Chapter 498: Looking For a New Home

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This time, Yan Kuan braked even harder than before. Shen Xiaoxiao’s shoulder was burning from the seatbelt. It was already summer, and she was wearing a thin casual outfit. One could imagine the pain.

“You’re crazy.”

Crazy? This word could really be used to describe Yan Kuan’s current mood.

Initially, he thought that he could persevere until the hotel to deal with this wretched girl. However, at this moment, he felt that she was indeed his nemesis. A few simple words had already pushed him to a critical point.

At this moment, the only two things he wanted to do were to kill… The second thing was to do her. He wanted to ruthlessly do her until she no longer had the strength to open her mouth and say these words that made him want to kill her.

“Hey, hey, this is the car and we’re on the street. Are you crazy?”

Would Yan Kuan respond to Shen Xiaoxiao’s words? Of course not. He had been holding it in for three years. Not to mention women, even a female mosquito had never gotten close to him. This wretched girl had actually framed him for having many, many women. He even had a handful of things that he had saved up for so many years… Today, he would release them properly.

On the street? It seemed like she had not noticed at all. He had already driven to the beach, and there was not a single shadow on the street. His car windows were specially made so that he could do some passionate things with her at any time, so that they could see outside… The people outside could not even dream of seeing inside.

“I’m not crazy, but holding it in. I’ve been holding it in for three years. I’ll tell you the truth. I’ll let you know whether or not I’ve found another woman.”


In the narrow space, the man’s domineering and unstoppable movements were still firmly fastened to her seat belt. She wanted to push him with her hands, but the man seemed to be really angry. He didn’t show any tenderness at all and firmly fixed her hands on the top of her head. He reached in with one hand, and his movements were fast, accurate, and ruthless. She knew that she had really gotten herself into trouble…

“Hey, didn’t you say that Sister Weiwei is coming back today? Why isn’t she here yet?”

Huang Yueyan glanced at the man who couldn’t wait to see Shen Xiaoxiao. She felt slightly uncomfortable in her heart, but she returned to normal in an instant. She said to Ai Wei, “I guess she went somewhere to play with Yan Kuan. The couple hasn’t seen each other for a few years. It’s better to be apart for a long time than to have a new lover, understand?”

Ai Wei glanced at Huang Yueyan. This woman was really direct. She did not know how to be reserved at all.

If he was not sure that the first time she did it was with him, he would really wonder if this woman had undergone some kind of recovery surgery. Wasn’t this too inconsistent on the outside?

She was very open-minded when it came to speaking and doing things. However, she was awkward in bed and still wanted to take the initiative. She was really stupid. Didn’t she know that when men and women were in bed, women could never be the strong ones?

But didn’t they say that she was already married? How could a married woman still be a virgin? This Huang Yueyan was not as simple as he thought, right? Why did she tie herself up by his side so much?

“Sister Weiwei is not that kind of person. Do you think that everyone is like you?”

“So what if they are like me? Didn’t you also bow down to me? Alright, let’s go. Didn’t you say that you have never seen the King of Gamblers Competition? Let’s go and take a look.”

Huang Yueyan was beautiful to begin with, and her temperament was even more outstanding. She had a trace of evil in her, and she did not like to walk the usual path. Therefore, tonight, she wore a golden tight-fitting short skirt, and not only was she dazzling… she also had an aggressive and domineering aura.

Ai Wei was a celebrity to begin with, so there was naturally no need to say anything about his appearance. The appearance of the perfect couple had already attracted everyone’s attention when they entered the venue.

“It seems that you’re quite popular. Look at those women. You have quite a few fans.”

“Of course. Do you think that they don’t take me seriously like you do?”

Huang Yueyan raised her eyebrows and looked at Ai Wei. Why did he think that she didn’t take him seriously? No, right?

“I think that I take you seriously. Could it be that you’re not happy these days?”

Ai Wei felt like he was about to explode. This woman was really shameless. Did she know what she was talking about? How could she say these things so easily?

Ai Wei was really angry. When they were alone together, he admitted that he actually felt that this woman was quite nice occasionally. However, she often acted in such a carefree manner that made him feel very uncomfortable. He was a traditional man, okay? Traditional and this kind of Westernized woman simply could not go together.

Ai Wei’s low pressure was completely not noticed by Huang Yueyan, who was considered a rookie in matters of love between men and women.

It was also because at this moment, her attention was almost completely focused on another corner. She saw a person that she absolutely could not imagine. Liu Yufei.

She knew that it was Shen Xiaoxiao who had caused Pei Li’s accident. She knew that it was a neat trick, and it was very satisfying. She might not have been able to do what Shen Xiaoxiao had done, but she still felt that Shen Xiaoxiao had waited too long. She had waited so long before making her move.

However, the hatred between Liu Yufei and Shen Xiaoxiao was even greater. Pei Li was already in such a miserable state. She really wanted to know what tricks Xiaoxiao would use to deal with this woman, Liu Yufei.

The person beside her should be Du Ze, right? He was really amazing. A man like Du Ze, who had no interest in women at all, could be taken in by her. Was the Suoyin flower really that awesome?

However, how come nothing happened to Du Ze? If he were to get mixed up with a woman with a Suoyin flower tattoo, he would definitely die in less than three months. Although Du Ze looked ridiculously thin, he was in good spirits. What was going on?

Although Ai Wei felt uncomfortable, he had been paying attention to Huang Yueyan. At this moment, when he saw Huang Yueyan staring at the man and woman in the distance, he felt uncomfortable. What was the meaning of this? Eating from the pot and looking at the bowl?

He had said that this foreign woman was open-minded. Sure enough, look. She started looking at other men in front of him. Could it be that she changed people so quickly? That was really great. He could be considered to have gotten rid of the sea of bitterness.

But why did he feel a little uncomfortable? What was going on?

“That man is so thin. Do you like him?”

Huang Yueyan did not expect that Ai Wei would suddenly say such a sentence. She did not react for a long time. Did he think that she liked Du Ze? Hahaha, this was the biggest joke she had heard this year.

“That man is so thin. How could I take a fancy to him? If I want to find someone, I have to find someone with small muscles and good looks. I don’t like ugly men.”

It would have been fine if Huang Yueyan did not explain, but once she explained, Ai Wei was even more unhappy. After all this time, she had taken a fancy to his good looks and some muscles? How shallow was this woman?

“That woman is looking at you. Do you want to go over and say hello?”

Ai Wei was still angry. He did not expect Huang Yueyan to suddenly say this. He followed her instructions and looked over. Indeed, he saw that the woman next to the tall and thin man was looking at him. Was she a fan?

At this moment, Huang Yueyan’s heart was bursting with anger. This Liu Yufei was really something. She really dared to look at the men around her. It seemed that Du Ze was so thin that he definitely could not satisfy her. Was she taking this opportunity to find a new home?

She even had her eyes set on their Ai Wei? Interesting. It was not a wasted trip tonight. She had finally encountered something interesting.

“Let’s go.”