Chapter 496: The Troublemakers Are Here

“There are so many children in the Ouyang family, yet they are looking for my children. This is not only related to Ouyang Jinling. I think the most important thing should be related to Ouyang Jinling’s father’s generation. Ouyang Jinling is the adopted daughter of Ouyang Tian. As long as we find out who Ouyang Jinling was adopted by Ouyang Tian from, we will be able to find out the identity of that man.”

“But isn’t Ouyang Ning also Ouyang Jinling’s daughter? Why didn’t he look for her?”

“Although An Ning is Ouyang Jingling’s daughter, An Ning doesn’t have any fertility, so she was naturally excluded. She has no value at all. Otherwise, why would An Ning be so down and out Now?”

“An Ning doesn’t have fertility? What’s going on?”

Yan Kuan’s expression was a little strange. He looked out of the window for a long time before saying, “An Ning used some things that she shouldn’t have. It’s her own fault.”

“What things?”

Shen Xiaoxiao was a little curious. What kind of things could be used to do this?

“Do you really want to know?”

“Nonsense. You’ve drawn my curiosity out. Of course I want to know.”

“Hey, you. I was afraid that if you knew, you’d be so disgusted that you wouldn’t be able to eat.”

This time, it was Shen Xiaoxiao’s turn to be surprised. Was there a need for that? What was that? Was it so lethal?

“Tell me. I still want to know.”

“Nine-Tailed Snake. An Ning used a Nine-Tailed Snake.”

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong with using a Nine-Tailed Snake?”

Yan Kuan looked at her suspiciously. She really didn’t understand?

“What do you think? What can the Nine-Tailed Snake do for a woman with a Suoyin flower tattoo?”

“Ah? So disgusting? Between her and the snake?”


Shen Xiaoxiao suddenly felt that she would vomit whenever she saw a snake in the future. This An Ning wasn’t crazy, right? Why was she so disgusting?

“See, I said it was better not to know.”

“It’s nothing. I just feel that I’ll probably be disgusted whenever I see a snake in the future. But didn’t they say that the mistress of the house always uses that? Why is An Ning unable to have children if she uses it?”

“This is Huo Wanting’s strategy. The mistress of the house can indeed use the Nine-Tailed Snake, but she can only use it after giving birth. Otherwise, she will be unable to give birth. Moreover, she could have lived to the age of 55 before her entire body festers and dies. But now, An Ning will only live to the age of 35 before her entire body festers and dies.”

“The man in black must also know about this. Therefore, it’s better to look for us instead of finding someone who is completely useless and will even drag them down. Moreover, the research data that we obtained previously also showed that the reason why the man in black looked for children… Is also because of a child’s powerful cell regeneration ability. However, this Suoyin Flower Tear has already been delayed for 50 years. I think that the man in black definitely can’t wait any longer.”

“This amount of information is too much. Wait, wait. Your Ouyang family is truly becoming more and more abnormal. No wonder you’re also so abnormal.”

Yan Kuan knew that this fire would definitely burn him in the end, but he didn’t say anything more. If Xiaoxiao wanted to say something, just say it. This was her personality.

The Pei family in the capital.

“Look at what your brother has done. He has lost face overseas. He really doesn’t know shame.”

Pei Tianheng was flustered and exasperated as he threw a tantrum at Pei Meimei, who was standing in the living room. Pei Meimei also did not expect that the people from the Pei family would still know about the news that she had initially kept a secret.

It was definitely the doing of her good aunt, Pei Tianai. Her brother had already hidden abroad, yet she still did not let them off.

The engagement that she had originally planned was canceled because of the Ouyang family’s accident. She thought that she would not stay in the Pei family. She had also wanted to go to M Country with her brother, but Pei Li refused no matter what. Other than sending her 10,000 yuan every month for living expenses, he basically did not care about her anymore.

Now that Pei Li was in trouble, she could forget about 10,000 yuan every month. She wanted to move out, but after she moved out, her marriage would be even more unattended. How could she, who had always been proud and arrogant, tolerate marrying a nobody in the future?

Even if she could be sent to the Pei family for marriage in the future, it would still be good. At the very least, she would still be useful to them. Moreover, Pei Li’s Dongyou Country had a very good development abroad, so no one would have any ill feelings towards her even if she stayed in the Pei family. Although no one talked to her much, it was still good, wasn’t it?

But now, when her big brother was in trouble, her father, who had taken advantage of her, started to make things difficult for her. What did this mean?

“Big Brother must have been framed by someone. He has always kept himself clean.”

“Kept himself clean? If he kept himself clean, would someone cut off that thing? Meimei, it’s not that I’m criticizing you, but you’re just too innocent. This is not good.”

Pei Tianai sat at the side and watched her brother’s performance. It was enough for her to fan the flames at the right time. This Pei Meimei was brainless. In such a situation, she still hoped to be the eldest daughter. Don’t think that she didn’t know she was still hoping that the Pei family would use her to form a marriage alliance. The Pei family wasn’t stupid. Why would they allow a daughter who wasn’t in the same boat as them to form a marriage alliance? Weren’t they just making enemies for themselves?

Idiots. They were indeed the same as her mother. They were all idiots.

“Aunt, don’t speak nonsense.”

“I think your aunt is right, Meimei. I’ve discussed it with your grandfather. Although we aren’t related by blood, your brother has also called us father and grandfather for over 20 years. Now, you will be the representative to go to M Country to see what’s going on. At the same time, you can also take over Dongyou Country. Don’t forget, that is your brother’s property.”

Pei Meimei really didn’t think of this question. Accept Dongyou Country? Her? Was it really possible?

“Dad? You want me to take over Dongyou Country?”

“That’s right. You’re his biological sister, so it’s most suitable for you to go. The plane ticket has already been booked, and your luggage has been packed for you. Go now.”

Pei Meimei still hadn’t thought things through when she left the house. Could she inherit Dongyou Country? Could she really? If she could really do it, she would definitely make those who looked down on her look good.

“Big Brother, isn’t your daughter a little too stupid? How could she be dismissed so easily?”

Pei Tianai looked at Pei Meimei who had already left and smiled, not knowing what to say. She was really not the daughter of the Pei family. How could she be so stupid?

“That’s why she’s not the child of our Pei family. She’s so stupid.”

“Hahaha, Big Brother, it’s good that we’re missing such an eyesore. However, she won’t be able to come back after going to M Country this time. I’ve already received news that Liu Yufei has taken over Dongyou Country. This Meimei is going to go over? Hehe, this is really fun. However, it’s such a pity that Dongyou Country is such a hot commodity.”

Pei Tianai had a look of pity on her face. Pei Tianheng felt the same way. He also felt that it was such a pity.

However, Pei Dongguo, who had been sitting silently by the side, saw the look of pity on the two siblings’ faces and directly said, “You two siblings, remember, we absolutely cannot touch this Dongyou Country. Otherwise, our entire Pei family will have to pay for it.”