Chapter 491: Shopping

Da Bao and Little Treasure had eaten and drunk their fill. After taking a bath, they slipped into their rooms and fell asleep. They were really too tired. They were both children.

This place was located in a remote area. The entire bay was bought by Shen Xiaoxiao. There were no bad people who would break into this place.

When Dark 1 and 19 arrived here, they saw two naughty children snoring as soon as they opened the door. They heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, both of them smiled helplessly.

The journey was really torturous. These two children’s imaginations were really endless. They did not know whether it was because their genes were too strong or because 19 had trained them well since he was young. From NY to Las Vegas, they disguised themselves, gambled, and even ran to the bay by themselves. The two of them were stunned that nothing had happened. They even fooled the others completely. How did these two children grow up? Why were their brain circuits so powerful?

“Your boss’s seed is really powerful.”

Secretly, Dark 1 glanced at 19 and did not comment on his words. Wasn’t that right? No one would suspect that this wasn’t Boss’ seed.

“Now go and make some food. Put it in the fridge and lunch box. These two children know how to heat it up themselves.”

At this moment, 19 could only accept his fate. He went to the kitchen and looked at the dirty old bottles and clothes on the sofa. The more he looked, the more he found it funny. He took out his phone and took a picture, sending it to Shen Xiaoxiao.

When Shen Xiaoxiao received the message, the expression on her face could be imagined. How could these children be so torturous? But her own children were really smart. They actually knew how to disguise themselves. When she was their age, she still didn’t know anything.

She was a bit of a scoundrel, but she was also relieved. At least she had found the child. She didn’t have to worry about what would happen to the children.

However, she also felt that it was best to send the children back. Moreover, she had already thought of the location. They had been buried in the courtyard house at the front gate, which was close to the capital government and high-ranking officials’ courtyard, not many people had the courage to attack the two children there. When the time came, she would send 19 and Dark 1 back together, which could be considered as creating an opportunity for Dark 1.

Shen Xiaoxiao did not know where Dark 1 needed her to create an opportunity. He had also learned to be smart and pounced on her whenever he saw a chance. Of course, this was a topic for another time.

Now that the children had been found, she also had the heart to do what she wanted to do. Dongyou Country actually let Liu Yufei be the head. It seemed that the man in black really wanted to see two sisters kill each other. However, Liu Yufei had been so wasted all these years. She wondered if this ability was the same as in her previous life?

“Da Bao has been found. I will get Dark 1 to send her back to the country immediately.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Yan Kuan raised his eyebrows and looked at her. This information came from a rather fast source. As expected, this 19 did not have any memories at all.

“19 and Dark 1, I will get them to return to the country together.”

This time, it was Shen Xiaoxiao’s turn to look at him. She said very calmly, “19 is not your person now. He will decide his own direction. However, as an uncle, he will definitely send Da Bao back to the country. He will do this even without your arrangements.”

Shen Xiaoxiao was not treating him as an outsider. Yan Kuan knew that this was a chance for Shen Xiaoxiao to fight for 19’s freedom. As a dark guard of the Dark Empire, he would be a dark guard for the rest of his life. Unless he betrayed or was eliminated, the elimination would at least save his life. However, if he betrayed her, it would be three slashes and six holes. Up until now, no one had been able to survive.

19’s situation was special, but no matter how special it was, it could not hide the fact that he was once a secret guard. Therefore, Shen Xiaoxiao’s words were also a disguised reminder to Yan Kuan that 19 had nothing to do with the Dark Empire. He was her person, and because the child called him uncle… He was also her family.

Yan Kuan knew very well that she had relied on 19’s help to bring up the child all these years. It was because he had been worried about the children these past few days that he knew that bringing up the two twins was easier said than done. Moreover, it was the most troublesome time when the children were the youngest.

Now, when he heard that Xiaoxiao had such plans for 19, he even wished that he could become 19 himself. Moreover, there was also a hint of jealousy because 19 had participated in the most important three years of the children and accompanied Xiaoxiao for the most important three years. And in these three years… He was absent…

“I know. 19 is your brother and also my brother. I won’t make things difficult for him. Moreover, his appearance has changed a lot. No one will recognize him. Regardless of whether he wants to become 19 or Fang Hao, I will respect his opinion.”

“That’s good. I want to go to the company. Don’t you also want to go to the company? Let’s go.”

It was not easy for him to feel that her little heart had warmed up a little. However, due to the disappearance of the children, Shen Xiaoxiao felt that something was not right again. She became a little unfamiliar with him again.

Yan Kuan was really unfamiliar with this point. He did not know what to do.

However, there was one thing that he did not remember clearly. A woman needed to be coaxed. No matter how bad she was to you, no matter how ruthless she was, she had to be coaxed shamelessly. A strong woman was afraid of a man pestering them.

He remembered this point very clearly. He also felt that this was the most correct idea that the Four Hall Masters had come up with over the years.

“I won’t go to the office today. I’ll accompany you to go shopping.”

“Shopping?” Shen Xiaoxiao’s hand that was holding her bag paused. Had this person gone crazy again? Going shopping at this time?

“Are you sick? You’re acting out all the time. Why would you go shopping when you have nothing to do? Three years ago, I didn’t expect you to go shopping with me. Why did you go shopping with me three years later because you feel guilty? Don’t worry about it. Why have you become so flustered?”

Yan Kuan had expected to be ridiculed by Shen Xiaoxiao, but he acted as if he didn’t hear her. He ignored her and didn’t say anything. Instead, he walked over to take the bag in her hand, held her hand, and went downstairs. He didn’t give her any chance to struggle.

NY’s largest luxury shopping mall.

Yan Kuan had thought of buying the entire mall, but the Four Hall Masters told him that if he really did that, Shen Xiaoxiao would immediately turn hostile and leave. How was this shopping? This was clearly showing off his wealth. Was Shen Xiaoxiao short of money? Of course she was not short of money.

Therefore, even though Yan Kuan hated the way people came and went in the mall, he still patiently brought Shen Xiaoxiao to this place.

Shen Xiaoxiao did not say anything along the way. She knew this man too well. If he made up his mind, he would not change it easily. Not only that, if she resisted, he would even be more determined in his own opinion, so she simply did not say anything more. She also wanted to see what this man was up to. He was not tired from day to night.

“I haven’t prepared a gift for the children yet. Come with me to choose something. Let’s see what Da Bao and Little Treasure like.”

Choose for the children? This idea made Shen Xiaoxiao unable to refute. She thought for a moment and said, “Little Treasure doesn’t like toys. He likes real things. Do you understand? As for Da Bao, she is a delicate little princess. She likes everything that little girls like.”

When she talked about the two children, Shen Xiaoxiao’s expression softened. She missed the children. Moreover, when she entered the shop and saw that it was filled with things, she really had the desire to buy things for the two children.

One deliberately catered to them while the other was pleased with herself. The two of them got along with each other with a rare peace. However, all this peace fell into a pair of eyes filled with jealousy…