Reincarnation multi skilled goddess is so beautiful – Chapter 132

Chapter 132: It’s Indeed Very Coincidental

Zi Yi thought that this was all Lu Jingye had done. It was only in the future did she know that he had also sent someone to warn Zi Xu to stay away from her.

Of course, that was a story for another day.

Just as she wanted to return after hanging up, she saw a pink car parked in front of her when she looked up.

The door opened and Qin Yuqiao leisurely stepped out.

Zi Yi’s lips curled up when she saw the woman approaching her.

This woman is rather well informed.

Knock! Knock!

Zi Yi lowered her windows.

Qin Yuqiao smiled and looked at her. “What a coincidence. I didn’t expect we would meet each other here.”

Zi Yi looked at her thoughtfully. “It’s indeed very coincidental.”

Qin Yuqiao was unaware that Zi Yi had discerned her intentions and she continued to speak. “I’m really sorry for the previous incident. I originally invited you to attend a banquet at my house, I didn’t expect something to happen all of a sudden, and I had no choice but to cancel it.”

Having said that, she glanced around the neighbourhood and pointed at a high-class tea shop nearby. “As an apology, let me invite you for afternoon tea.”

Zi Yi pursed her lips. Qin Yuqiao’s intentions were so obvious, she would be an idiot to agree to have afternoon tea with her.

“I’m not free.”

Qin Yuqiao never expected Zi Yi’s rejection to be so clearcut. She felt displeased deep down and she quickly revealed a sad expression. “You must be angry with me. I’ve tried calling you for the past few days but I couldn’t get through. Have I offended you in any way?”

Zi Yi narrowed her eyes. This woman’s tone of voice and expression… it’s pretty good.

Zi Yi suddenly felt interested. She wanted to see what she would say and do.

Qin Yuqiao had never encountered someone like Zi Yi who was stubborn and could not distinguish good from the bad. However, she had already prepared herself when she came today. “I’ve also invited your Fourth Cousin. I heard that you haven’t met those from your grandfather’s side for a long time. Could it be that you don’t even wish to meet your Fourth Cousin?”

“Fourth Cousin?”

Zi Yi tried to recall who was the original owner’s Fourth Cousin. After thinking for a long time, she only knew that she studied drawing and had been travelling around the world for these few years to draw.

It could be said that except for the original owner’s particularly strict grandfather and four uncles who hated her, she had no recollection of other family members. She had only seen their information in a stack of paper.

Just then, Qin Yuqiao’s phone rang. She glanced at the caller ID and answered the call while looking at Zi Yi. “Xiangling, I’m in the Palace Hotel’s vicinity, you can come over. Coincidentally, your cousin is also here, let’s have afternoon tea together!”

Having said that, she disconnected the call, placed her hand on Zi Yi’s car windows and stared at her.

Zi Yi glanced at Qin Yuqiao’s hand with an indifferent expression. However, she did not get out immediately.

Her grandfather’s family lived in the capital and several of her uncles were also teaching at Metropolis University. She would encounter them in the future when she studied there and it would do her no harm to meet that cousin of hers right now.

Qin Yuqiao and Zi Yi maintained their posture where one stood outside and one sat inside the car. After ten minutes passed, a white-coloured car finally stopped at the edge.

A graceful, slim figure dressed in a qipao, who also had her long hair pinned up by a hairpin, alighted from the car.

The woman excluded an aura of a scholar. Coupled with her face that was similar to a hibiscus flower, she appeared beautiful and gentle.

“Xiangling, you’re here.”

“Qiaoqiao.” Dou Xiangling and Qin Yuqiao greeted each other, and she looked towards the exceedingly beautiful girl sitting in the car. With a gentle gaze and a faint smile, she called out. “Cousin Yiyi.”

Zi Yi was suddenly at a loss on how to deal with someone like her. In the end, she could only nod with a wooden expression.

Dou Xiangling had heard of this cousin of hers. She always felt that she was not inherently bad. When she saw Zi Yi’s reaction, she maintained her smile. “Cousin Yiyi, if you are free, do join us for afternoon tea.”

Zi Yi agreed to her invitation.

However, as soon as they left, someone who pretended to pass by her car had swiftly stuck something on her door handle.

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