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Chapter 347: Killing the Two Elders of the Xuanming Clan!

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A Transcending Tribulation Realm expert was directly killed by Ye Chen.

At this point.

Ye Chen did not want to hold back anymore.

Even if he revealed his strength, it did not matter. As long as he eradicated the Sima family, Ji Xuan would not have any backup.

Even if everyone in the world knew that he was that Transcending Tribulation Realm expert, what would it matter?

Ye Chen pressed forward step by step toward the City Lord’s mansion.

At this moment, the curtain was about to fall on the main battlefield.

Ye Chen’s three attendants.

Bai Luoli, Black Dragon, and Shangguan Xueyan.

They had all finished off their enemies.

Meanwhile, Elder Jian Ling and Grandmaster Jing Kong were still dealing with the two Xuanming Elders.

At this moment, the two Xuanming Elders erupted.

Suddenly, a red light appeared.

It was an extremely strange red light. The red light appeared in front of everyone.

It was like fresh blood.

At this moment, everyone was shocked.

“Oh my God, what is this?” Everyone was instantly shocked by this sudden change.

At this moment, the sound of chanting rang out in the sky.

The entire world had turned into a blood-red world.

Endless Blood Qi spread out, as if it wanted to drown the entire world.

“Today, I’ll let you see what a true Transcending Tribulation Realm expert is!”

“Blood-red world!”

The two Xuanming Elders were also forced into a dead end. They both used their ultimate moves one after another.

The Blood Qi in the sky was constantly filling up.

At this moment, Master Jing Kong put his palms together.

Behind him, a huge Buddha statue appeared.

Then, the chanting continued.

A huge Buddha statue instantly descended from the sky.

It was as if it wanted to suppress this blood-red world.

The chanting was very grand and special. At first, it was like the rumbling sound of Dao, somewhat peaceful, but later on, it became gloomy, accompanied by the wailing of ghosts and gods.


“All the Yin ghosts in the world come out of Xuanming!”

The two Xuanming Elders said loudly.

The two Xuanming Elders were able to borrow the Xuanming Yin ghosts between heaven and earth to attack.

At this moment, the whole world was filled with strong gales. They came from all directions and gathered toward the dark abyss. Ghost shadows were everywhere!

Outside, the Yin wind was howling furiously, and it even started to rain blood. It was a terrifying scene.

At this moment, many blurry figures appeared around him. They rushed toward him, baring their fangs and brandishing their claws. Each of them was extremely powerful.

Immediately, powerful figures appeared between heaven and earth.

“I want to see if you can stop these ghosts!” The two Xuanming Elders said.

The so-called ghosts were the remnant soul fragments left behind by the cultivators who died in battle.

Because some creatures were too powerful. Even if they were killed, they could still leave some marks and be nourished by the Yin Qi on the battlefield, making it difficult for them to be completely destroyed.

A low roar accompanied by raging flames rose, making the entire city tremble.

Suddenly, an endless terrifying aura surged toward the Elder Jian Ling and the others.

The blood rain and blood water that filled the sky continuously surged toward where they were.

The terrifying aura gradually spread to Elder Jian Ling and Grandmaster Jing Kong.

They knew that even he would be in trouble if he was affected by this terrifying aura.

The two of them waved their hands.

A shield appeared in front of them.

They wanted to block the terrifying aura.

At this moment, the Buddhist light behind Grandmaster Jing Kong was shining brightly!

“All demons, retreat!”

The golden light was flourishing and instantly illuminated the entire world.

Everyone was in the entire world.

An incomparably huge Buddha statue appeared in the sky and resisted this blood-colored world.

“Jian Ling, what are you waiting for? Attack!”

Grandmaster Jing Kong said sternly.

At this moment, Elder Jian Ling immediately took out an immortal sword.

Then, his figure changed and he immediately charged toward the Xuanming Elders.

An extremely intense battle erupted in the entire sky.

Grandmaster Jing Kong’s great Buddha resisted the entire world while Elder Jian Ling also charged toward the Xuanming Elders.

The immortal sword slashed out.

Endless divine light spread in the sky.

In the entire sky, a burst of immortal light shined!

A sword intent slashed onto the bodies of the two Xuanming Elders.

Pu —

Immediately, the two Xuanming Elders spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Old man, it seems that we can only use that move now!” The old woman said.

The old man nodded and said, “Since things have come to this point, this is the only way.”

The two Xuanming Elders formed a seal with their hands.

Immediately, a seal appeared on their hands.

“Sacrifice my blood to become a demon!”

“Come out!”

“Blood demon!”

The two old men used their blood to sacrifice to the blood demon.

Instantly, the space shook.

Countless ghosts gathered together and formed a huge blood demon in the sky.

It was a broken blood demon. It was withered, lifeless, and tattered.

“Oh my God, look, what is that?”

Everyone immediately looked up at the sky.

They saw a huge vertical eye looking at Elder Jian Ling and the others.

Even with that terrifying aura, Elder Jian Ling and Grandmaster Jing Kong could only make a move.

Elder Jian Ling instantly arrived below the blood demon.

Immediately, the huge blood demon made a move.

It released an endless and terrifying aura. Endless power was continuously released throughout the sky. There was a powerful pressure everywhere in the sky.

Which kind of terror was it? It was as if it could devour the world. A powerful force continuously surged out.

It was as if the nine heavens lightning tribulation had descended in an instant.

Everything in the world was instantly infected by that aura.

After the surrounding buildings were infected by the terrifying aura, they were instantly eroded.

At this moment, Grandmaster Jing Kong shouted loudly.

Buddha’s light shone!

In an instant, the huge Buddha behind him emitted intense Buddha’s light.

Buddha’s light shone on the world. Immediately, one of the huge Buddha’s hands slapped toward blood demon.

Blood demon was not at a disadvantage either. His huge hand slapped toward the huge Buddha.

Elder Jian Ling came in front of the two Xuanming Elders.

The long sword in his hand condensed sword intent.

The heaven-shaking sword intent was immediately released.

Boom —

A loud sound was heard.

The entire space was exploding.

The sword intent kept hitting the bodies of the two Xuanming Elders.

Puff —

Immediately, the two Xuanming Elders spat out blood.

At this moment, the two Xuanming Elders wanted to retreat.

However, at this moment, they discovered that there were Transcending Tribulation Realm experts blocking them from the other three sides.

After Ye Chen’s three attendants killed those Transcending Tribulation Realm experts, they appeared here.

The huge blood demon was fighting against the huge Buddha.

At this moment, Elder Jian Ling stabbed out with his sword.

Tens of thousands of sword intents gathered into a sword intent.

Instantly, it slashed toward the two elders.

Chi —

A sword cry.

Endless divine might fell on their bodies.

Bang —

A loud sound.

The two old men exploded with a bang.

The two old men were dead, and the blood demon they summoned was also continuously collapsing, turning into a rain of blood that scattered down.


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