Reborn the godfather has fallen for me – Chapter 500

Chapter 500: Poaching

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Ever since Huang Yueyan brought him over to meet Liu Yufei and Du Ze, Ai Wei had been feeling a little uneasy. He happened to hear their conversation. He was not a fool. Huang Yueyan was clearly targeting that lady.

Not only did she look down on her, but she even revealed her past in front of her male partner. This was too much and too tasteless. Anyway, Ai Wei did not look well upon such a method.

Coincidentally, she asked about him. He wanted to let her experience the feeling of being ignored and others digging a hole.

Ai Wei did not know that his words made Huang Yueyan’s smile become even brighter. If Shen Xiaoxiao was here, she would have already started to sweat for Ai Wei. This Ai Wei was really digging his own grave.

“Indeed, with my status, I would not go so far as to find a man in the entertainment industry to be my boyfriend. Moreover, I’m afraid that Miss Liu doesn’t know that I’m married!”

Huang Yueyan’s words were a slap in the face. Others might not know, but Ai Wei knew that she was saying it to him. She was telling him that he was an actor, a person she could play with and a person she could find exciting.

“Yes, how can a woman like President Huang be someone we can climb up to?”

The explosive conversation made Liu Yufei’s eyes light up. This Huang Yueyan looked so high and mighty that she didn’t put Ai Wei in her eyes. No man would be happy about that. She was clearly pushing out such a high-quality man.

Of course, she had to admit that Huang Yueyan did have the ability to toy with these men. Her strength was probably only second to Yan Kuan. No, she should not say that. In the business world… This woman was the most powerful woman she had ever met. She did not take any losses at all.

It was not that the man in black did not have any designs on Huang Yueyan. However, Huang Yueyan’s whereabouts were uncertain and the company was well managed. There was no evidence to be leaked. Most importantly, for some reason, the Dark Empire had been secretly helping her. Therefore, the man in black wanted to make a move on her, but there was nothing he could do.

Was Liu Yufei jealous? Of course, she was jealous. But sometimes, when the distance between you and the other party grew wider and wider, you would no longer be jealous of her. You would only have a yearning for her, a yearning for the same position and success.

Liu Yufei was afraid of Huang Yueyan. She was very afraid. If Huang Yueyan wanted to make a move against Dongyou Country, it would not take much effort. Therefore, even if she was dissatisfied with Huang Yueyan, she would avoid her sharp edge and not say anything more.

“Director Du, I have something to ask you. May I have a word with you?”

Huang Yueyan’s expression did not change at all. No one could tell what she was thinking. Initially, Ai Wei thought that Huang Yueyan would say a few words. After all, when the two of them were alone, they often argued until their faces turned red. But now, she actually changed the topic. She even wanted to talk to a man at the same time. What did she really mean?

Was she really talking about business? Or did she want to do something?

Of course, Ai Wei, who had never worked in the business world, naturally did not understand this. However, Liu Yufei instantly understood. This kind of banquet was an excellent venue for business collaboration. She immediately let go of Du Ze’s arm.

Although she had already stated that she was the president of Dongyou Country, she had only been in office for less than half a month. It was understandable that Du Ze was trusted more than her. Therefore, this was also why she could not wait to achieve results so that no one would dare to look down on her.

Huang Yueyan ignored Ai Wei and walked to the side with Du Ze. Du Ze naturally walked in a carefree manner. He was only treating Liu Yufei as a matter of face. Now, he would not even see her for a month although this woman did have the ability to attract people in bed.

However, his heart was not with her. He would rather spend every day in front of the computer than with her.

Once the two of them left, naturally, only Ai Wei and Liu Yufei were left. This was simply too good for Liu Yufei.

Although Ai Wei was not happy, he would not be so rude as to ignore her. Liu Yufei deliberately pandered to him and found a topic to talk about. Ai Wei slowly spoke in an interested manner.

“Director Du, do you mind if I ask you a question? How long have you been with Miss Liu?”

Du Ze didn’t expect Huang Yueyan to ask this question, but he didn’t reject Huang Yueyan because he felt that Huang Yueyan and Shen Xiaoxiao were the same. They were both extremely capable women. In this regard, they had a striking similarity.

“Three years. Why?”

Three years? Huang Yueyan did not expect it to be three years. However, it had already been three years. Why did Du Ze not have any problems at all?

“It’s nothing. I feel that Director Du is much thinner than what I saw three years ago. It seems that Du Ze has spent too much energy on Dongyou Country. However, I did not expect Director Du to be so generous as to give up the position of president. I thought that if something happened to Pei Li, Director Du would be the logical successor.”

This was a thorn in Du Ze’s heart. If it wasn’t for the lack of funds, he wouldn’t have been able to accept the help of the man in black. He didn’t expect that he wouldn’t be able to get off the boat once he got on the man in black’s boat. Although he sounded like he was in a good position, he was just a high-level worker. He couldn’t be compared to when he was in Dongyou Country.

His ability wasn’t inferior to Pei Li at all. Why was it that after Pei Li’s accident, Liu Yufei’s position wasn’t his?

“I can’t do anything about the board’s decision. Although Yufei is a girl, her ability is not to be underestimated.”

It sounded very official, but Huang Yuyan did not care about that. She just wanted to know what kind of opportunity Du Ze had and why he was fine.

Back then, her father had gotten together with Huo Wanting because her father, Huang Youde, had too many women. Huo Wanting could not go out as she wished, so it was almost once every half a month or once a month. That was how she barely managed to keep her life. In addition, their family was rich. They had never given anything to Huang Youde for free. Huang Yueyan knew from the very beginning that her father had been taking deer penis tiger p*nis medicinal wine for a long time. Otherwise, would he have been able to keep his life?

Du Ze didn’t have any scandals with people in the market, and a young man like Du Ze didn’t know how to take care of himself at all. He had been with Liu Yufei for three years, and it seemed like they had been living together for the past three years. How could he be fine?

“But with Director Du’s ability, it’s not impossible for you to start a new company. There’s no need to guard a company that you can’t make decisions for yourself, right? Back then, Dongyou Country created the history of China, and now, this Dongyou Country is also very impressive. Director Du’s ability is obvious to everyone. If Director Du wants to start a new company, I think people who support you will definitely flock here.”

Du Ze looked at Huang Yueyan and did not speak for a long time.. Although Huang Yueyan’s words were reserved, he still understood. What was Huang Yueyan trying to do? Poach? Or split Dongyou Country? Why did she do this?