Chapter 490: Find It

“Little Treasure, do you really know the way?”

“Don’t worry, it’s just ahead. It’s not far. It’s just at the beach ahead.”

The two of them were speaking Chinese, and they were dressed in rags. They really didn’t attract anyone’s attention on the way. There were many children like this in Las Vegas. If you dressed a little better, there might still be people who would take a fancy to you. However, the way they were picking up bottles with plastic bags in their dirty hands made people have no desire to abduct them.

“Why do we have to pick up these bottles?”

Da Bao was a little unhappy. Why did they have to bring these bottles? They were heavy and dirty.

“This is a cover-up, do you understand? You won’t understand even if I tell you. You just have to listen to me. Do you think no one has any designs on us? Even if we have money, no one will know, understand?”

“Oh, I understand. This is what Mommy said about not revealing your wealth, right?”

“Yes, that’s what I mean. Da Bao is really smart. Are you hungry? Bear with it. When we reach the beach, there will be a lot of seafood to eat.”

“But we can’t cook. What are we going to do?”

“Do what? We need to find a place to sleep, a place to rest, a place to shower. When we’re done packing, we’ll be going back to the country. Also, I want to check when there will be a plane. If we go to the airport like this, we’ll be chased out.”

Da Bao didn’t say anything because Little Treasure was right. Little Treasure was very smart. She had never thought that they would be able to earn so much money. She didn’t think that Little Treasure would be so amazing. Those adults didn’t earn as much as he did.

However, Little Treasure said that they couldn’t win too much. If they were targeted by those people, they would be in trouble. That was why they won enough tickets and left.

At the seaside villa, after Little Treasure and Dark 1 left last time, other than the cleaners cleaning up, there were no other changes. Moreover, the cleaners would fill the refrigerator with food every other week, it was to make it more convenient for the owner to come and stay whenever they wanted.

“Look, there’s so much food, but why is it all bread? I don’t want to eat bread sandwiches anymore.”

“Da Bao, be good and eat first. When you’re full, we’ll study how to cook, okay?”

“Okay, but I want to take a shower.”

“Okay, go ahead. Remember to wear my clothes. There’s some in the room.”

“Oh, got it.”

“Du Ze, look at how good things are now. You’re in charge of research and development, and I’m in charge of management. We’re cooperating so well, and no one will snatch me away from you again. Aren’t you happy?”

Liu Yufei lay on the bed and looked at Du Ze, who was smoking, not speaking, and was unhappy. She was racking her brains to comfort him.

Liu Yufei knew that Du Ze used to run Dongyou Country by himself. His methods and boldness were not bad. This time, Pei Li finally lost his position. He wanted to show off his skills, but Liu Yufei suddenly stood up at this time. More importantly, there was a man in black standing behind her. What was wrong with him? Why didn’t the man in black choose him?

“He chose you. I have nothing to say.”

Liu Yufei knew that Du Ze was still angry, but she had no choice. Moreover, the man in black had personally instructed Du Ze. Even if Du Ze was uncomfortable, there was nothing he could do. If he had the ability, he could find the man in black himself.

“Don’t be like this. At least Dongyou Country belongs to the two of us, right?”

Du Ze did not say anything. He wanted to see what ability Liu Yufei, who only knew how to have fun, had to hold on to the position of Dongyou Country. When the man in black asked him to fight, he would be qualified to negotiate.

“I say, it’s really hard to ask you out. You’ve been missing for three years. You’re really a friend.”

Huang Yueyan was full of sarcasm when she saw Shen Xiaoxiao. However, when she saw the lively person, her heart finally settled down.

Shen Xiaoxiao also knew that Huang Yueyan was indeed a good friend. She had not given up on searching for her all these years. Now that she had come looking for her, she knew that she must have been waiting for a long time.

“The children are missing. I’m so busy that I haven’t been able to come down to see you.”

“Missing? Both of them are missing? Is there any news? Yan Kuan hasn’t found his own child yet?”

“Yes, there’s already some news. But how do you know it’s two?”

Huang Yueyan smiled widely. She winked at Shen Xiaoxiao and said, “Someone told me to tell you that I’m borrowing your Ai Wei. I’ll return him to you in a while.”

“Ai Wei? How did you get involved with him? Did you choose him?”

Shen Xiaoxiao was a little surprised. This girl had high standards. She deliberately spread the news of marriage. She had been single all these years and had been looking for a suitable man to sow the seeds. Why did she choose Ai Wei?

“Hehe, what do you think? I’ll choose him. He’s too beautiful. I like beautiful men. You know that.”

“You. Actually, Ai Wei is a pretty good person.”

“Stop it. Let’s not talk about him. You know that I won’t love anyone. Alright, let’s talk about the children. Do you need my help? If you need help, just let me know.”

“Don’t tell me that I really need your help. I remember that you have a distribution department in Las Vegas.”

“Yeah, thanks to your family’s men, I’ve monopolized all the imports in Las Vegas.”

“Keep an eye out for me recently. See if anyone has ordered strawberries.”

“Why? Why should I keep an eye out for this? Isn’t this something ordinary?”

Shen Xiaoxiao pointed her finger and said to Huang Yueyan, “Da Bao likes strawberries the most, but this is an imported fruit. If they want to eat it, they’ll order it online. When it’s distributed, keep an eye out for them.”

“What if they don’t order it?”

“Sigh, I’m desperate.”

“Okay, no problem. I have a friend who works at the airport. If the two children take the plane, I’ll get the news immediately. Do you have a photo? Also, send me the information. As long as they register, we can immediately find them.”

“Alright, here you go.”

“Boss, there’s news. This is a photo.”

Yan Kuan took the photo that Dark 1 handed over. The backs of the two little boys really looked very similar to Da Bao and Little Treasure. These children really knew how to do things, especially Da Bao. Whose idea was this? How did they cut off so much hair?

“Devilish child.”

Thinking of this word, Yan Kuan actually felt that Shen Xiaoxiao’s description was very appropriate. This son of his was really quick-witted.

“Where did they go?”

“Sea Ice Bay. They went to pick up trash along the way.”

“Pick up trash?”

Yan Kuan really did not expect this answer, but Dark 1 continued, “Before that, Little Treasure won 10,000 US dollars at the casino.”

Yan Kuan could not help but want to laugh. This son of his really made people not know whether to laugh or cry. This intelligence, no one would believe it if it was not his son…