Chapter 489: Suoyin Flower, Black Ganoderma, Yin-Yang Fruit

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Ouyang Jinguo’s words stunned Ouyang Le for a long time. Suoyin flower? How could he exchange it? Wasn’t the Suoyin flower a tattoo?

“Dad, isn’t Suoyin flower a tattoo?”

Ouyang Jinguo stood up and walked to the window. He seemed to be immersed in memories and said slowly, “You all know that Suoyin flower is a tattoo, but it always has a reference, and this is the real Suoyin flower.”

The more Ouyang Le listened, the more confused she became. She continued to ask Ouyang Jinguo:

“What does the Suoyin Flower Tear have to do with the Suoyin flower?”

“The real Suoyin flower is not a flower. No, to be precise, it will only form after its life is over, and the Suoyin Flower Tear is the flower dew that the Suoyin flower gathers when it matures.”

“Wait, Dad, what does it mean when its life is over? Is the Suoyin flower an animal? Not a plant?”

“This is something that our Ouyang family has been talking about for a thousand years. No one knows exactly what it looks like. However, the most precious treasure of the Ouyang family, the Suoyin flower, is kept in the forbidden land of the Ouyang family. It is reared by the Nine-Tailed Snake. Every time it interacts with the Nine-Tailed Snake, a drop of the Suoyin Flower Tears will flow out. It is extremely poisonous.”

“As long as it touches the skin, a person will be heavily poisoned and slowly fall into a deep sleep. All the functions of the body will deteriorate and die. There is no cure in the world.”

This news was shocking. Ouyang Le really did not know that the so-called Suoyin Flower Tears was such an existence. It was a little disgusting and felt like a demon.

Previously, the Ouyang family’s mistress had kept that Nine-Tailed Snake as her pet. Why was the Ouyang family such a mess?

“But what about the Suoyin flower?”

“This Suoyin flower will live for a hundred years, and it is strange. It has a period of only fifteen minutes, and in that fifteen minutes, it will turn into a plant-like Suoyin flower. However, after that period of time, it will automatically turn into an animal-like Suoyin flower.”

“In thousands of years, the entire Ouyang family only received one flower. To be precise, only one flower has been passed down.”

“By chance, your grandmother got it and passed it to me.”

“What is the use of this Suoyin flower? Why does the man in black want it?”

“I don’t know the specific function, but it must have a lot to do with removing the Suoyin Flower Tears or a woman with the Suoyin flower. The Suoyin flower, the Black Ganoderma, and a Yin-Yang Fruit from the Shen family’s secret fund. It is said that with these three things, one can live forever and be young forever.”

“Ah? You’re joking, right?”

Ouyang Jinguo thought that it was a joke at first, so he didn’t believe it at all. However, when the man in black actually asked for the Suoyin flower in his hand to exchange for Ouyang Le’s antidote, Ouyang Jinguo somewhat believed it.

“If it’s a joke, I won’t be able to save you.”

This time, Ouyang Le really didn’t say anything. These existences were too evil, right? However, the Ouyang family had been around for a thousand years. Furthermore, she knew that the Ouyang family had raised some mysterious species, so it wasn’t impossible.

“The Suoyin flower, the Black Ganoderma, and the Yin-Yang Fruit? The Shen family’s secret fund? Does Shen Xiaoxiao know about it?”

“The possibility of knowing isn’t high. The existence of the Yin-Yang Fruit is only known to the Shen family and the successive family heads of the Ouyang family. However, because Ouyang Tian didn’t have the right path to become the family head, Ouyang Tian didn’t know about the Yin-Yang Fruit. As for Ouyang Tian, he never had any designs on the Shen family.”

“However, something happened to the Shen family later. This matter definitely has something to do with the Yin-Yang Fruit and the Shen family’s foundation. I even suspect that if the man in black isn’t from the Ouyang family. He must be from the Shen family.”



Ouyang Le knew that she had learned an incredible fact. She also knew that Ouyang Jinguo had no choice but to tell her about it so that she could do something stupid. It was also shocking… the water here was too muddled…

“Lele, I’ve booked the plane tickets. We’re going to F Country. We can’t stay here anymore. Dad told you these things because he wanted you to know our current situation. Whether it’s the man in black and the Shen family or the so-called Black Emperor, there will definitely be a fierce battle. Do you think we, the old and weak pregnant women, can interfere? It’s best if we leave this place. We don’t care if we have Dongyou Country.”

Ouyang Le knew that this was the truth. She rubbed her belly. She really couldn’t interfere now. She had to lie low for a while. Yes, she had to lie low for a while. As for the future, she would talk about it later.

“Okay, Dad, let’s go. I’ll listen to you.”

“Tigress, what are you going to do? Let me out.”

Huang Yueyan put on her clothes and looked at Ai Wei, who was becoming more and more like a little girl. She smiled. It wasn’t like he hadn’t changed. Before, he had called her a devil, but now she had become a tigress. This change wasn’t bad.

“Be good, don’t be noisy. Rest well. You worked hard yesterday. When it’s time, I’ll let you go. You can go to the villa, but you can’t go outside for now.”

“I say, what do you take me for? I still…”

“Still what? Your job? Job? Don’t worry, I’ve already arranged it for you. Even if there’s a penalty or something, no one dares to ask you for it. You still don’t know, right? Those two endorsements of yours are all under my name.”

Ai Wei opened his mouth. What was this woman’s background? The endorsements under his name were all international brands. Was this woman the boss? Or was she the lady boss?

“What are you thinking about? Don’t worry, I’m the boss. You can be the lady boss if you want.”

“Who wants to be the lady boss? But I heard that the boss of this Bo En (one of the endorsements of a brand) is married?”

Huang Yueyan touched the essence, looked at Ai Wei, and said indifferently, “You’re well-informed. Why? Do you mind?”

“What do you mean?”

Ai Wei didn’t understand. What did it mean?

“It means literally. be good and listen to me. I’ll look for you after I’m done. As for your Sister Weiwei, I’ll find time to let you meet her.”

“Hey, hey, hey, tell me clearly. What do you mean? I’m a f*cking male mistress, right?”

Huang Yueyan couldn’t help but laugh when she heard Ai Wei’s exasperated words. This man was so cute when he was angry. Didn’t he say that he didn’t like her? Did he hate her? What was he angry about?

“Are you angry?”

Ai Wei was a little angry from embarrassment. Was he angry? Why was he angry? He had a free woman delivered to his door. Why was he angry? He was not the one who was at a disadvantage.

“How is that possible? I’m not at a disadvantage.”

“Really? It’s good that you’re not at a disadvantage. Don’t worry. I’ve gotten what I want, so I’ll naturally let you go. You just need to stay here obediently. I won’t mistreat you.”

Huang Yueyan’s words made Ai Wei somewhat confused. He didn’t know her at all. What exactly did this tigress want?

Huang Yueyan smiled but didn’t say anything. She turned around, opened the door, and walked out, leaving him alone in the room to throw a tantrum. After walking out of the door, Huang Yueyan touched her stomach. It should be soon. If she did it a few more times, she should be able to succeed. Anyway, she needed to find a man. It would be best if she didn’t get married… The marriage information released to the public was not bad. At least in the future, there would be a lot less trouble….