Reincarnation multi skilled goddess is so beautiful – Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Chapter‌ ‌141: ‌Unless‌ ‌You‌ ‌Become‌ ‌My‌ ‌Boyfriend‌

Zi Yi had searched for a long time. There were several masked men on the net, but none of them matched with the guy she wanted to find out.

In the end, she changed her focus to Lu Yunxiao, Lu Jingye’s younger brother.

“Their heights and physique are the same. Lu Yunxiao is also good with the whip. But… why didn’t he admit it?”

The more she pondered, the stranger she felt it was. However, she could not identify what was the strange part.

“Forget it. I might as well ask Lu Jingye when he’s back.”

Early the next morning, Zi Yi saw the housekeeper waiting in the living room the moment she went downstairs.

“Miss Zi, good morning.”

“Good morning.”

The housekeeper said to her, “Miss Zi, the workers will be arriving soon. Why don’t you return to the villa and have your breakfast there?”

Zi Yi looked at him, thought for a moment, and then nodded.

She took a few steps and realized that the housekeeper did not tag along.

She stopped and turned towards him.

The housekeeper said, “Miss Zi, the car is parked outside. Please go ahead first. I need to explain some things to the workers.”

Zi Yi nodded and headed outside.

Unexpectedly, the moment she drove the car to the gates of Lu Jingye’s villa, a car drove over from another road.

The two cars met at the gates.

The other car stopped and the back seat door was opened. A pair of polished leather shoes first came out, followed by Lu Jingye’s somewhat weary, but still handsome and extraordinary face.

Zi Yi lowered her windows and looked at him in surprise. “Lu Jingye, why have you returned?”

Lu Jingye smiled and said, “Everything abroad has been settled, so I came back.”

He then motioned to her. “Drive the car inside first.”

Zi Yi nodded and drove the car inside.

When she parked the car and walked over, Lu Jingye had already entered the villa.

Lu Jingye was not downstairs when she walked in. She guessed that he should have gone upstairs to wash up. She then took out her phone, sat down on the sofa, and played around with the phone as she waited for him.

Ten minutes later, Lu Jingye had changed his clothes and came downstairs.

Zi Yi looked at his hair that was still slightly wet, which made him appear gentler, and asked, “You came here after getting off the plane?”

“Yes. There’s a set of documents here that I need for today’s meeting.”

The servants came in and delivered their breakfast while they were having their conversation.

Once the table was set up, both of them walked over.

After they sat down, Zi Yi asked, “Lu Jingye, can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead.”

“Did your younger brother enter my villa last night?”

His hand paused for a second before he picked up the chopsticks and said, “No.”

Zi Yi stared at him with those beautiful phoenix eyes of hers.

Lu Jingye looked at her and said, “I will be sleeping over for the following few days. You can call if you need me.”

Zi Yi blinked and a glint flashed past her eyes.

Lu Jingye continued speaking, “You’re not allowed to go out at night. You can only surf the net until 11 p.m at the latest.”

“…” Zi Yi remained silent for several seconds before she snorted in dissatisfaction. “Mr. Busybody. Do you think you can control me?”

After dinner, Lu Jingye went up to get the documents. At the same time, he brought a box down and handed it to Zi Yi.

She looked at the box with a slight surprise on her face.

“I got you a present.”


She did not wait for his response and opened the box. Unexpectedly, it was a model of a red mini racing car.

She took it out and smiled as she said, “It’s nice. Coincidentally it fits the shelves in my room.”

After that, she looked at Lu Jingye. “Lu Jingye, on the account that you’ve brought me a gift, I’ll promise not to go out these next few nights.”

Lu Jingye immediately detected the loophole in her words and reminded her. “You’re not allowed to surf the net after 11 p.m.”

Zi Yi put down the model in her hands and stared at him as she spoke. “Lu Jingye, don’t think just because I’ve taken a fancy to you, you can control me. Unless…”

Having said that, her lips curled up. “Unless you become my boyfriend.”

Lu Jingye went quiet.

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