Chapter 493: Women Have To Rely On Themselves

After the meal, he naturally did not succeed. Shen Xiaoxiao was pulled by Yan Kuan into KN Group.

As the CEO of KN Group in China, Shen Xiaoxiao’s name was not unknown.

When Shen Xiaoxiao arrived, she found out that Yan Kuan had deliberately brought her here. She did not know what he was going to do, but after the secretary informed her that the board meeting was about to begin, Shen Xiaoxiao guessed one thing.

“Don’t tell me that you’re planning to put me on the board, or do you want me to join the board?”

Yan Kuan looked at Shen Xiaoxiao, who was as smart as ever. He smiled and said, “I had this intention three years ago, and you’re my legal wife. From the moment we got married, you already had 50% of the shares of KN Group. I didn’t tell you?”

“Ah? 50%?”

This news really surprised Shen Xiaoxiao a lot. She really didn’t know about this matter. Yan Kuan had never told her about it. What did this mean? Giving her candy? Using money to corrupt her?

Moreover, it was KN. Not to mention 50% of the shares, even 5% of the shares could net her hundreds of millions of yuan every year. How big was the global influence of KN Group? Did he know?

However, she did not know what to say at this moment. She only felt that this man was really spasming when he went crazy.

“I have already put the income from these three years into your separate account and your Dongyou Country.”

“Dongyou Country is mine. I accept it. But this KN?”

“KN is also yours. We are husband and wife.”

Shen Xiaoxiao raised her eyebrows. Husband and wife? She remembered that she had already proposed a divorce. Had this man forgotten? If he had forgotten, she did not mind helping him recall his memories.

“I remember that I seemed to have told you that we should get a divorce, right?”

When Yan Kuan heard that word, his face instantly turned ashen. Looking at Shen Xiaoxiao’s heavy body with a gloomy feeling, he said directly, “I don’t want to hear that word again in my lifetime.”

Shen Xiaoxiao had never seen Yan Kuan so low-spirited before. To be more precise, he had never shown it in front of her.

Was this man angry?

What right did he have to be angry?

“Funny, why can’t I mention it? We have no feelings between us.”

Yan Kuan’s eyes stared at Shen Xiaoxiao in a daze. This wretched girl actually dared to say that she had no feelings?

Yan Kuan’s expression changed extremely quickly. Just as Shen Xiaoxiao was feeling surprised, he suddenly retracted his low pressure and strode over. He hugged her and said, “If you have no feelings, we can cultivate you from the beginning. I can do it three years ago, and I can do it three years later. The only difference is that this time, I’m the one serving you.”

“You b*astard…”

Before she could finish, Shen Xiaoxiao’s mouth was once again gagged. She said that he was the one serving her, but wasn’t he the one who had s*x until the end?

Also, did she agree? Did she agree?

Yan Kuan’s mind was already filled with this little woman’s thoughts at this moment. She said that she didn’t love him anymore? Hmph, how could she not love him? If she didn’t love him, she would not let him reminisce about when he had loved her. Anyway, this love was made. The more he did, the more he naturally loved her…

“Laura, the time has passed. Do you want me to inform the President?”

Liu Yumeng was ready to make a move at this moment. She really didn’t expect that the man she saw at the mall the other day was the president of their KN. He was indeed handsome and dashing.

But who was that woman? Who was the President’s person?

Laura knew clearly what Liu Yumeng was thinking. The reason why their secretarial department often changed people was because there were too many such women. They thought that their little thoughts were well hidden, but in fact, they had long been seen through.

“Yumeng, put away your little thoughts. There are naturally benefits for you if you work here honestly. But if you have any big thoughts, this is KN. If you offend the boss and the entire M Country, I’m afraid you won’t have a place to stand. Think about it carefully.”

The words of the old secretary Laura made Liu Yumeng blush. Her words were too direct, but she had just seen it. That woman was petite, and her figure was not as good as hers. Needless to say, her looks were even more beautiful. However, she was not inferior to her in any way.

However, since Laura had kindly reminded her, she would not go to the gunpoint now. The most important thing was that she was not in a hurry. If she wanted to fish for gold turtles, she would definitely not rush it. Her goal was not just to earn a sum of money. Her goal was to become a boss lady, where she would have an endless amount of money to enjoy in her lifetime.

Moreover, so what if this woman was the President’s woman? It was impossible for such an outstanding diamond bachelor not to have one or two women. As for men, it was normal for them to act on occasion. She understood.

However, this woman looked familiar. She seemed to have seen them somewhere before, as well as the president. She felt that she had really seen them somewhere before, but she could not remember where for a moment.

Could it be China? It was very likely. After all, the President was also of Chinese descent. This was a pleasant surprise to her.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to see those people now. Just take the money every year.”

“I said, I don’t want it.”

Shen Xiaoxiao didn’t want to bother with this man, but he pulled her into his arms and didn’t allow her to escape at all. When she saw this man who was absolutely domineering in bed, she really didn’t know what to say.

However, she wouldn’t accept KN. Everything that she, Shen Xiaoxiao wanted, had to depend on herself. Three years ago, she had said that she would never rely on a man again. No matter who this man was, she would only rely on herself. Even if she wanted to create a world, she had to rely on herself.

Admittedly, KN Group was indeed a huge cake filled with temptation. However, these were not as real as the lessons that she had experienced three years ago. Putting all her hopes on a man was simply suicide. The only thing a woman could rely on was herself.

“Not only do I not want KN Group, but I also don’t want Dongyou Country. Based on the market value three years ago, you can cash it in for me. I don’t want a single cent of the profits for these three years.”

Shen Xiaoxiao’s words caught Yan Kuan by surprise. However, he knew that Xiaoxiao was doing this to clarify things with him. It was not just about money. She probably had feelings for him as well. This little thing did not look tired and still had the mood to think about these things.

“It seems that you are not tired and still have the mood to think about these things.”

“We will have to face these topics sooner or later. I, Shen Xiaoxiao, have said before that I will never be one point higher than others, nor will I take advantage of others. Moreover, it is definitely best for me and you to clearly explain these things to each other. As for your property, whether you want to give it to the children or donate it yourself, it has nothing to do with me. What I want, I, Shen Xiaoxiao, will take it back one by one.”

The arm of Yan Kuan’s was a little stiff. This persistent and firm Shen Xiaoxiao was one that Yan Kuan had never seen. She always had many sides to show, and made Yan Kuan feel curiosity and indulgence…