Reincarnation multi skilled goddess is so beautiful – Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Don’t Scream, Come With Us

Zi Yi tilted her head and a sharp weapon streaked past her. With the sound of an object hitting the target, the weapon pierced into one of the men’s shoulders.

The man pressed against his shoulders and his expression instantly became twisted in suffering.


Those men immediately increased their vigilance and surveyed their surroundings.

Just then, a man walked out from the nearby forest.

“I’ll be taking this person.”

His appearance was ordinary, but those eyes of his were filled with chilliness. Due to those eyes, the hostility he radiated had intensified.

“Who are you? How dare you snatch someone invited by our boss? I think you’re sick of living!”

“We’ll know who is sick of living shortly.”

After that, the man swiftly attacked.

A one-against-many fight had instantly unfolded.

Zi Yi retreated to a safe distance to spectate their fight.

Clearly, the lone guy was more skilled. However, it was unknown who would win.

After spectating for a while, Zi Yi’s ears had detected another group’s arrival.

They were a man and a woman. First, they glanced at those engaged in a fight before looking over to Zi Yi.

They approached Zi Yi in a short time.

The woman pressed a knife against Zi Yi’s waist and threatened. “Don’t scream, come with us.”

Zi Yi looked down at the knife on her waist and her eyes turned cold. “What if I don’t follow?”

Having said that, Zi Yi swiftly moved and hand chopped the woman’s wrist, causing it to be temporarily numb. She then seized the knife and slashed it against her opponent’s hand.

Blood gushed out like water out of a floodgate.


The man’s expression changed at the sight. He shouted angrily, “How dare you hurt her. I’ll kill you!”

His hands formed into claws and aimed towards Zi Yi.

She evaded by bending backward. When her upper body was almost parallel to the ground, she threw the knife in her hands.


After sticking the knife into the man’s waist, Zi Yi straightened herself and stared at them coldly.

Shock and disbelief flashed past their eyes.

The initial group engaged in a fight were also looking at Zi Yi blankly. For a moment, they seemed to have forgotten their objectives.

Zi Yi turned and shot them a smile. The next second, a small hidden weapon appeared in her hand. While those men’s pupils contracted, she pulled the trigger.

Bang bang bang…


Their knees went soft and all of them knelt on the ground.

At the same time, expressions of suffering could be seen on their faces.

Zi Yi put away the hidden weapon. Looking at them coldly, she said, “Return and inform your bosses. If they want bad luck to befall them, go ahead and send people to capture me; also, you better not move within ten minutes. I’ve applied something on those hidden weapons and your blood vessels will burst with the slightest movements.”

She turned away immediately after she said that.

Those kneeling on the ground looked at her departing back view. Some had wanted to give chase but started to wail miserably instead.


Zi Yi clicked her tongue. Did they think she was lying to them?”

She left the forest, got in the car, and drove towards the city.

Not long later, several cars drove over.

Zi Yi tightened her grip on the steering wheel. Just as she wanted to step on the gas, she discovered one of the cars beeping.

The horn was not ear-piercing and clearly, the other party had good intentions.

Zi Yi soon reduced her speed and those cars stopped in front of her. Very soon, the doors of the car in the middle opened. Dou Xiangling and another handsome man dressed in a white suit, alighted and approached her.

Their appearance was rather similar and evidently, the man was one of Zi Yi’s cousins.

“Yiyi, are you alright?”

Dou Xiangling had a worried expression. The man standing beside Dou Xiangling sized her up with a cold expression.

“You’re that cousin who pissed off grandfather and almost caused him to have a heart attack, right?”

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