Chapter 501: Seduction, Passion

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Du Ze looked at Huang Yueyan with an infatuated look in his eyes. Huang Yueyan was smiling without saying a word, which made Ai Wei extremely unhappy. This woman was actually smiling at other men. She was really shameless.

Ai Wei was an actor. He was naturally good at acting. Since you were so open to seducing other men (in Ai Wei’s mind, Huang Yueyan’s expression at this moment was seducing other men), he would not stand on ceremony.

“Miss Liu, don’t you want to see the photos? Let’s go over there and have a seat. I have a photo of the singer you like on my phone.”

Liu Yufei naturally wouldn’t reject Ai Wei’s invitation. She followed Ai Wei to a corner on a sofa. As for Du Ze’s side? It was none of her business. Anyway, Du Ze, this man, wouldn’t have any objections even if he saw her sleeping with another man. This was much more open-minded than Pei Li.

Huang Yueyan naturally saw that Ai Wei and Liu Yufei had left. At this moment, Du Ze had been silent. Huang Yueyan had already guessed that Du Ze definitely had something on him or something that was grasped by someone. He simply could not leave Dongyou Country. She had thrown out such a big olive branch and would rather lend money than interfere in any company matters. If he did not hear such a good thing, he would definitely be suffering in his heart.

As for the opportunity that she had guessed, after seeing Liu Yufei and Ai Wei leave, Du Ze had no reaction at all. She felt that perhaps Du Ze did not touch Liu Yufei very much. Perhaps this was the reason why he could keep his life.

Of course, this Liu Yufei’s ability was not small. This Ai Wei was so easily seduced by her. At this moment, she wanted to clap the table and praise Liu Yufei’s ability.

But Ai Wei, hmph, he would be useless after tonight. She, Huang Yueyan, would definitely not use things that other women had used. Of course, after she took over, that person should belong to her. Once they were tainted with the smell of other women, they would not belong to her, and she would not want them anymore.

The most important thing was that although it was only ten days, she thought that it was enough. Perhaps a baby was already in her stomach. Even if it was no longer there, it did not matter. This man’s * * * * had been stored enough. Even if it was not possible to conceive naturally, artificial insemination would always succeed.

If it was not for his looks, she might not have taken a fancy to such a man.

However, her heart was stifled. She felt like her beloved toy had been snatched away by someone. How could this kind of feeling appear for her, Huang Yueyan? Hmph, no, absolutely not.

“Mr. Du, you might as well consider what I said. Once you’ve thought it through, you can contact me at any time. Excuse me for a moment.”

Huang Yueyan stepped on her high heels and left. She walked to the side and dialed Shen Xiaoxiao’s number.

“I’ll be there soon. Okay, see you later.”

After hanging up the phone, Shen Xiaoxiao looked at Yan Kuan with some resentment. This stinky man should have arrived half an hour ago, but he actually pulled her to mess around. He was really crazy, really crazy.

“That was just the appetizer. If you still want, I don’t mind having another main meal.”

Appetizer? The appetizer could last half an hour? What a lunatic, a lunatic.


Yan Kuan couldn’t help but smile when he heard this word. So be it. He was the only b*stard here.


It was such a brainless sentence. Shen Xiaoxiao looked at the man who was driving the car with some confusion. No? Could he finish her sentence?


“No what?”

Shen Xiaoxiao was a little impatient. Did this man stutter?

“I don’t have any other woman besides you. You were, are, and will always be the only one. Not only that, you are also my first woman, my only woman.”


Shen Xiaoxiao did not expect Yan Kuan to say that.

Back then, when he joked that she was his first woman, she did not believe him at that time. Who asked him to have so many tricks up his sleeve and have such a long endurance? Moreover, she wouldn’t forget what this man had said when she woke up after her rebirth. That it was fortunate that she was a virgin. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to cut her into pieces.

“Are you joking?”

“What do you think?”

Shen Xiaoxiao didn’t say anything. It was rare for Yan Kuan to tell her in such a serious manner that he was telling the truth. This made her completely unsure of how to answer.

He had not found another woman in the past three years? Well, she actually believed it a little, but she was the only woman from the beginning to the end? She did not know what to say.

The car once again returned to a strange silence. Shen Xiaoxiao did not speak, and Yan Kuan did not expect her to answer him. In fact, sometimes it was best not to answer. He did not want to hear those words that made him angry from her mouth again. Sometimes not answering was also an answer. At least she would be thinking and weighing it.

He could afford to wait. He was willing to give her time. She had thorns and grievances in her heart, so he would patiently wait until the thorn was removed and those grievances were resolved.

Both of them were dressed in flaxen casual clothes. Once they reached the door of K-ONE, Yan Kuan quickly walked over and helped her out of the car.

“I can walk on my own.”

Yan Kuan looked at her and said shamelessly, “I’m worried that your legs will go weak.”

Shen Xiaoxiao had already forgotten what blushing looked like. She just looked at Yan Kuan in a very idiotic manner. How did he say such shameless words so quickly? Why wasn’t he embarrassed?

“I say, do the two of you have to be so affectionate? Why don’t you just go home and come here to show off your love?”

Once Huang Yueyan’s valiant words left her mouth, Shen Xiaoxiao did not need to turn around to know who she was.

There was probably only one woman in the world who could make fun of her and Yan Kuan like that.

“Why did you come out? Where’s Ai Wei?”

Huang Yueyan glanced at Shen Xiaoxiao with disdain and said without fear of fanning the flames, “Caring about another man in front of your husband? You’re getting bolder and bolder.”

As expected, she could not communicate properly with this woman. Huang Yueyan was just annoyed by someone. The smell of gunpowder was so strong.

However, Yan Kuan was extremely satisfied with Huang Yueyan’s words. Showing concern for other men in front of him was indeed asking for a beating. He wanted to write it down and slowly calculate it together in the future.

“Who offended you again? Don’t tell me that you didn’t control your male partner and he was snatched away by another woman? A big star like Ai Wei has fans wherever he goes. You have to watch him closely.”

“Tch, who cares? You said it yourself. He’s just a star.”

Oh, it seemed like it really had something to do with Ai Wei. However, did Huang Yueyan know that she looked like a resentful woman at this moment?

Wait, a resentful woman? Huang Yueyan had fallen in love with Ai Wei?

Shen Xiaoxiao was shocked by her sharp senses. Yueyan had actually fallen in love with Ai Wei? No, that was not the point. The point was that Yueyan had actually fallen in love? Big news. Definitely big news.

“You’re not falling in love with Ai Wei, are you?”

“What? How is that possible?”