Reincarnation multi skilled goddess is so beautiful – Chapter 129

Chapter 129: You Are My Daughter, How Can I Leave You Alone?

After Ouyang Ming drove for quite some time, he suddenly stepped on the brakes. The car came to a sudden stop that was followed by screeching sounds.

Behind him were braking sounds along with vulgarities being spewed out.

Ouyang Ming turned a deaf ear and fiercely hit the steering wheel. With a livid expression, he scolded himself. “Ouyang Ming you idiot. Why did you come looking for her? Why do you even care who she is!”

After he finished scolding, he stepped on the accelerator and continued to drive away.

In the end, Zi Yi still made a trip to the Palace Hotel.

She would never do anything extreme to the original owner’s father, but she had tons of methods to make him stop scheming against her.

When Zi Xu saw Zi Yi, there was a hint of unconcealable joy in his complicated gaze.

He had already forgotten the words he said previously where he would let her fend for herself. With the appearance of a good father, he said, “Yiyi, I’ve been looking for you these days. Where are you staying now that you’re living alone? You…”

“Hold it.” Zi Yi’s gaze towards Zi Xu was one of indifference. “Didn’t you say you would not care for me anymore? Why are you looking for me now?”

Zi Xu assumed that she was merely being rebellious. He lowered his tone and said in a gentle manner, “It’s your father’s fault. I was too angry that time. You are my daughter, so how could I not care for you?”


Zi Yi sneered and pursed her lips without uttering a single word.

Zi Xu still felt that she was being rebellious. Thus, he tried to let her understand by reasoning while moving her with emotions.

“I have sent people around in search of you these days and I hadn’t been able to sleep or eat when there was no news of you. If you hadn’t participated in the international racing competition, I would have released search notices.

You are my daughter. Even if you continue doing things that anger me, I would never really ignore you.

Yiyi, I came here to fetch you back home.

Yiyi, come back with me. I will give you whatever you want in the future.”

Zi Yi found it funny when she saw Zi Xu’s sincere expression as he spoke.

Does this man intend to take her money and give it to her to spend?

When she thought of this, Zi Yi suddenly laughed. Her laughter was innocent. “Dad, I won a big sum of money in this competition.”

Zi Xu was elated. “You earned it with your capabilities. It is all your dowry for the future.”


“That’s right. This money belongs to Yiyi and it will definitely be your dowry.”

“However, I didn’t receive the money at all.”

“You didn’t receive it?!” Zi Xu’s voice suddenly increased several octaves. The next second, he realized he had overreacted. He lowered his voice and asked eagerly, “You won the money so why didn’t you receive it?”

He was thinking that if someone dared to steal his daughter’s money, even if he had to go to court, he had to hire the best lawyer in China to get the money back.

Zi Yi looked at Zi Xu’s expression and acted innocent. “When I left, I returned my credit card to you. After that, I also lost my identity card. Therefore, I’ve not made a new card until now.”

Zi Xu became anxious. However, his mind was exceptionally clear. “You lost your ID card? Then where have you been staying these past few days?”

“At my friend’s house. I am pretty good-looking and there are many people who want to be friends with me.”

The moment Zi Xu heard her, he subconsciously thought of those unclean relationships. Instantly, his blood surged. “Y-you… you actually dared…” Suddenly, he thought of something more important. “Then where is the money you’ve won?”

A foreboding premonition rose in his heart the moment he asked that question.

Zi Yi answered as a matter of course, “It’s all deposited in my friend’s bank account.”

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