Chapter 349: Besieging Ye Chen!

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Instantly, the old man charged out.

Mysterious heavenly patterns erupted from his body, crushing everything in its path as he charged toward Ye Chen.

The withered old man continuously released a powerful force.

On his body, that aura was also dominating the world!

Between the world, tens of thousands of powerful forces continuously surged out.

Ye Chen was incomparably calm. He could only see his white clothes standing in the air.

He waved his large hand.

Instantly, the True Qi that had formed surged out from Ye Chen’s body, resisting that powerful aura.

The old man gathered into a ray of black light.

Endless black light instantly appeared.

The black light that the withered old man had gathered charged toward Ye Chen.

On Ye Chen’s body, endless True Qi turned into rays of white light that shot into the sky, resisting the terrifying dark light in the sky.

The True Qi and the terrifying aura instantly clashed together.

Boom —

A loud sound rang out.

Instantly, the light became brighter.

The withered old man was instantly sent flying by Ye Chen.

At this moment.

Whether it was the withered old man, Sima Tianchi, Sima Zhaoxin, and the others, they were all incomparably shocked.

They all looked at Ye Chen with incomparable shock.

They could not believe their own eyes.

This…how was this possible?

This Ye Chen was actually a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert?

Was he not a trash who could not cultivate?

How could he possibly be a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert?

At this moment, they became even more determined. This young man was definitely not Ye Chen.

Everyone knew.

Ye Chen was only a 16-year-old young man.

Such a young man.

How could he be a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert?

16 years old, at the Insightful Emptiness Realm, he was already a genius among geniuses, let alone a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert.

The withered old man looked at Ye Chen with incomparable shock and said, “I didn’t expect you to actually be a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert?!”

Ye Chen smiled but did not say anything.

At this moment, the withered old man said sternly, “Even so, I’ll still kill you!”

Endless low roars were emitted from within the withered old man. Numerous powerful black lights transformed into powerful auras that filled the sky as they surged out from the withered old man one after another.

This caused people to be horrified, and a strange phenomenon immediately appeared.

A group of people within the strange phenomenon knelt down and chanted scriptures. There were feelings of sadness and sorrow.


Thunder rumbled, and lightning flashed like dragons.


The silver snakes scuttled. They were bolts of lightning as thick as a mountain peak. The lightning struck, and its power was unfathomable.

However, Ye Chen’s body contained an extremely powerful aura.

He waved his hand.

Immediately, an endless amount of True Qi rushed out.

Streams of powerful aura emerged from Ye Chen’s hand.

It was True Qi.

Behind Ye Chen, streams of intense light formed. They were streams of powerful aura.

Ye Chen made his move.

The world trembled, and the entire area shook violently. It was as if it had collapsed. The situation was extremely terrifying.


The withered old man emitted light and was wrapped in symbols. He condensed into a human form here and stretched out his arm. It shook heaven and earth, and actually formed a seal and slapped forward.

This was truly shocking. The might of this attack caused one’s heart to shrink as if it was about to explode from a burst of aura.

Endless flesh and blood gathered on the enormous shriveled old man.

The endless flesh and blood attached to the enormous shriveled old man. Instantly, an incomparably enormous giant was formed between heaven and earth. The giant was incomparably enormous.

The withered old man that he had previously been was incomparably huge. Now, the flesh and blood human form that the huge withered old man had formed had also increased his strength explosively.

On his body was an endless amount of terrifying aura. An endless amount of terrifying aura instantly surged toward Ye Chen.


Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Heaven and earth shook.

Ye Chen gently raised his hand.

Clang clang clang!

At this moment, the weapons that were left behind in this ancient battlefield seemed to listen to Ye Chen’s command and instantly flew out.

The sounds of weapons clashing could be heard as the human figures gradually turned into weapons and slashed towards the withered old man.

The power that filled the sky continuously surged out.

During this period of time, although the withered old man was shaking and rumbling, it was emitting a black light, and blood was flowing out from it.


A huge collision occurred there!



“How…is this possible?”

“How can you be so powerful?”

The withered old man looked at Ye Chen in disbelief.


The withered old man shook, and blood rained down with a sizzling sound.


At this moment, the old man’s body was covered in blood.

He spat out blood when Ye Chen shot him.

He was severely injured.

“How is it possible?”

“How can you be so powerful?”

Ye Chen smiled but did not say anything.

At this moment, another middle-aged man rushed out.

“I’ll help you!”

That middle-aged man continuously rushed towards Ye Chen.


That middle-aged man’s divine light scattered down, and chaotic Qi churned. That was a terrifying aura, extremely terrifying!

At this moment, Ye Chen was dressed in white.

He held an immortal sword in his hand.

His immortal sword emitted light.

He calmly looked at these two Transcending Tribulation Realm experts.

“Then let’s Fight!”

Ye Chen shouted loudly. With a clang, he directly pulled out his immortal sword. The resplendent light illuminated the land of darkness, making it extremely terrifying.

Divine light flowed and enveloped him, making him incomparably majestic. He was like a heavenly emperor descending to the mortal world, possessing an incomparable aura!

This sword embryo was indestructible. It shot out across the sky and transformed into a stream of light that slashed toward the withered old man in front of him.


A snow-white bone ruler appeared in the withered old man’s hand. It was crystal clear like jade and emitted a gentle light.

When it collided with the immortal sword, sparks flew in all directions.


Soon after, this person opened his mouth and spat out a bone seal!

It rapidly enlarged and suppressed Ye Chen. The scene was terrifying. The bone seal was surrounded by an extremely powerful force as it blasted forward.


The three forces instantly collided.

Boom —

A loud sound rang out.

An endless force instantly surged out, forcing the two to retreat.

At this moment, everyone was shocked.

Just who was this kid?

How could he be Ye Chen?

Even if he was a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert, he should not be facing two Transcending Tribulation Realm experts and not be at a disadvantage at all?

At this moment, Sima Tianchi knew that Ye Chen was an expert.

They were not fools.

They would not attack one by one.

At this moment, Sima Tianchi said sternly, “This kid isn’t simple. Let’s attack together and kill him. We don’t want to leave anything to chance!”

Sima Tianchi was also a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert.

Sima Tianchi also joined in the battle.

Instantly, three Transcending Tribulation Realm experts surrounded Ye Chen.

“Hehehe…even if this little fellow isn’t simple, the three of you still can’t deal with him?” Someone said in the darkness.

“That’s right, I want to see just what ability this kid has.” Another person said.

At this moment, Sima Tianchi and the other two Transcending Tribulation Realm experts surrounded Ye Chen.

In an instant, three Transcending Tribulation Realm experts charged toward Ye Chen.

The immortal sword in Ye Chen’s hand emitted this light. He was dressed in white and stood in the wind.. The immortal sword in his hand emitted an endless white light.