Chapter 131: I Don’t Have a Good Temper

Just as Zi Xu was about to rage at Zi Yi, her phone rang.

Zi Yi said, “He’s calling.”

After which, she answered the call and walked away to one side.

A serious voice sounded on the other end. “I’ve sent some bodyguards over. They’ll be arriving there shortly.

Zi Yi smiled in response. “Thanks, I’ll treat you to a meal when you return.”

The moment she said that she heard knocking sounds on the door.

Zi Xu walked over to open the door. When he saw several robust-looking men in black suits, he was frightened as he asked, “What are you doing?”

One of the bodyguards said with a straight face, “Our boss ordered us to pick up Miss Zi.”


Zi Yi looked at Zi Xu who had stiffened from nervousness and said to Lu Jingye with a carefree tone, “I’ll be hanging up first.”

She walked over after she hung up the phone.

With a darkened expression, Zi Xu said, “My daughter won’t be leaving with you.”

“Then we have no choice but to intrude.”

The moment he said that, a few other bodyguards had restrained the bodyguards Zi Xu brought along with him.

Based on their speed, it was obvious they had been well-trained.

“What are you doing?” Zi Xu raged. “Do you believe that I won’t call the police right now?”

Having said that, he took out his phone with the intention to call the police.

However, before he managed to punch in the numbers, his phone was snatched away.

The bodyguard revealed traces of murderous intent. “Mr. Zi, we are only here to pick up Miss Zi. Please refrain from any unnecessary behavior. Otherwise…”

His expression turned stern following that.

Zi Xu’s body suddenly trembled.

The bodyguard turned to Zi Yi and said, “Miss Zi, please.”

Zi Yi walked over to Zi Xu’s side and with an indifferent tone, she said, “Dad, this friend of mine doesn’t have a good temper. Since you said that you would leave me to fend for myself, you better not interfere in my matters. Otherwise, I have no idea what would happen.”

Zi Xu looked at her and furiously shouted, “Didn’t you say you were going to your grandfather’s? Why are you involved with people from the underworld!”

“Even you don’t dare to go to grandfather’s place to get scolded. Do you think I’d dare to?”

While Zi Xu turned red from anger, Zi Yi left along with a few bodyguards.

Zi Xu looked at the departing group of people and felt angry, anxious, and regretful.

If he had not lost his temper at her back then, she would not have gotten involved with those people from the underworld.

“Boss, let’s call the police.” One of Zi Xu’s bodyguards spoke up.

“No, the police cannot get involved.”

If news that his eldest daughter was involved with the underworld was to spread out, he would really lose all the face he had.

After Zi Yi left the hotel with the bodyguards, she had them leave first.

She then phoned Lu Jingye the moment she got in her car.

When the call connected, Zi Yi asked him with a pleasant tone, “Lu Jingye, what did you tell my dad?”

Lu Jingye recounted what he said to Zi Xu. “You are under my care and he doesn’t have to worry. The money has already been spent and if he wants it back, he should look for Ouyang Ming himself. Ouyang Ming has been in a pretty bad mood recently and is currently looking for a punching bag, so I told him to think twice.”

The smile on her lips deepened. “And?”

“I don’t have a good temper.”

Zi Yi directly laughed out loud.

She never expected that Lu Jingye would say such threatening words.

Zi Xu was selfish, timid, and cared about his face. He had concluded that Lu Jingye was from the black triad and he definitely would not dare to look for him.

Zi Yi suddenly recalled what she had said to him, that she would treat him to a meal. “When you return, I’ll prepare soup for you. I’m good at this.”

She had researched ancient Earth’s tonic soups in the past and it seemed like the best type for men would be those that strengthened their yang energy.

She felt that she should return and flip through ancient medical books to find out the various cooking methods for preparing soups.