Chapter 494: Shen Xiaoxiao’s Resentment

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It was rare for the two of them to really touch on this topic. Yan Kuan really did not react for a long time, but he somewhat understood the change in Shen Xiaoxiao at this moment.

When he first met Shen Xiaoxiao four years ago, she was still a little wolf girl who could not even speak clearly. He taught her bit by bit, taught her to speak, taught her to survive, taught her to kill, but he never taught her how to grow on her own.

At that time, he only felt that his woman only needed to be obedient and sensible, and he would not let her suffer any losses. Everything would be fine as long as he was there.

Whether it was the Shen Enterprise at that time or the later Dongyou Country, Yan Kuan had interfered to varying degrees. Later on, because of the Ouyang family’s matter, the Shen Enterprise had no choice but to go into hiding. This little thing did not have the slightest complaint… Even at that time, he was completely aware of her trust in him.

However, it was because of this trust that he stabbed her in the back the deepest when she needed it the most.

It was needless to say that he had admitted her mistake at that time. He had no reason to explain at all. However, later on, he froze all the bank accounts related to Xiaoxiao and the children. Only then did he force Xiaoxiao and the children into a dead end.

If she had not met Ai Wei, if it were not for those diamonds, he would not have dared to imagine how Xiaoxiao and the children would have survived.

Of course, he did not believe that Xiaoxiao would be wronged by the children. However, it would definitely not be so easy to live a well-to-do life.

Therefore, he could completely understand the changes that Xiaoxiao was going through now. Money could only stay in her pocket, and her career could only be in his hands. This was what truly belonged to her.

Rather than saying that she did not want to rely on him, it was more appropriate to say that she did not dare to rely on him anymore. She was afraid that when she needed him the most, he would once again stab her in the back. She was protecting herself firmly, not allowing any gap or weakness to be exposed. This kind of Xiaoxiao made Yan Kuan blame himself even more, and his heart ached even more inexplicably…

Yan Kuan did not speak, and Shen Xiaoxiao thought that he had listened to her words. For a moment, there was a deep silence between the two of them.

Yan Kuan suddenly realized that Xiaoxiao would not forgive him so easily. Even if she let him touch her and let him stay by her side, there were still some things that were wrong. He did not receive forgiveness for her occasional good mood these days.

In the end, what should he do?

Ask the children for help? Actually, this was the best way, but the current situation definitely did not allow the four of them to stay together in one piece. Otherwise, they would not even know why they were wiped out in one go.

If he could not rely on the children, what else could he rely on to win Xiaoxiao’s forgiveness…

“What? They don’t have time again?”

Liu Yufei’s face couldn’t be described as livid. This was already the third time. Wasn’t this Moxing’s arrogance a little too much?

Originally, after they rejected it last time, she had already denied continuing to seek cooperation with Moxing, but the man in black just didn’t agree. Liu Yufei was furious. This was her first big case as the CEO… In fact, she knew that if she did not succeed, her authority would be greatly threatened. Of course, if she succeeded, she could be considered to have officially regained Dongyou Country.

Therefore, no matter how unwilling she was, she still endured the anger in her heart. However, she was still rejected. What was the meaning of this Moxing?

“Miss Secretary, may I ask where your President Fang has been going recently?”

Liu Yufei was not stupid. After asking this question, she took off the diamond ring that she had just bought on her finger. Fortunately, the diamond was not big, but it cost tens of thousands of yuan. If she gave it to this secretary just like that, this secretary should be able to reveal some information, right?

After the secretary held the diamond ring, her expression did not lose its impatience. Instead, she said to Liu Yufei in a low and mysterious voice, “Miss Liu, I see that you are quite sincere. I am not an unreasonable person. Let me tell you in secret. Don’t say that I said it. Our President Fang went to Las Vegas to participate in the King of Gamblers competition.”

Liu Yufei did not expect this news. However, this time was really the time for the King of Gamblers competition. That President Fang actually liked to play this? It was good that he had hobbies. She was just afraid that he didn’t have any hobbies.

The secretary looked at Liu Yufei who was deep in thought and deliberately said, “Also, I heard that our President Fang will come back after attending the K-ONE’s banquet. Miss Liu doesn’t need to come here recently.”

It seemed that the ring was quite useful. She even found out about this news that he attended K-ONE’s banquet. Wasn’t this the banquet where her Min Hao was recognized by Yan Kuan? Good, that was great.

“Thank you. If you have any news in the future, please tell me. I won’t mistreat you.”

The secretary nodded in understanding. Liu Yufei stepped on her 10-inch high heels and slowly walked out.

As soon as Liu Yufei left, the secretary entered the office.

“She left?”

“She left. I already told her everything. She even gave me this.”

Shen Xiaoxiao did not even look at it before she said to the secretary, “If it’s for you, just keep it. I’ll give you something in the future. Just keep it. You don’t have to report it.”

The secretary was overjoyed. There was such a good thing? This ring was worth a lot of money. The secretary immediately left happily.

Shen Xiaoxiao sat on the chair. She was more and more looking forward to seeing Liu Yufei jumping up and down. If she knew that the boss of this Moxing was her, would her expression be even more interesting?

“Uncle, are these really the gifts that Mommy asked you to send us?”

Little Treasure sat in the lounge and looked at the toys. He liked them so much. Although he had been caught and severely punished by his uncle, he was in a better mood with these gifts.

19 looked at all the imitation toys. He didn’t need to think to know who had sent them, but he wouldn’t help that man.

“Yes, your mother knows that you like this. She specially found it for you.”

“Oh, Mommy is the best. I love Mommy the most. Uncle, I want to call Mommy.”

“Later. Mommy is still sleeping. When the sun rises, Uncle will call for you. Alright, go play by yourself.”

After sending Little Treasure away, Dark 1 looked at 19 and did not say anything. 19 was not afraid of him and shouted, “What are you looking at? I’m not going to tell him which man gave it to him. What’s wrong?”

Dark 1 turned his head and ignored him. 19 felt like it was a fist hitting cotton, making him feel extremely aggrieved. How could this man be so annoying sometimes? So annoying.

“Have you found out? The Ghost Axe is still in their hands?”

“Yes, sir. The Ghost Axe in our hands is confirmed to be fake. The real Ghost Axe should still be in the hands of one of them.”

The man in black waved his hand. The Black Ganoderma and Ghost Axe, that were used as a trade… He did not expect the Ghost Axe to be fake. Moreover, it was almost fake. If he had not failed to activate the mechanism, he would have thought that it was real.

It seemed that the Ghost Axe was not in Shen Xiaoxiao’s hands but in Yan Kuan’s hands. Which one of them had it?