Rise of the White Dragon – Chapter 33: White Aura

Chapter 33: White Aura

Even after Luan destroyed the power core of ten people from the Zing Clan, the Patriarch and elders did not try to go against Luan. It was as if everything that was happening was not their problem.

Of course, Luan didn’t care if they attempted to interfere or not. He even guessed why they were waiting to attack, but… they were destined to be disappointed. Luan had a very strong physique, and his stamina was strong enough for him to be able to fight for three days in a row without getting tired.

“Dieee!” Many people from the Zing Clan attacked Luan at the same time. From inside their bodies, flames appeared in their hands as they lunged towards him. The closer they got to him, the hotter the area became.

Luan suddenly moved so fast that the natives of the Zing Clan’s eyes could not keep up with him. His attacks precisely hit the centers of their bodies, where their energy cores were located, destroying them.

In less than a minute, 10 natives of the Zing Clan were lying on the floor with a mark from Luan’s finger on their stomachs as something red came out of their mouths.

“No!!” Those most obsessed with power, when feeling their powers leaving their bodies, screamed, filled with resentment and pain, and passed out.

‘How can he still be so full of energy after all this time fighting? What kind of monstrous resistance is that?’ The Patriarch began to be concerned. The more he watched, the more his forehead wrinkled, and he started to get anxious.

Now, the natives of the Zing Clan didn’t even dare attack Luan carelessly. The fear on their faces was visible for everyone to see. They no longer treated Luan as a young man who would be easily defeated, but as a monster that needed to be exterminated. What caused them more confliction was the fact that the Patriarch and the elders had done nothing so far. They didn’t even move a finger to help any of them and watched as the people of the clan lost their powers.

The moonlight shone and countless stars were blinking in the night sky. Meanwhile, Luan continued to attack and destroy the Zing Clan’s power cores.

Ingrid, who had been watching Luan fighting all this time, started to analyze and try to learn something from the battle.

“Many of our people have already lost their powers. Should we act now?” the First Elder asked.

“… Yes, although he seems to be abnormal, I am sure he has already exhausted a good part of his strength. If we act now, we can deal with that little monster.” The Patriarch decided to act. Holding a blood-red spear he used as a cane, he jumped off the second floor of the roof. Before he fell to the ground, flames broke out on his feet and slowed him down, and he landed on the ground looking as light as a feather.

“Brat, surrender to us, and I will let you live,” said Patriarch Unnur and then he added, “If you don’t, prepare to die a slow and painful death!”

“Heh…” Luan chuckled as he said, “It looks like bragging is your forte, but why did you wait so long if you are so confident of being able to kill me?”

“Tsk! What does a brat like you know?” Patriarch Unnur said cruelly. “Wasn’t it just some trash that you defeated?! I just wanted to test your power. Now that I know it more or less, I don’t see any reason to continue doing nothing.”

Those who were defeated by Luan and were still conscious, upon hearing this, became so angry that they vomited blood and passed out soon afterward.


Luan said nothing, just moved even faster than lightning, and appeared in front of Ingrid and Cristina, and attacked two elders who were sneaking up on them both.


With a diagonal kick, Luan made the two elders fly a thousand meters away and destroy a building in the process. Even so, the two elders did not die, but blood was strewn all over their bodies.

“Rubbish!” Luan’s voice was extremely cold, full of murderous intent. Since he and the Zing Clan were enemies, he was always in a state of surveillance. He already knew that sooner or later they would try to attack Ingrid and Cristina to capture the two girls and use them to threaten him. However, little did they know that Luan was going to act so fast that he almost killed two of the elders with just one kick.

“Despicable bastard!” screamed one of the elders dressed in white, with blood all over his body, vomiting both his words and blood simultaneously. He looked at Luan with hatred and bloodlust. Flames broke out throughout the elder’s body.

Luan appeared next to this elder and used his Negative Qi.


Luan’s fist hit the elder’s chest and made him fly while he continued to vomit blood, and immediately afterward a cry came from inside the building as the elder went through the wall with his body. A red light with golden threads came out of the building and went towards the crystal that floated in the sky.

Luan furrowed his eyebrows. He was able to feel all the changes that were happening around him. After starting to use his Negative Qi, his sensory perception became more precise and at that moment, he clearly felt countless balls of fire flying towards him.

Suddenly out of his palm, a White Aura appeared and formed a large aura in the shape of a human palm and went towards the fireballs. Suddenly, the storm of fireballs was entirely exterminated by the Negative Qi palm attack.

“How did he do that!?” The elders who attacked were in awe, their jaw dropped, and fear made their bodies shudder. What Luan did was not a simple counter-attack to defend himself; he practically made their attacks disappear as if he had never existed in the first place.

