Sign in ten years then i am exposed by my gorgeous senior – Chapter 356

Chapter 356: The City Is Full of Soldiers!
At this moment, Ye Chen calmly looked at everyone and said, “If you don’t get rid of the roots, the spring wind will blow again. Everyone, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

At this moment, everyone nodded.

Even though they were righteous people, they were not Saintess’.

They also knew how to make sacrifices. They did not kill everyone.

Furthermore, this was the order of the Alliance Master.

Since Ye Qingfeng was already the Alliance Master of their Righteous Alliance, then they had to listen to the Alliance Master’s orders.

At this time, there were almost no more powerful people left. At most, there were Deva Realm masters.

These people brought by Ye Chen could be easily dealt with.

As long as they dealt with the Sima clansmen, then it would be easy to deal with the soldiers of the Heavenly South City.

At this moment, Yang Xiao bowed and led a few Deva Realm experts to kill their way out.

At this moment, Sima Zhaoxin took advantage of Ye Chen’s inattention and immediately wanted to escape.

He instantly flew out.

Sima Zhaoxin was Sima Tianchi’s son and Ji Xuan’s uncle. He was a Deva Realm expert.

He instantly flew out and wanted to escape.

Ye Chen said indifferently, “Are you going to escape?”

Instantly, Ye Chen’s sword shot out.

The long sword instantly stabbed into Sima Zhaoxin’s body.

Sima Zhaoxin was instantly shot down to the ground.

Sima Zhaoxin looked at Ye Chen with an incomparably shocked gaze.

Pu —

Instantly, a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out from Sima Zhaoxin’s mouth.

Ye Chen calmly looked at Sima Zhaoxin and walked in front of him.

Sima Zhaoxin looked at Ye Chen and said, “You’re a devil, you’ll die a horrible death!”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “If you didn’t want to kill me, why would I exterminate your Sima clan?”

At this moment, Sima Zhaoxin sneered and said, “Do you think that victory is already within your grasp? If we fail, then Ji Xuan will activate his final plan!”

The moment these words were said.

Ye Chen looked at Sima Zhaoxin and asked, “What is the final plan?”

“Hmph, we have already planned everything out. Think about it, General Yang, who is leading the troops, has already left the Imperial City. Furthermore, he has brought an average number of troops to welcome you. In other words, the current number of troops in the Imperial City is only half.

“At this moment, if Ji Xuan rebelled? How would the Imperial City respond?”

Sima Zhaoxin looked coldly at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen instantly understood after hearing Sima Zhaoxin’s words.

This Ji Xuan had already arranged everything.

Even if he did not die here, he was already prepared to revolt.

At that time, even if he did not die, he would not be able to reach the Imperial City in time.

Sima Zhaoxin’s gaze was ice-cold. Once the news here reached the Imperial Palace, Ji Xuan would begin to take action.

“Hahahaha…although we’re going to die here today, you…will never be able to become the Emperor of our Eastern Imperial Kingdom! There’s only one person who can become the Emperor, and that’s my nephew, Ji Xuan!”

Sima Zhaoxin said sternly.

Ye Chen nodded and said calmly, “Is that what you want to say?”

“You will die a horrible death. Even if I become a ghost, I will not let you off!”

Ye Chen’s gaze was cold.

He gently placed his hand on Sima Zhaoxin’s body.

An icy cold air appeared in Ye Chen’s hand.

In the next moment.

An endless amount of cold air appeared, freezing Sima Zhaoxin.

Crack —

The ice continued to crack, and Sima Zhaoxin also continued to crack.

Ye Chen raised his head and muttered, “Gong Bian?”

At this moment, Ye Chen looked calmly at Elder Jian Ling and Grandmaster Jing Kong, and then said, “Thank you for your help.”

“What are you saying, Alliance Master? This is the mission you gave us. We must complete it.” The two masters immediately said.

At this moment…Ye Chen nodded and said, “The two of you, the most troublesome matter has been resolved. There shouldn’t be such a danger from now on. So, I’ll leave first. After all, I have to prepare for the decisive battle between Ye Gu Cheng and me!”

At this time, the two masters nodded.

The two masters hurriedly asked, “What about the prince, Ye Chen?”

Ye Qingfeng smiled and said, “He’s at a safe place. You guys wait here for a while, and he’ll appear.”

After Ye Qingfeng said this, he left.

After a while.

At this time, Green Robe walked in with Ye Chen.

Ye Qingfeng had become Ye Chen again.

However, with Green Robe following, people would be convinced.

Seeing Ye Chen walking over.

Ye Chen’s aura was completely different from Ye Qingfeng’s.

Therefore, no one could recognize him.

Seeing Ye Chen, everyone hurriedly came over and saluted, “Greetings, Your Highness!”

Ye Chen slightly raised his hand and said, “Everyone, there’s no need to be so polite.”

At this moment, Yang Xiao and the others returned.

“Reporting to Your Highness, the Sima family has been completely eradicated!”

Ye Chen nodded his head.


Right at this moment, Ye Chen suddenly heard endless screams.

One after another, groaning and screaming could be heard.

Ye Chen and the others arrived in front of the City Lord’s residence.

At this moment, they saw that one after another, soldiers with weapons were continuously charging toward them.

These soldiers were all soldiers from Heavenly South City. They were all private soldiers recruited by the Sima clan.

One by one, soldiers appeared in front of the City Lord’s residence.

In an instant, the entire city was filled with soldiers.

Ye Chen and the others were instantly surrounded by the army.

One had to know that the Sima clan had a total of 100,000 private soldiers.

100,000 troops surrounded Ye Chen.

The entire city was densely packed with soldiers..