Reincarnation multi skilled goddess is so beautiful – Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Housekeeper, What Kind of Person is Lu Jingye’s Younger Brother?

The masked man and the man with the painted face exchanged dozens of moves. Probably because the painted man could not deal with the masked man, he suddenly took off his belt.

Unexpectedly, it was a flexible sword.

Two types of weapons collided in the air, producing bone-chilling sounds.

Zi Yi raised the hidden weapon in her hands and aimed at the painted man.



The painted man managed to block it, but it had also provided the masked man an opportunity.


“Ugh…” The painted man held his injured right hand and quickly retreated. Taking two steps back, he turned and fled.

The masked man swiftly gave chase.

Zi Yi however, did not give chase. Instead, she looked at those men in black who were being overwhelmed by her robots and said with a deep voice, “Make way.”

The robots swiftly moved aside after receiving the order.

Zi Yi aimed the hidden weapon at their legs.

After the sounds of objects flying out were heard, the killers were struck on their knees and ended up kneeling on the ground.

At the same time, the housekeeper’s worried voice could be heard from outside the front yard. “Miss Zi, are you alright?”

The housekeeper quickly walked over.

When he saw the several killers, his expression changed, and he immediately called for the bodyguards using his phone. Concurrently, he came over to Zi Yi and checked her up and down.

“I’m fine.” Zi Yi headed towards the inner yard after that.

The masked man and the painted man had entered the inner yard and so she had to go and take a look.

The housekeeper looked at those killers kneeling on the ground with painful expressions on their faces, then at Zi Yi who was heading inside. With an expression of worry, he said, “Miss Zi, don’t go in first. Wait for the bodyguards to arrive.”

“It’s fine. There shouldn’t be anyone inside. Help me by standing guard and watching those people.”

After which, she walked away.

When she arrived at the inner yard, it was in complete silence. She continued to head towards the living room.

The living room doors were closed. Before this, she had installed several traps here.

She walked to the door, raised her hand, and knocked twice. The sounds of the household robots moving were heard.

After a while, the robot came and opened the door for her.

Zi Yi asked, “Did anyone come in?”

The robot answered, “Master, no one came in.”

Zi Yi breathed a sigh of relief. She did not want to change the furniture all over again.

However… if they did not enter the living room, where did they enter?

Zi Yi turned around and surveyed her surroundings.

Very soon, she discovered signs of fighting at the pavilion.

She swiftly headed over.

The pavilion was located on the left side of the inner yard. There was a rockery and pool beside it. The rockery was very close to the wall and it was likely that they had left the premises from there.

Zi Yi took out her phone to check the surveillance. Just then, whipping sounds could be heard outside the wall. Shortly after, the whip hooked inside the rockery and in the next second, the masked man jumped inside with the help of the whip.

Zi Yi met gazes with him. She put away her phone, quickly walked over to his side, and asked, “You are Lu Jingye’s little brother?”

The masked man did not answer her question. Instead, he said, “There’s something those killers want in your villa. It’s best to look for it.”

Zi Yi frowned at his words. “What is it?”

She had lived here for several days and those robots had already checked the whole courtyard upside down. How could there be anything?

Just as Zi Yi wanted to ask what item it was, she saw the masked man flinging his whip over the wall and quickly jumped away.

Zi Yi heard the incoming footsteps and turned around.

The housekeeper had come over with several bodyguards.

“Miss Zi, those men have been taken away.”

Zi Yi nodded and suddenly asked, “Housekeeper, what kind of person is Lu Jingye’s younger brother?”

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