Reborn the godfather has fallen for me – Chapter 499

Chapter 499: Walk Your Own Path

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Ai Wei was already used to Huang Yueyan’s occasional off-topic behavior, but he didn’t expect Huang Yueyan to be curious about these things.

However, that woman was really beautiful. She was completely different from Huang Yueyan. One look and one could tell that she was a gentle and amiable lady from a wealthy family.

Liu Yufei’s face indeed had the ability to attract people. Moreover, almost all of her charm was in her eyes. However, her eyes were extremely clean. Only occasionally would she reveal a little charm.

“What are you going to do over there? Humiliate yourself?”

Ai Wei’s words made Huang Yueyan a little stunned. What did Ai Wei say? He said that she was going to humiliate herself?

Huang Yueyan suddenly let go of his arm and looked at him, asking, “Why? Do you think that woman is very beautiful?”

“Isn’t she? At least, I think she is more pleasing to the eye than you.”

Usually, the two of them did not talk very well, but this was the first time Ai Wei spoke so bluntly.

Huang Yueyan’s expression did not change. She still looked like a cynical person, but her heart had already changed. Even the little bit of interest she had for Ai Wei had disappeared in an instant.

This man wasn’t good. She thought that he didn’t rely on anyone. The entertainment industry was complicated. It did not differentiate between men and women. She thought that it was good that he did not have any scandals. In fact, when he saw a suitable woman, he could not move her legs.

“You like her?”

Huang Yueyan’s question made Ai Wei feel baffled. How could he like her? Would he like her just after seeing her? He was not that philanthropic. However, it was good to stimulate this woman. At least, she wouldn’t be so arrogant just because she had a few dollars.

“Although I can’t say that I like her, she looks good.”

Huang Yueyan looked at Ai Wei and revealed an extremely strange smile. At least this smile actually made Ai Wei feel a little flustered.

“She looks good? Then let’s go over. Perhaps you might even have a romantic encounter?”

Since he wanted to die, he had no choice. Everyone had to be responsible for the path they chose. No matter if this path was going to take your life or not, it was all self-inflicted. She had no obligation to help him.

The effects of the Suoyin flower were definitely not fake. Du Ze must have had an opportunity to avoid the crisis, but for others, it might not be so.

When Liu Yufei arrived at the casino, she immediately saw that dazzling man. He was Ai Wei, an international superstar. Not only was he extremely famous in China, he was also one of the top celebrities overseas.

He was handsome and his acting skills were top-notch. She heard that he had some industries under his name that were invisible to the rich in the entertainment industry.

An Ning had told her all these news. No one would have thought that An Ning would be like that in the country. However, the Ouyang family had already collapsed. She was a smart person and knew that she had to have a backer. Therefore… she and Pei Li could be considered to be dependent on each other.

Pei Li would naturally use all the people who needed An Ning to accompany them. At the same time, he would also give An Ning some protection to a certain extent.

Liu Yufei had never understood why the man in black would allow such a useless woman to exist.

However, she could not go against the man in black’s wishes. Even now that she was the CEO, the relationship between them and An Ning still existed.

An Ning had also come tonight. However, she had come with a nouveau riche. As for Ai Wei, An Ning had mentioned it to Liu Yufei many times before. She wanted to be able to tie up Ai Wei, but her reputation was so bad that Ai Wei would definitely look down on her. There were no secrets in the entertainment industry, so Liu Yufei had always known about An Ning’s feelings towards Ai Wei.

Now that she saw Ai Wei here, and it looked like Ai Wei was still walking over like them, her heart was actually beating a little faster.

This man was really too handsome. As expected of a celebrity. Just looking at his every move, it almost melted her heart.

However, everything was fine, but why was he with that woman, Huang Yueyan?

Back then, Huang Yueyan withdrew all her investments from China. Her relationship with the Ouyang family had even reached the point where they were in deep trouble. Now that she thought about it, this woman was the real smart person.

In the past, she was the one who lived the most recklessly. Now, the business empire that she created abroad was even more enviable.

This woman’s intelligence made Liu Yufei both envious and jealous.

Now, she actually had a high-quality man like Ai Wei by her side. Why did God give all the good things to this woman?

“Director Du, I’ve heard a lot about you!”

Huang Yueyan did not care about Liu Yufei at all. She felt that this Du Ze had some ability, but the way he looked at people was a little too bad.

“President Huang, I’ve heard a lot about you. I didn’t expect to see you here. It seems that President Huang is also interested in this King of Gamblers Competition? I heard that the competition has already been doubled. President Huang, did you buy a few to win or lose today?”

“Of course. I think Number 9’s Leng Sen should have the ability to win the championship. What did Director Du choose?”

“Miss Huang, long time no see. This is the big star, Mr. Ai Wei, right?”

Huang Yueyan and Du Ze spoke happily. For some reason, the two of them did not introduce the person next to them. Huang Yueyan did not introduce them because everyone knew that this was the big star, Ai Wei, even if she did not introduce them. Moreover, she also had some intention in her heart, waiting for Liu Yufei to take the bait.

Sure enough, Liu Yufei really took the bait. However, the relationship between Liu Yufei and Du Ze made Huang Yueyan a little puzzled. They looked so close, but why did Du Ze not seem to think much of her? To him, Liu Yufei was like an ordinary female companion.

If it were not for Liu Yufei’s presence, people might not have noticed her.

“You are? I’m sorry, have we met before?”

Huang Yueyan’s words were a slap in the face. She clearly told Liu Yufei, “I’m sorry, I don’t know you. Miss, who are you?”

Liu Yufei was not angry at all after being rebuked by Huang Yueyan. Instead, she directly introduced herself, “Miss Huang, I’m afraid you’ve forgotten that you’re busy. We met a few times in China before this year. It seems that it’s necessary to reintroduce me now. I’m Liu Yufei, the CEO of Dongyou Country.”

“Liu Yufei? Oh — I remember now. Pei Li’s fiancée, right?”

At the mention of Pei Li, a hint of discomfort flashed across Du Ze and Liu Yufei’s faces. However, Liu Yufei’s EQ was very high, and her reaction was very fast. She directly said, “It was indeed so a few years ago, but Pei Li and I have already broken up. I didn’t know that Mr. Ai was actually Miss Huang’s boyfriend. This is really big news.”

Before Huang Yueyan could speak, Ai Wei, who had long disliked Huang Yueyan, added, “I think this lady has misunderstood. I’m not President Huang’s boyfriend.. We’re just ordinary friends.”

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