Chapter 345: Grandma Xihua!

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“What are you panicking about? What happened? Tell me slowly.” Sima Zhaoxin said indifferently.

“Not good. Three Transcending Tribulation Realm experts suddenly appeared from Ye Chen’s side. Their strength is incomparably powerful. Our four Transcending Tribulation Realm experts were all stopped by them. The three Transcending Tribulation Realm experts have already been killed by them.”

The moment these words were said.

Regardless of whether it was Sima Zhaoxin or Sima Tianchi, they all looked at that spy in extreme shock.

“What did you say?” Sima Zhaoxin did not dare to believe it and asked once more.

“That Ye Chen didn’t die. Those Transcending Tribulation Realm experts that were sent to kill Ye Chen were almost all killed.” The spy said once more.

“How is it possible…?”

“This is impossible?”

“How could there be so many experts by Ye Chen’s side?”

Sima Zhaoxin still could not believe it.

Sima Tianchi sat on his seat, unable to believe everything.

“How could this be?”

At this moment, the spy hurriedly said, “That Ye Chen is currently walking toward the City Lord’s Mansion.”

At this moment.

The two of them were even more shocked.

“That Ye Chen isn’t running away?” Sima Tianchi asked.

The spy quickly said, “That Ye Chen isn’t running away. He’s walking toward the City Lord’s mansion.”

At this moment, Sima Tianchi’s gaze became extremely cold.

He walked into the main hall of the City Lord’s mansion.

In the main hall, six people were sitting in the main hall.

If an experienced person saw these six people, they would definitely be shocked.

This was because these six people were not simple. They were on the same level as the Xuanming two elders.

One had to know that even the Xuanming two elders, Elder Jian Ling and Grandmaster Jing Kong, had not completely won. They were still in a stalemate.

Right now, there were still six such experts in the City Lord’s mansion.

In order to kill Ye Chen, be it the Sima family or the Prince Ji Xuan, they had all put in a lot of money.

He said coldly, “Everyone, although I thought that they could kill Ye Chen, I didn’t expect that Ye Chen would have so many experts protecting him. Therefore, I hope that you can help me.

“If you can kill Ye Chen, then I will fulfill your request!”

“You can’t even deal with a brat who can’t cultivate. Are you still considered a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert? A bunch of trash!” At this moment, an old woman said coldly.

The old woman was leaning on a dragon-headed walking stick and wearing linen clothes.

At this moment, Sima Tianchi hurriedly said, “Granny Xihua!”

“This old man will go out and take a look! I don’t believe that trash who can’t cultivate can create any waves!” Granny Xihua coldly said.

Ye Chen and the others came to the main street.

At this moment, they saw an old woman standing in front of Ye Chen, waiting for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen could sense that this old woman was a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert.

Her strength was not to be underestimated.

It seemed that Heavenly South City was not as simple as he had imagined. Before he had even reached the City Lord’s estate, so many Transcending Tribulation Realm experts had appeared.

That Ji Xuan had gone to great lengths to kill him!

At this moment, Bai Luoli was at the back, blocking everyone.

Therefore, only Ye Chen was walking toward the City Lord’s estate.

At this moment, she clearly saw a white-clothed youth walking toward Granny Xihua step by step.

When Granny Xihua saw Ye Chen, her gaze was somewhat surprised. She looked at Ye Chen in surprise and said, “Kid, only you?!”

Ye Chen looked at Granny Xihua and said indifferently, “That’s right, only me.”

“You still dare to come here alone? Aren’t you courting death?!” Grandma Xihua looked at Ye Chen and said.

Ye Chen smiled and said, “Oh, is that so?”

“You should have used a technique to conceal your aura, right? You shouldn’t be a good-for-nothing who can’t cultivate,” Grandma Xihua looked at Ye Chen and said.

Ye Chen did not admit it, nor did he deny it. He asked indifferently, “So, are you still going to kill me?”

“That’s right, I’m going to kill you!” Grandma Xihua was very confident.

As Grandma Xihua spoke, she immediately charged toward Ye Chen.

Immediately, rolling power surged out from Grandma Xihua’s body. Grandma Xihua waved her white robe, and a powerful force exploded toward Ye Chen like a golden dragon.

The golden dragon contained a powerful aura, and numerous runes densely covered the surroundings of the golden dragon.

With this move…

The surrounding aura surged, and even space-time began to move.

It was as if the entire starry sky was trembling.

Instantly, the entire space seemed to have an incomparably powerful pressure.

Granny Xihua immediately charged toward Ye Chen. It must be known that those True Immortal Realm subordinates could only be instantly killed in front of this white-clothed Grandma Xihua. One could see how powerful Grandma Xihua was.

Even Ye Chen could not be said to be able to insta-kill this woman in front of him!

Ye Chen’s gaze was a little cold as he looked at Grandma Xihua and immediately attacked.

A powerful divine light instantly surged out and collided with the golden divine light that Grandma Xihua released.

Boom —

A loud sound rang out.

Instantly, Grandma Xihua took a few steps back while Ye Chen stood where he was, looking extremely relaxed.

At this moment, Grandma Xihua looked at Ye Chen with some surprise. Ye Chen was indeed very strong. She seemed to have underestimated her opponent just now.

“How is this possible…you’re a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert.. You’re not Ye Chen? Who exactly are you?” Granny Xihua looked at Ye Chen with incomparable shock as she said.