Reborn the godfather has fallen for me – Chapter 502

Chapter 502: Saving People From Suffering

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“Do you think that I would like a gigolo like that?”

Huang Yueyan had always been stubborn, and it was the same at this moment. She looked calm on the surface, but the turbulent emotions in her heart were not something that Shen Xiaoxiao could interfere with. This Yueyan had opened her mind too late. Forget it, it was enough to mention this.

A rational person like her knew what was most important to her.

“Hey, hey, are you two dressed like a couple?”

Couple? Hmm, that was a good phrase. It seemed that the land that the Huang Corporation wanted to bid for recently could be loosened up.

Yan Kuan felt comfortable and liked Huang Yueyan a lot more.

On the other hand, Shen Xiaoxiao did not know whether she had heard it or not. In any case, she said nonchalantly, “I’m just a theater watcher. Why would I dress up so nicely? I’m not the main character tonight. Hey, didn’t you say that Liu Yufei has arrived? Let’s go. I can’t wait to meet her.”

“Isn’t she here? She’s now the CEO of Dongyou Country. How can she not attend such an occasion? It’s just that Du Ze is a little strange. I think he’s being controlled by someone.”

The two women walked in front, and Yan Kuan followed behind as a flower escort.

Shen Xiaoxiao did not expect Huang Yueyan to have such keen observation. She actually guessed it in an instant. She did not hesitate to say directly, “They have a big boss behind the scenes. It is probably related to the Ouyang family. They have been secretly controlling them. The person who wants to take my children is also that person. Don’t interfere in this matter.”

“Is it related to the Ouyang family? The hundred-legged worm is dead but not stiff. However, Du Ze actually didn’t get into trouble when he touched the woman with the Suoyin flower. This makes me curious.”

“That man in black has some ability. You know about the Ouyang family’s things. He probably used some secret medicine.”

“Oh, right, don’t say that I didn’t remind you. Ai Wei and Liu Yufei are currently in a heated relationship.”

“Ah? Why didn’t you stop him?”

Shen Xiaoxiao was a little surprised. Ai Wei versus Liu Yufei? What was going on?

Wait, was that why Huang Yueyan looked so indignant just now? But why didn’t Huang Yueyan intervene? She clearly knew that once Ai Wei got involved with Liu Yufei, it would be a matter of life and death.

“How did you…”

“Don’t look at me like that. He volunteered himself. How can I tie the man’s lower body to prevent him from having an affair? Do you think everyone is like the one behind you? Even a female mosquito has to pass three tests.”

Huang Yueyan, this woman, could bring up Yan Kuan at any minute. She did not know whether she was her sister or Yan Kuan’s lobbyist.

However, Shen Xiaoxiao did not want to talk to her about this at this moment. She was concerned about Ai Wei. No matter which aspect it was in, she absolutely could not let Ai Wei seek his own death.

Three years ago, she owed Ai Wei a huge favor. Furthermore, Ai Wei had treated her and her children well these few years. She could not sit idly by.

“Do you remember what I told you? Three years ago, I was saved by someone. That person was Ai Wei. So, do you understand?”

“D*mn, why didn’t you say so earlier? D*mn, that gigolo could actually do such a righteous thing?”

Huang Yueyan did not expect that Ai Wei and Shen Xiaoxiao knew each other because of this. She had thought that Ai Wei and Shen Xiaoxiao just had an artist and collaborator relationship under Shen Xiaoxiao’s banner. After all this time, this was still involved. That was another matter entirely. She could have saved him out of kindness.

“I’ll be leaving first. I’ll help you keep an eye on him. For your sake, I’ll save him from the fire and water. You two take your time.”

Seeing Huang Yueyan leave in a hurry, she thought that this woman was really stubborn. She was sure that he wanted to save her, but she used her as an excuse.

“Don’t worry. Ai Wei will be fine.”

Yan Kuan also suddenly spoke. Shen Xiaoxiao looked at him. What did it have to do with him? What did he care?

“I, Yan Kuan, distinguish between gratitude and hatred. He saved my woman and children. I won’t let anything happen to him under my nose.”

“I remember that someone seemed to find him extremely unpleasant?”

Shen Xiaoxiao did not forget the appearance of that person at the last gathering.

“If I really did not find him pleasing to the eye, he would not be able to live until now.”

Alright, as expected, she was unable to communicate with this man. Shen Xiaoxiao ignored him and allowed him to hold her hand as they walked into the banquet hall.

However, they did not expect that the three of them would already meet just after Huang Yueyan took the elevator.

Standing at the entrance, could they not be so ostentatious? A lot of people looked over, but Huang Yueyan’s aura was too strong. No matter how they looked at it, it looked like the original wife catching a mistress.

Of course, Liu Yufei did not forget to put on an act, and Ai Wei did not forget to play the role of the escort.

“Your tears came faster than professional actors. Ai Wei, it seems that this is your colleague, and she even said that she is the president of Dongyou Country. The president is so lame? The future of Dongyou Country is worrying.”

Liu Yufei had always known Huang Yueyan’s ability. Now, she was referring to Dongyou Country from her own head. As expected, she was born to be a businessman. She almost forgot that she was not only Liu Yufei, but also the president of Dongyou Country. Didn’t Huang Yueyan not care about Ai Wei just now? What did she mean by jumping out now?

“Huang Yueyan, don’t go too far. What kind of ability is it to bully a weak girl? If you have the ability, come at me.”

“Yo, are you going to protect the pretty girl to the end? Her decent boyfriend hasn’t even said anything yet? You’re so quick to help. How thirsty are you? Big star, you’re definitely going to be on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow. This cover snatching is amazing.”

Huang Yueyan’s words made Ai Wei embarrassed for a moment. In addition, Huang Yueyan’s words made the people around him point fingers at him. However, it was very strange. Although Huang Yueyan was mocking him… However, she was explaining a problem to everyone. He was not really trying to poach someone, but was trying to get the headlines of the newspaper.

Which of these two negative effects could be minimized? Of course, the latter would get the headlines, but Huang Yueyan was such a smart woman with such amazing means. She definitely didn’t say these words unintentionally. She did it on purpose, but why was she helping him? Wait, was she helping him?

“Du Ze, your woman still needs to be taught a lesson. She always wipes her tears away. Does she think she’s a small flower? This isn’t China, where men will fall for your tricks. This is M Country. She has lost face overseas.”

This time, Ai Wei did not rashly speak out of Huang Yueyan’s sharp words. Since he was able to reach this position in the entertainment industry, he naturally knew who he could offend and what he could say. If he was not smart, he would not have reached this stage.

Moreover, he was Huang Yueyan’s male companion. Regardless of which side he was on, he should not have opened his mouth. He had already made a mistake just now. At this moment, he absolutely could not say another word.

At least this kid was smart. Huang Yueyan glanced at Ai Wei before turning to look at Du Ze.

“President Huang, I’m sorry. It was a misunderstanding. Everything was a misunderstanding.”

“A misunderstanding? In such a big place, so many people passed by her without touching her wine glass, yet she had to touch her wine glass in front of my male companion and spill it on my shoes. Was she doing this on purpose? Was she looking for a sense of presence? Or was it because she was addicted to acting and couldn’t help acting in front of the best actor?”

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