Rise of the White Dragon – Chapter 67: Awakened Origin

Chapter 67: Awakened Origin

First, very carefully, they removed the claws, breaking the underside of the claw, used it as a knife, and began to cut the scorpion’s top shell. A total of five very hard black shells were removed, and it was a little gooey with green blood. The scorpion’s tail was very flexible, which was not very ideal to use.

“We can cut off a piece of rope and tie the scorpion’s tail to one of the spears made from the giant spider’s claw,” Maira said. Since the rope they were using was large, she saw no problem.


“Okay.” Catharina and Cristina also thought it was a good idea.

After cutting the tail and tying it to one of the spears, it got thicker and heavier, but it was clearly more powerful than before, especially the tip of the tail that was quite pointed.

Now each of them had a shield made of scorpion shells which was held by a piece of rope that went through the outside in two holes, thus creating a loop for them to hold. It was not ideal, but it was the best they could do now.

“Let’s continue.” With all this done, they kept the spears and shields in the trunk of the car, but as the spears were large, it had to be left open, but this also made it easier to take things out and fight using them. They continued to pull the car across the sand, and after they each had had a turn pulling they got in the car to meditate and recover.


“I just became 7 times stronger…” Catharina murmured after meditating for almost half an hour.

“I was 6 times stronger. This must be because while we fought, we used the movements taught by Luan. And when we meditate now, the whole process of struggle has become strength. Mmm… That was faster than training normally,” Maira said, pleasantly surprised.

Cristina, who was still immersed in meditation, seemed to be close to a new discovery.


“10 times stronger,” Cristina murmured, full of happiness. She also noticed that her sensitivity to flame had increased. Purple flames appeared suddenly in the palm of her hand and were extinguished the moment she closed her little hand in a fist.

“With this, our chance of survival increases.” Catharina was happy to see that her little sister had also become stronger.

“In fact, my hunger and thirst have passed,” Maira commented in amazement. “This cultivation business is really great. Just meditating, I no longer feel hungry and thirsty.”

“Master… Big Brother told me that if we get too strong, we can even go years without eating and drinking,” Cristina said. She remembered a conversation she had had with Luan.

“Truly mystical,” Catharina sighed in admiration.

“Okay, I’m going to pull the car first.” Cristina felt very energetic after the increase in strength.

“Okay, but don’t try too hard,” Maira said with concern.

“Yes, mom.” Cristina smiled and got out of the car.

She then started to pull the car. Almost 10 minutes later, she switched places with Catharina, who pulled the car for almost 10 minutes, and Maira was the same.

This continued until they found another giant scorpion in the desert.

“Get ready. Let’s deal with this scorpion,” Maira, who was pulling the car, said. She saw that the giant scorpion was running at a fast speed towards her, and she dared not be slow.

Cristiana and Catharina also went to pick up the spear and shield.

Cristina acted first, defending against the tail of the giant scorpion with the shield, and in addition to defending, she propelled the shield forward, causing the giant scorpion to become unbalanced.

With her right hand, she held the heaviest spear which used the tail of the previous scorpion, and attacked, sticking its claw directly forward.

The scorpion used the left claw and attached the spear and tried to break the spear by squeezing it, however, the giant scorpion didn’t even have time as Maira appeared on the left side and Catharina on the right side, attacking at the same time with the same strength with which Cristina attacked. Maira ended up not being able to hurt the giant scorpion since it used its claw properly to defend itself and catch the spear, but Catharina pierced her spear right through the mouth of the giant scorpion.

She knew it was not enough and said, “Pull your spears out and get away!”

The moment that Cristina and Maira used their strength to pull the spear and walk away; Catharina exerted all her strength and raised the scorpion with her spear. The scorpion tried to attack with its tail, but Cristina was quick and avoided the attack and then Catharina lowered the spear with the body suspended in the air from the giant scorpion, making the body of the giant scorpion hit the sand with all its might!



Hearing Catharina’s cry, Maira and Cristina were already prepared and attacked on both sides.

“It’s dead…!” The three looked at each other and smiled. It was another victory they had achieved without being hurt.

“Right! Let’s take the scorpion’s body parts and use them now as armor.” Catharina thought it was possible to at least use it to make a breastplate. In addition, it also had a tail that could reinforce another spear.

“Yes, we will do that,” Maira agreed. For her, the more defense they had the better.

While the mother and two daughters were picking up the parts of the giant scorpion, suddenly a ripple happened on the ground, and before they could react, something as thick as a green tree trunk came towards them, looking like a whip, and whipped the three at the same time. Even when using their shields, the whip broke the shields in half and made the three fly at least 10 meters away, spitting blood.

Cristina was the quickest to act, and so she took more damage by cushioning the impact, followed by Catharina, and then Maira.

Catharina was weaker compared to Cristina, and when she was hit that hard, she passed out. Cristina was still conscious, but some of her bones were broken on impact.

Maira was not much better off, she couldn’t even get up, with blood dripping from her mouth. She lifted her face lying on the sand and saw a terrible monster. It was green and almost 300 cm tall, with the body of a snake and the face of a lizard, and two green arms very similar to human arms.

