Chapter 142: You’re Not Eighteen Yet

Zi Yi looked at Lu Jingye and waited for his reply.

Lu Jingye walked over to her and with a serious and stern voice, he said, “You’re not eighteen yet.”

After that, he headed for the door.

Zi Yi was stunned for several seconds before she recovered her senses. Immediately, she stood up and chased after him. Looking at Lu Jingye who had already walked to the car parked outside, she shouted, “Lu Jingye, I’m already of age based on my ID card.”

Lu Jingye who was about to get into the car looked back at her with those deep-set eyes of his.

Zi Yi knew he had checked her background before. She pouted and said discontentedly, “Alright, my real birthday is September 20th.”

She muttered to herself, “So old-fashioned. You’re so picky even over a few months. You deserve not having found a girlfriend despite your age.”

After she muttered to herself, she shouted, “When I turn eighteen, you will be my boyfriend.”

Lu Jingye did not respond. In his mind, the little girl’s interest was merely a moment of curiosity. Perhaps one day when she encounters a good-looking man who can also cook, she would fall in love with him.

He did not wish to be with her just because she liked him a little bit.

Zi Yi looked at the departing car and turned around to walk back inside. However, just as she was about to surf the net, her phone rang.

The call was from Dou Xiangling.

“Yiyi, I’m heading to Metropolis University today. Let’s go together.”

Dou Xiangling’s thoughts were in fact, very simple. Since Zi Yi disliked studying, she would bring her to experience the environment at the university first. Following that, she would tell her what’s so interesting about studying. Perhaps it might arouse her interest in studying.

Zi Yi was a little surprised at her invitation.

She knew Dou Xiangling meant no harm to her. She thought about it for a second and agreed.

When Zi Yi arrived at the gates of the university, Dou Xiangling was already waiting for her.

Standing beside Dou Xiangling was Qin Yuqiao.

The duo did not see her. Qin Yuqiao was still talking to Dou Xiangling at that time. “Xiangling, I heard that Yiyi dislikes studying. Is it really a good idea to invite her here?”

Dou Xiangling said, “I’ll bring her to the Academy of Fine Arts to look around. I remember she was fond of painting when she was a child.”

After she said that, she inadvertently looked back and saw Zi Yi walking towards them.


Zi Yi nodded back.

Qin Yuqiao acted as if she was asking unintentionally, “Yiyi, you came here rather quickly. Could it be that you stay nearby?”

Dou Xiangling also wanted to know where she stayed.

Zi Yi pointed to the racing car parked not far away. “As long as I drive, no place is far away for me.”

Dou Xiangling knew that she did not wish to reveal where she lived, so she smiled and said, “Yiyi, let’s go in together. Lessons are currently ongoing so there are fewer people on campus. The school bus isn’t crowded either.”

Qin Yuqiao added. “We don’t have to worry about onlookers.”

Having said that, Qin Yuqiao seemed to have found a topic she could excel in. “You might not know of this, but Dou Xiangling was not only the campus belle of Metropolis University when she studied here, but also the top goddess for many boys. I realize that the Dou family’s genes are really good. Yiyi must have also inherited their genes. From your appearance to temperament, there is nothing to find fault on.”

As she listened to Qin Yuqiayo bootlicking, Zi Yi looked at her with her lips pursed.

Dou Xiangling was proud when Zi Yi was praised. “Yiyi has the best genes from the combination of the Dou family and Zi family. Therefore, she is so beautiful.”

Zi Yi did not care much for her appearance. She suddenly asked, “Aren’t we going to tour around Metropolis University? Where shall we go first?”

“We’ll go to the Academy of Fine Arts first. It just so happens that there’s a student calligraphy exhibition there. Let’s go and check it out.”