Reincarnation multi skilled goddess is so beautiful – Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Wooden Box

The both of them arrived at the area the robots had encircled.

The robots moved out of the way.

Zi Yi asked, “Where’s the item that was detected?”

One of the robots pointed to the ground. “Master, one meter underground.”

Zi Yi looked at the tiled ground, then at the masked man. “Do we dig?”

The masked man took out a dagger, squatted down, and stuck his dagger into the cracks. After he observed for a while, he asked, “Can your robots detect if there is anything dangerous underground?”

Zi Yi asked her robots, and one of them replied that there were no dangerous elements.

Once again, she turned towards the masked man, and she received a nod from him.

Zi Yi ordered one of the robots, “Dig up here. Be careful not to damage the item inside.”

“Yes, Master.”

The robot’s arm soon transformed into a drill, which drilled into the ground. Shortly after, it turned into a shovel as it rapidly dug out the soil below.

Looking at the soil piling up quickly on the ground, the masked man looked at Zi Yi with an unexpected gaze.

Zi Yi noticed his gaze and tilted her head to look back at him.

The masked man immediately turned away while his lips formed into a line.

Zi Yi found his actions puzzling.

Very soon, the robots stopped.

Zi Yi and the masked man walked closer at the same time and looked into the pit.

“A box?”

The masked man unleashed his whip and the box rolled into his hands.

The box was made of wood and there was a combination lock on it.

Zi Yi looked at the combination lock and said with certainty. “This type of lock should be a special type of password. Moreover, the password would change every time.”

The masked man’s outstretched hand stopped in the air.

She added, “The exterior of this box is wood, but there’s definitely other special materials used inside. It’s those types where the contents would be destroyed if the box was opened with external force.”

After that, she looked at him and said, “If you tell me who you are, I’ll open this for you.”

The masked man glanced at her and said nothing. He put the box in his pocket and turned to leave the basement.


Zi Yi narrowed her eyes and a fierce glint streaked across them. “If you’re not Lu Jingye’s little brother, leave the item behind.”

The masked man paused, turned to look at her, and with a deep voice, he asked, “If I’m his younger brother, you’ll let me go?”

Zi Yi curled her lips. “Of course.”

His eyes darkened, but he did not admit it as he continued to head upstairs.

“Hold it!”

Zi Yi was unhappy about it. She took out her hidden weapon and aimed at his back. “If you dare to take another step, don’t blame me for being rude.”

However, an even quicker hidden weapon struck her in the very next second. She discovered that she could not move.

The masked man stopped in his tracks, turned around, and said to her, “I’ve hit your acupuncture point. It will automatically be released in five minutes.”

Zi Yi widened her eyes. “Acupuncture point? You know ancient kung fu?”


After he gave her an answer, he continued to walk away.

Zi Yi looked at the tall departing figure and a glimmer of light flashed through her eyes.

She learned of ancient kung fu from the Museum of Ancient Earth History in the past and had always wanted to study it. However, too much time had passed and it was already lost during the later years on ancient Earth. As a result, she never had the opportunity.

She never expected she would encounter someone who was knowledgeable about it. All of a sudden, she became excited.

Five minutes later, she quickly ran up to check the rockery, then towards her computer room. She wanted to find out who that man was.

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