With blood dripping from her mouth, Maira saw this terrible monster heading towards Cristina and Catharina. Panic took over her heart, and Maira was shaken.

“Don’t approach my daughters!” Maira screamed with all her strength. Her eyes became white, and when she held out her hand, something happened.

*Tick!* *Tick!* *Tick! * *Tick!*

_ _

[Connection to the Digitized Origin Established!] [Scanning Started: Process completed; Prototype, Portable Missile – Launch in 1, 2, 3, and Go!]

_ _



The digitized missile caught the creature’s chest and dragged it across the sand, taking her away.

Maira, who was almost losing consciousness, closed her outstretched hand that launched the digitized missile and a loud explosion echoed.


A strong shockwave was caused by the explosion, creating a mushroom of smoke and sand.


Cristina was surprised to see this, but seeing her mother pass out soon after, it made Cristina anxious. She also knew that Catharina was hurt a lot because of the battle, but she didn’t have the strength to get up. Her rib was hurting a lot; she believed it was broken, but wasn’t sure. So she crawled over to Catharina, who was closest, and saw that she was still breathing. She had just passed out.

Sighing with relief, Cristina spat blood, and yet she continued to crawl towards Maira. She needed to know if she was breathing.

Luan had just arrived at the place where his mother along with his two sisters had disappeared. At the scene, police cars were blocking the street, preventing them from passing. Most likely, they had already noticed something abnormal and not just his mother and sisters had probably ended up entering the dimensional crack.

Now that Luan was close, he clearly saw the dimensional gap. He looked at Ingrid and said, “Let’s go in. My mother, Cristina, and Catharina accidentally entered there.”

“Okay.” Ingrid was anxious and got out of the car. She and Luan ran so fast towards the crack that the spectators only saw a figure passing by.

“What was this?”

“How should I know? Wasn’t it just a strong wind?”

When Luan and Ingrid entered, the entire situation was total chaos. Many cars were beaten and some people were killed. In addition, there were some men holding pieces of wood and even a fire extinguisher, trying to defend themselves against some giant scorpions and spiders.


There was also a man with a pistol. He used the gun to shoot a giant spider. His aim was good, probably an off-duty cop.


Children’s cries and screams were heard, but Luan had no time to waste. He used his sensory perception and realized that his mother and sisters were not in a very good situation.

“Ingrid, you can stay and help the other victims. I’m going ahead!” Luan said those words before running as fast as a rocket.

People who noticed Luan and Ingrid’s arrival were amazed to see Luan’s speed.

Ingrid also wanted to run and help Luan, but she knew he was strong and could handle it alone. She saw that she had at least 5 small children in that place; she couldn’t just abandon them either.

Kicking the ground, Ingrid moved very fast. She came in front of a giant scorpion and punched very hard, making the scorpion fly in the air meters away. She continued to attack the giant scorpions and spiders over and over, leaving everyone who was seeing this happen shocked beyond comprehension.

“My God! Who is this girl? And how can she be so strong!?”

Luan, who ran at full speed, saw the trail of a car being dragged in the desert, and it didn’t take long to see his mother’s Mercedes. He also saw his mother and sisters lying on the sand floor, and arrived at the moment that Cristina was crawling on the floor towards Maira.

Something wasn’t right here. A few feet away from his mother and sisters, something green was crawling on the ground towards them.

Luan moved as fast as lightning and got in between his family and this thing. It was a monster that reminded Luan of the Naga from mythology. Luan’s red eyes blinked, and with the speed of lightning his hand cut off the bloody Naga’s head.

Luan didn’t even have time to be surprised by the fact that the Naga was half dead; he went straight over to his mother.

“Big Brother…” Cristina had tears in her eyes when she saw her Big Brother. Right after that, maybe from relaxing momentarily, she passed out.

Luan first went to his mother, since the vital signs coming from her were more chaotic, and put his hand on her neck. He noticed that she was not breathing.

“She used all of her body’s energy…” Luan couldn’t imagine what had made her use all of her energy, but he could deduce that it was related to the fact that the Naga was seriously injured.

Placing his hands on his mother’s belly, Luan closed his eyes, and his Negative Qi started to enter her body. Luan’s Negative Qi could either deny something or create something. He made the dead cells go out and the living cells duplicate, he also saw that there was blood clotting in Maira’s throat, and made the Qi pass through the respiratory channels and clear out that which prevented her from breathing.

Almost 10 minutes later, Maira’s physical and mental state had returned to normal. She was now breathing, and her initially pale face had regained some of its original color.

Luan then went to Cristina and used his Qi to duplicate living cells and remove the dead cells. He saw that she had some cracked bones, even some completely broken ones, however, he couldn’t fix that with his Qi alone. He needed to bring his family back, and then he could create pills to heal their bones.

Going to Catharina, she appeared to be in a better state than Cristina, just a few broken bones and blood loss. Luan used his Qi to heal her too.

After that, he took his mother and sisters very carefully to the car.

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