“With those weak attacks, do you guys believe you will be able to kill me?” Luan’s entire face showed indifference to their attack, and a monstrously murderous intention made them want to retreat and flee.

Luan used his advanced senses and quickly moved near a three-story building. He had already felt many elders hiding inside the building; although they were well hidden, they were still discovered by Luan.

The same White Aura again enveloped Luan’s fist while powerful Qi manifested itself, and he released strikes at the building several times.

*Booom!* *Booom!* *Booom!*

White Aura ran throughout the building. Subsequently, the building exploded into pieces. White Aura exploded from inside as the building was completely destroyed as if it had been bombarded by speeding trucks. Shortly afterward, ten bodies full of bruises with blood coming out of all their holes gradually flew from the destroyed building.

In the blink of an eye, Luan flew past tens of meters while simultaneously shaking his fists. One after another, Qi White Aura glowed in his fists, transformed into a powerful Aura, and attacked all the elders. Immediately afterward, many screams came, followed by pieces of meat accompanied by the blood that rained on the collapsed building.

In an instant many people died. Red lights with golden threads floated in the sky and went towards the crystal. Luan’s Assassin Qi also increased. He once again jumped towards another group of elders who were hiding, directly covering his fists with White Qi Aura while throwing punches towards the building. When the five elders hiding in the building saw Luan’s formidable strength, they quickly fled.

These elders were at most 30 times stronger than an ordinary man when using their flames, and their speed and power could not be compared with Luan’s. In an instant, they were crushed by the building that collapsed after being hit by Luan’s punches. Some didn’t even have the courage to leave the boulders and pretended to be dead, but to their dismay, Luan threw a shower of punches of White Aura, which made them all shatter beneath the pressure.

“This… this…” Patriarch Unnur hesitated. If before he was full of himself, and thought that Luan was just a potato chip in front of him, now he started to fear for his life.

“Everyone back up; he is too strong!” Patriarch Unnur came out of his stupor and shouted. He expected his people to spread out and run, and while Luan went after them, he would take this opportunity to run.

Luan did not want them to flee. He created the formation strong enough to prevent anyone under the Second Order from being able to escape in such a short time. In addition, the formation’s durability had only increased after the crystal absorbed the powers of the Zing Clan.

With light and quick steps, Luan ran. He tracked down and attacked those fleeing and did not let any of them approach Ingrid or Cristina.

As he destroyed their power nucleus, red lights and some with golden threads, floated towards the crystal.

Half an hour passed, and the Zing Clan was silent. Luann calmed his murderous intent within his body. More than four hundred individuals lost their powers, and 20 of them ended up dying. Each person who died by his hands also helped Luan understand his Negative White Aura and increased his Assassin Qi.

“My God!” Patriarch Unnur, who was desperately trying to escape by attacking with his spear against the barrier created by the formation, was shocked to see that of all the people of the clan, if they were not dead, they had lost their powers.

“Please spare me! I’ll do what you want!” Upon seeing Luan approach, Patriarch Unnur knelt on the ground and begged for his life. He didn’t even try to attack Luan when he saw him approach and begged for mercy.

Luan did not answer and continued to walk towards Patriarch Unnur.

When Luan was only a few steps away, the Patriarch screamed and attacked with his spear towards Luan’s chest, covering the spear with powerful flames. “Die!”

Luan counterattacked with his Qi wrapped fist that formed a sinister White Aura.


The exchange of attacks made Patriarch Unnur retreat a few steps and rendered him unable to continue holding his spear as it flew away.

“I’m sorry; I was wrong!” Patriarch Unnur felt his heart beat faster, seeing that his sneak attack did not work. “Forgive me! Don’t kill me!”

With a kick at the speed of light, Luan’s right foot, which was surrounded by White Aura, kicked Patriarch Unnur’s head, causing his head to explode with brain boogers.

“Humph! Who are you trying to kid?” Luan snorted with indifference. Although he had no intention of taking the lives of all the people in the Zing Clan, he would not spare the lives of the elders and their Patriarch.

Before undoing the formation, Luan manipulated the memories of the people of the Zing Clan and made them forget about Cristina’s existence and think that a meteor fell on their clan and destroyed everything, killing more than twenty people, including the elders and the Patriarch.

Undoing the formation, the energy crystal that now shone in a strong blood-red light with golden threads, landed on Luan’s hand.

“Let’s go back,” Luan told Ingrid and Cristina that they nodded in agreement.

The way back to the Dallas Hotel was silent. What had happened was a lot for Cristina and Ingrid to digest, and now the two girls truly realized how powerful Luan was.

_ _

– Drop some power stone, please ?

{Edited by: Azurtha}

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