not cultivate, his shrewdness was indeed suitable to be an emperor.

At this moment, a disciple suddenly came to report.

“Reporting to Your Highness, an army is attacking from outside the city.”

Ye Chen released his spiritual sense.

At this moment, Ye Chen guessed that General Yang Xuan had arrived..