Reborn the godfather has fallen for me – Chapter 488

Chapter 488: Trade, Naughty Children

The accidental loss of the two children forced Yan Kuan to release a smokescreen to search for Ouyang Jinling all over the world.

When the man in black received the news, they were still somewhat puzzled. However, in an instant, they figured it out. Perhaps in Yan Kuan’s heart, he still thought that Ouyang Jinling was the man in black behind the scenes, or perhaps he wanted to know some inside information through Ouyang Jinling. After all, before they left, the base was wiped out by someone. Of course, none of them were caught. Perhaps it was because of this reason that they were so eager to find Ouyang Jinling.

However, even though he was thinking about it, he still felt that there were some things that he had missed out. Was it really just to find Ouyang Jinling?

Perhaps there was still something that he had forgotten? What had he missed out on?

“Is there any news about Da Bao? Isn’t the Dark Empire omnipotent? How could they not find out? It’s been a few days already?”

Shen Xiaoxiao was extremely anxious. It had been so many days, yet the Dark Empire still had not found any news about the two children. Wasn’t this too abnormal? How could this be possible?

Yan Kuan was also extremely speechless at this moment. Not to mention that he had lost his children right under his nose, the most important thing was that in his own territory, whether it was NY or Las Vegas, they still had not found any trace of the two children, a boy and a girl, two little people who were not even four years old. How could they hide from the eyes of the entire Dark Empire? It was abnormal, too abnormal.

Now, he couldn’t help but wonder if something had happened to the children. However, the smoke grenades he released had obviously bewitched the man in black. Recently, they had been well hidden.

“We can confirm that the children are in Las Vegas.”

Shen Xiaoxiao frowned. Las Vegas? What were the two children doing there?

“Why would they go there? Are you sure they weren’t captured?”

“Yes, the only thing we can be sure of is that the two children definitely didn’t fall into anyone’s hands. I have spies in both the black and white factions. They haven’t received any children recently.”

“And I’ve also spread the news that the Chinese children cannot be accepted for a period of time.”

Shen Xiaoxiao simply closed her eyes and stopped thinking about this matter. The Dark Empire indeed had the ability to make the black and white factions definitely not accept Chinese children for a period of time. However, she was worried about the man in black. That man in black’s identity was too mysterious…. Previously, she thought it was a woman. However, after Ouyang Jinling appeared, she denied this guess. Perhaps the man in black that she saw three years ago was Ouyang Jinling in disguise.

“I hope the child is alright. I want to go to Las Vegas immediately. I want to know immediately if there’s any news about the child.”

There was one more thing that Shen Xiaoxiao did not tell Yan Kuan. 19 had already secretly sent a message. Da Bao was indeed taken away by Little Treasure. Moreover, he had also arrived in Las Vegas. At this moment, she was really worried and curious. Where exactly were the two children hiding?

“Naughty children, really naughty children.”

Yan Kuan looked at Shen Xiaoxiao’s anxious appearance and did not know what to say. The things that parents worried about their children were both novel and curious to him. Of course, he was more worried. This was also the first time he had such a feeling, being worried about his children.

At this moment, he truly felt that the feeling of him and Xiaoxiao worrying about their children actually had a different kind of warmth.

Especially when he heard Xiaoxiao say ‘naughty child’. If it wasn’t because the reality didn’t allow it, he would have laughed out loud.

But now… He still said to the worried Shen Xiaoxiao, “The child is still young. Take your time. But our child is very powerful, to actually be able to sneak out of the Dark Empire. This really surprised me. My, Yan Kuan’s, child is definitely not a coward. I believe that they will definitely be fine.”

Yan Kuan was speaking the truth. He and Shen Xiaoxiao understood each other. Everyone knew that Da Bao and Little Treasure had left together, but both of them were unwilling to expose this paper window.

However, Little Treasure’s ability really impressed his father. This kid was not even four years old, yet he dared to do such a thing with his sister. Last time, he did not experience two children running to Las Vegas. He thought that it was probably a coincidence, especially when he heard Da Bao mention their experiences.

However, this time, he felt that this kid was really brave and resourceful. He carefully looked at all the surveillance footage. When he saw the two black shadows crawling on the ground and occasionally stopping deliberately… At that time, he was extremely shocked. Of course, in the end, he was still the best. There was no such thing as a coward.

“Dad, are you serious? Liu Yufei took over Dongyou Country? Is Pei Li really crazy?”

Ouyang Jinguo looked at his daughter who was lying on the bed and resting. Finally, the curse was lifted and his daughter returned to normal. However, he still took out that thing. He promised his mother that he would never take it out. He didn’t expect that in order to save his daughter… He still failed his mother’s expectations.

“Yes, Liu Yufei is taking over now. Lele, you have to be obedient. The most important thing now is the child in your belly. Don’t think about anything else, understand?”

“Dad, I made Dongyou Country with my own hands. Why should Liu Yufei benefit from it?”

Ouyang Le felt very uncomfortable. Why should Liu Yufei, who only knew how to play with men, benefit from her hard-earned success?

When Ouyang Jinguo saw that Ouyang Le was still obsessed with these things, he said helplessly:

“Lele, with your ability, are you still worried that you won’t be able to make a second Dongyou Country? Also, do you really think that Dongyou Country is that good? Don’t forget the hole that Pei Li has filled all these years.”

Thinking of this question, Ouyang Le was a little hesitant. Yes, the future of Dongyou Country was very good, but the prerequisite was that there wasn’t a hole that needed to be filled.

Ouyang Le didn’t speak for a long time. Finally, she thought of something and asked Ouyang Jinguo, “Dad, did you make a deal with the man in black? Otherwise, how could the * * * * in my body be removed?”

Seeing that his daughter finally asked him this question rationally, Ouyang Jinguo sighed helplessly and said, “I used a relic left by your grandmother to exchange for your freedom. You must not be willful in the future. Although I don’t have many things left for you, the things we brought from the Ouyang family are enough for you to live very well for the rest of your life. Very well.”

Ouyang Jinguo’s helplessness was completely felt by Ouyang Le. However, she was even more curious about what kind of relic her father had used to exchange for her freedom.

“What exactly is it that made the man in black agree?”

Ouyang Jinguo glanced at Ouyang Le and said helplessly, “Suoyin flower, a thousand-year-old Suoyin flower.”

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