Reincarnation multi skilled goddess is so beautiful – Chapter 133

Chapter 133: I Do Not Intend to Take the College Entrance Examination With Everyone

Gan Lin Xuan teahouse was situated in the bustling downtown. Upon entering, the interior decor would give off a feeling of elegance and tranquility.

A faint scent of tea and cakes wafted in the air. There was a performance platform located in the middle, where a woman dressed in flowy, immortal-like clothing played the guzheng.

After they sat down in a private room and placed their orders, Qin Yuqiao smiled and said, “I believe you two haven’t seen each other much despite being cousins. It’s a rare chance where you two can meet, so you should have many things to say.”

Dou Xiangling looked at Zi Yi who was sitting next to her with her lips pursed in silence. She then faintly smiled and said, “I’ve been following my teacher around abroad these few years and rarely returned to China. Indeed, I haven’t had many opportunities to get in touch with Yiyi.”

Having said that, Dou Xiangling subconsciously asked in doubt, “I remember Yiyi should be taking her college examinations this year and there are only a few days left before the examination date. Why is Yiyi in the capital?”

The moment Dou Xiangling asked, Qin Yuqiao stared at Zi Yi.

Qin Yuqiao knew the reason why Zi Yi was in the capital. She also knew why she had not taken the college entrance examination, but she deliberately kept it to herself.

Zi Yi took a sip of the steaming scented tea before her and said, “I don’t intend to take the college entrance examination with everyone.”

Qin Yuqiao immediately asked, “Why? Could it be that you don’t intend to go to college?”

Ziyi shot her a glance. “Who said I’m not attending college?”

Qin Yuqiao covered her lips and chuckled as she thought to herself, “Your family has already prepared a slot for you in a college, of course, you won’t need to take the examination.” She acted as if she had seen through her intentions, but did not expose it.

Immediately after, she directed a question at Dou Xiangling. “Xiangling, you are now so famous in the painting and calligraphy industry. When will you be opening an exhibition?”

“This is still under preparation.” Dou Xiangling wanted to know more about Zi Yi and so, she asked, “Yiyi, what hobbies do you have?”

“Racing cars.”

A trace of surprise flashed past, but Dou Xiangling felt somewhat vexed. She knew nothing about racing cars and it seemed like she could not converse with Zi Yi about her favourite topics.

Qin Yuqiao did not figure out Dou Xiangling’s thoughts. She merely smiled and said, “Xiangling, Yiyi is very skilled in racing. In the International Racing Competition held a few days ago, she defeated the most powerful international racers and won the championships.”

“Is that so?” Dou Xiangling felt inexplicably proud of Zi Yi. “Yiyi is really amazing.”

The remaining conversation was basically of Qin Yuqiao praising how skilled Zi Yi was in racing. Her tone of voice was as if she herself had become Zi Yi’s fan.

Dou Xiangling listened in all seriousness and would look at Zi Yi from time to time to praise her.

In the end, Zi Yi was the only one who ended up having afternoon tea.

The trio sat in the private room for almost an hour. Zi Yi checked the time and said to Dou Xiangling, “I’ll be heading back first.”

Dou Xiangling and Qin Yuqiao looked at her concurrently.

Qin Yuqiao still had other plans for her today and she hastily said, “Yiyi, why are you going back so early today? Let’s go out and play later.”

Zi Yi looked at her and suddenly asked, “Are we shopping?”

“…” Qin Yuqiao felt that Zi Yi was implying for them to go shopping. At that time, she still had to spend money. Qin Yuqiao sneered deep down but appeared generous as she nodded on the surface. “If you like it, shopping sounds good too.”

Zi Yi looked towards Dou Xiangling.

Dou Xiangling could discern that Zi Yi was in no mood to shop, and her attitude towards them was neither warm nor cold. In the end, she said in consideration. “I think Yiyi has other matters to attend to. Why don’t we arrange to meet another day instead?”

She added, “Yiyi, can I get your contact number too?”

Zi Yi nodded and gave Dou Xiangling her number.

Dou Xiangling wrote it down, and the trio went out of the teahouse together as they headed for their cars.

However, the moment they reached their cars, Zi Yi’s hand suddenly stopped halfway.

She felt something on the door handle.

Zi Yi turned to look at Dou Xiangling. “Let me ride in your car.”