Chapter 497: Shen Xiaoxiao, Are You Playing With Fire?

Las Vegas.

“Are you really not going to the King of Gamblers Competition tonight?”

Yan Kuan looked at the person who was sitting in the study room without getting up and asked.

“I’m not going. The King of Gamblers is basically decided internally. What’s there to see? Moreover, you guys have to hold it once a year. Don’t you find it boring?”

This was the truth of Shen Xiaoxiao. However, when she saw that Yan Kuan was still wearing casual clothes and had not changed at all, she could not help but ask, “Aren’t you the president? You’re the one who gives awards every year. Why aren’t you changing your clothes?”

“Oh, I don’t plan to go this year.”

“Then why are you asking me?”

Yan Kuan smiled and looked at Shen Xiaoxiao and said, “I’ll bring you to a place. You can’t finish all this work. You should rest.”

“Where to? Every time I go out with you, I always encounter bad things. I’d rather stay here.”

“Really? Not this time. Let’s go.”

Shen Xiaoxiao saw that Yan Kuan had already come over to pull her, so she could only stand up helplessly. However, just as the two of them reached the door, Dark 2 knocked on the door.

“Madam, that Miss Liu and Mr. Du have already arrived at the hall.”

“Oh? So soon?”

“I remember that they are on your K-ONE’s blacklist?” Shen Xiaoxiao asked Yan Kuan these words.

Yan Kuan naturally knew that this had happened four years ago, so he said to Shen Xiaoxiao:

“Yes, we’ve already blocked them earlier. Moreover, she followed Du Ze in, so she wasn’t affected.”

“I don’t think we should change clothes. Let’s go to the casino to take a look.”

Yan Kuan smiled and did not refute. As long as she was happy, it was fine. However, it was not bad for her to wear casual clothes and blend in with the commoners.

“Miss Huang is also here. She brought along Ai Wei.”

“Yueyan is also here? Ai Wei is also here?”

This time, Shen Xiaoxiao wanted to go over even more. She was too curious why Ai Wei would agree to fool around with Yueyan. Did Ai Wei know Yueyan’s plan? Yueyan’s search for a surrogate was too good. She actually found Ai Wei.

“This Huang Yueyan is really bold.”

Yan Kuan’s nonchalant words made Shen Xiaoxiao look sideways. Her eyes rolled and she said meaningfully, “If I didn’t have Da Bao and Little Treasure, I might have chosen the same path as her when I reached my age.”

When Yan Kuan heard Shen Xiaoxiao’s words, he furrowed his brows tightly. This little thing really dared to say anything.

“There’s no hope for you in this life. Don’t count on it in your next life. Even if you don’t have children, it’s absolutely impossible for you to have another man besides me.”

Hearing Yan Kuan’s shameless and arrogant words, Shen Xiaoxiao did not care at all and said:

“You’re really arrogant and confident. We haven’t seen each other for three years. How do you know that I don’t have another man? I don’t have the right or obligation to stand in the same spot and wait for you for three years, understand?”


A series of rapid braking sounds could be heard. Fortunately, Shen Xiaoxiao had her seat belt fastened. Otherwise, she would have been thrown directly in front of the windshield.

“Are you being crazy again?”

Yan Kuan looked at Shen Xiaoxiao with an ashen face. What did this wretched girl say? She had another man? When? With whom? That b*stard dared to touch his woman?

“What did you say just now?”

Shen Xiaoxiao did not expect that Yan Kuan would not take it as a joke and react so seriously.

But she had already said it. How could she take it back? Moreover, she wanted to say it just like that. She wanted to anger this man to death. She was right. She could not stand still and wait for him for three years without any change. It was impossible.

Shen Xiaoxiao saw that Yan Kuan was so angry, but she calmed down instead. She looked into his eyes and slowly said, “I said, I won’t stand still and wait for you for three years. I also want to pursue my own pleasure and pursue my own happiness.”

“Not that sentence, the previous one.”

Shen Xiaoxiao was a little puzzled. This Yan Kuan had gone crazy from being provoked? The previous one? What was the previous one? Oh, right, it was that sentence.

“I said, how do you know that I don’t have another man?”

Yan Kuan did not expect this girl to really say it again. His eyes were fixed on her, not moving at all.

Shen Xiaoxiao felt uncomfortable being stared at by Yan Kuan. What was he trying to do? And what did he mean by looking at her like that?

Shen Xiaoxiao felt that time passed very slowly. She looked at the cars beside her driving past them one by one. Yan Kuan still did not react and was still looking at her. Could it be that he had really gone crazy from the stimulation?

How was that possible? This man was so powerful. How could he go crazy from the stimulation of words?

The cold air in the car made the entire car feel strangely cool. After a long, long time, Shen Xiaoxiao felt that it had almost touched the entire car. Only then did Yan Kuan move.

No, not only did he move, he directly possessed her and fastened her seatbelt. He then said as if nothing had happened, “It’s getting late. Let’s go there earlier.”

Ah? It ended just like that? No noise? It didn’t make him go crazy? Or was it too much of a shock?

Shen Xiaoxiao had no idea what Yan Kuan was thinking at this moment. This man was naturally jealous. Why didn’t he react when he heard those words? This wasn’t logical, right? Or did he have something waiting for her? Was that it?

She clearly wanted to anger him and then get into a big fight before she took the opportunity to move out. Wasn’t this a good plan? Why was this man so unreasonable today?

“You’ve had quite a number of women in the past three years. We’re all adults. I understand. Don’t worry, I won’t mind.”

Adding fuel to the fire was definitely adding fuel to the fire. Yan Kuan clenched his toes in places that Shen Xiaoxiao didn’t see much of. The only thing he wanted to do at this moment was to execute this wretched girl on the spot.

Still no reaction?

Shen Xiaoxiao continued to say:

“That’s right, you have mysophobia. Even if you want to find someone, you’ll definitely find that kind of clean woman. You have power and influence. There are a lot of such women. However, I’m more curious. Do you have any illegitimate children or something like that?

“In this regard, I also want to make my stance clear. My babies will definitely not compete for the family assets. I’ve also said before that they have nothing to do with you. The assets under my name are enough for the two siblings to live a good life. So, you can rest assured on this point.”


En? He actually said ‘en’? What did he mean? What did this stinky man Yan Kuan mean? Could it be that he really had an illegitimate child?

D*mn it, and he was acting so affectionate earlier. She had said so much just now, but there was no reaction. Now, when it came to the family assets, there was actually a reaction. What did he mean? What did he mean by this?

Shen Xiaoxiao did not know that because of Yan Kuan’s one word, she was so angry that she threw away all of her rationality.

She was so angry that she decided to go all out and provoke him again:

“Since you agreed, it’s good too. Anyway, the children won’t believe you. It’s also convenient to change to another man’s surname, right?”


The car screeched to a halt again. ‘D*mn it, keep pretending. Keep pretending. I don’t believe you won’t have any reaction.’

“Shen Xiaoxiao, are you trying to stir up trouble?”