Reincarnation multi skilled goddess is so beautiful – Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Does Lu Jingye’s Younger Brother Use a Whip?

The housekeeper never expected Zi Yi to ask about Lu Yunxiao. He was stunned for a moment and seemed to be thinking of something. In the end, he looked at Zi Yi with a complicated gaze. “Miss Zi, why are you asking about Third Young Master?”

Zi Yi gave him a strange look and said, “He was here just now.”

The housekeeper was unaware that Zi Yi had uncovered the masked man before. His expression turned strange for a second before he frowned. He then said to Zi Yi with a serious tone, “Miss Zi, have you seen wrongly? Our Third Young Master would never have come here.”

Zi Yi looked at him. She felt that he did not want her to know too much.

However, she still asked another question, “Does Lu Jingye’s younger brother use a whip?”

This time, the housekeeper paused for several seconds before he nodded, “Yes.”

After he answered, he added on. “Miss Zi, it’s getting late. Why don’t you go back and rest first? I’ll arrange for someone to keep watch here.” Evidently, he did not wish for her to pry.

“No, I will stay here tonight.”

Zi Yi knew the housekeeper was deliberately changing the subject and did not ask further. She turned and headed for the living room. Since the masked man said those men were here in search of something, then she had to find a way to locate it first.

“Miss Zi, it’s not safe here.” The housekeeper followed behind and anxiously said, “If you’re worried, I will arrange for more bodyguards to keep watch.”

“You can go ahead with the arrangement, but I’ll be staying here tonight.”

Zi Yi was very firm in her stance.

While they spoke, she entered the living room. When she saw the housekeeper still following behind her, she stopped and turned to face him. “Rest assured. Those people have been captured and you’ve also brought along so many bodyguards. I’m sure nothing will happen tonight.”

“This…” The housekeeper found it hard to continue insisting. He looked at Zi Yi heading upstairs and simply decided to give Lu Jingye a call.

He had recounted the events to Lu Jingye, but he received an unexpected response from him. “Arranging for more bodyguards to keep guard will do.”

After that, he hung up the call.

Since the Second Young Master has spoken, it meant that he had his arrangements.

The housekeeper finally felt assured deep down.

Zi Yi did not head for her bedroom when she came up. Instead, she went towards the computer room.

She quickly brought up all the surveillance cameras in the villa. At the same time, she commanded all robots to search every corner of the courtyard.

After half an hour, she still did not find anything suspicious.

Zi Yi held her chin with one hand and thought. “If there’s really something hidden, where would it be kept?”

The basement.

The moment that idea came to mind, she quickly gave instructions to the robots.

The basement was currently being expanded and there were building materials placed all around it. Everything that was kept inside was also taken out.

Several robots quickly scanned every inch with special scanners. After a while, a beeping sound came from a robot.

Zi Yi threw away the mouse and quickly went downstairs.

The original basement’s entrance was behind the staircase in the living room. Due to the reconstruction, Zi Yi had them seal the entrance here and change it to one of the other wing rooms beside it.

She walked to one of the wing rooms. Suddenly, she felt someone approaching from behind and hastily turned around.

“Lu Yunxiao?”

The masked man did not answer her. Instead, he looked at the door in front of her.

Zi Yi clicked her tongue and thought that this man was not as cute as Lu Jingye. After which, she turned around and opened the door.

With one in front and one behind, they entered the basement.

Zi Yi spoke up. “My robots detected something in the basement, but it should be located underground.”

Soon, they reached the basement.

Zi Yi directly walked towards the area where her robots were encircled, with the masked man tagging along behind her.

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