Reborn the godfather has fallen for me – Chapter 487

Chapter 487: Play Dumb

Trapped, the only person who knew the two kids inside out was cut off, and the scorching afternoon sun in Las Vegas burned and hurt.

It was impossible for the two kids to get into K-ONE alone, but Little Treasure was used to following people around so they wouldn’t suspect anything.

It was too easy for him to bring Da Bao in.

Moreover, Da Bao listened to him and the two of them slipped into K-ONE smoothly. Even when they met the waiter, they said that the parents had gone inside to play and they were playing in the amusement park.

Little Treasure looked carefully. This place was really big. Not only that, just as Da Bao said, the machines outside were visiting in rows. Those people were very excited.

“Da Bao, be good and play with them here. I’ll go take a look. Remember, you’re not allowed to go anywhere, okay?”

“Don’t worry, I know. Little Treasure, you have to be careful. Don’t let anyone throw you out.”

“I know. Do you know your name? If anyone asks you, just say that your name is Ah Da. My name is Ah Ming. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Da Ming. The name of the puppy. The name of the puppy at home.”

“Yes, be good.”

After Da Bao and Little Treasure separated, Little Treasure walked directly to a machine. There were the most people here. He was small, and the people abroad were all big. So, when he was blocked by these people’s long legs, no one would find him.

These gambling machines were actually very easy to learn. Especially for people like Little Treasure who were interested in these electronic products, he naturally learned very quickly.

Little Treasure walked a few rounds, and every time he missed the waiter, he tried to avoid the camera. When he found that he needed chips to play with these things, Little Treasure took the only money he had and walked to the pile area.

“Kid, why are you here alone?”

Little Treasure was a little embarrassed. His body was dirty. He deliberately did this to give people a feeling that he was down and out.

He had seen a lot of people in the pile area. Little Treasure obediently pointed at them again. The waiter saw the gamblers playing not far away. Naturally, he understood and immediately exchanged the few coins for two chips.

Little Treasure did not know how much there was, but he wanted to play with it. If it was not enough, he still had gold coins.

In fact, Little Treasure did not know that just his one gold coin was enough for them to fly back to China from NY. They did not even need to make a trip to Las Vegas.

Little Treasure pretended to run back to the gamblers. He was quite brave. Of course, this was also related to K-ONE’s rules. No one dared to cause trouble here.

Little Treasure looked around and finally ran to the corner where there were the least people and the camera could not see him. Of course, he was not a genius. He did not hit anything with the first coin, but he would not give up. He played the second coin, this time, he gained something. One turned into two…

Pei Li’s news made a headline. The CEO of Dongyou Country was killed by his enemy. Not only was his genitals cut, but he was also naked and thrown into the world. Now, he had become mentally deranged and was receiving treatment in the hospital.

Shen Xiaoxiao’s face relaxed a little when she saw this news. However, this was not enough. Schizophrenia? A person with Pei Li’s intelligence would definitely not go insane because of this. Was he trying to make her lower her guard?

Since he wanted to pretend to be a lunatic so much, she would let him completely become a lunatic.

With a phone call, Pei Li was sent to the most terrifying mental hospital in the United States. This was the most fun. She had already said that it was not that she was not going to seek revenge, but that it was not the time yet. Since he was so eager to die, she naturally had to fulfill his wish. Of course, it would be too boring to kill him in one go. She had to slowly and slowly sharpen her blunt knife. That would be called venting her anger. That would be called satisfying.

“Why do I feel that you are hiding something from me? has there been any news about Da Bao?”

Shen Xiaoxiao hurriedly asked when she saw Yan Kuan. Why did she feel that this man seemed to be intentionally avoiding her these days?

If he had stuck to her like a piece of candy every day before, would he have changed now? Or would he not be able to persist? He actually knew that she was back, yet he could stay in the study until midnight when she fell asleep? Wasn’t there something wrong with that?

What was the reason for Yan Kuan to be so abnormal? Did you say the Dark Empire? It shouldn’t be. After all these years, he had long taken control of the Dark Empire and would not deviate from his path. Now that she was by his side, what else could cause him to be so abnormal?

Other than the children, she could not think of any other reason.

Could it really be the children?

Yan Kuan knew that this matter could not be kept secret for long, but he still wanted to wait until Shen Xiaoxiao found out about it. However, he did not expect to find out about it so quickly. He rubbed his brows helplessly and told Shen Xiaoxiao:

“Yes, Da Bao is missing.”

“Ah? What? Missing? She’s alone? When did this happen? Why didn’t I know about it?”

Shen Xiaoxiao was completely shocked. Da Bao had disappeared? How was this possible? She could escape from the Dark Empire? What kind of joke was this?

“Dark 1 and 19 have already started searching. The news should be coming soon. Don’t be anxious.”

“Yan Kuan, do you work for a mistress in the Dark Empire? You can’t even keep an eye on a child? Didn’t you know that the perverted man in black is looking for our child everywhere? You actually lost the child? I thought that your Dark Empire was omnipotent, but it’s actually so lame.”

Yan Kuan had long expected Shen Xiaoxiao’s anger. However, under such agitated emotions, Shen Xiaoxiao did not know what she had blurted out.

“How did you know that Da Bao was in the Dark Empire? I didn’t tell you that Da Bao had already been found. How did you know?”

A person who was originally confident and confident was immediately silenced when she heard Yan Kuan suddenly bring up this topic. D*mn it, she had actually forgotten about this. Did this stinky man have to be so serious now?

“You don’t care how I know. Let me tell you, if anything happens to my daughter, I’ll take your life.”

“You don’t have to say it. I’ll give my life to you myself. But, Xiaoxiao, is there something you’re hiding from me?”

“Hiding something from you? Aren’t you that good? What am I hiding from you?”

“Is that so? Although Da Bao is temporarily missing, Little Treasure is still here. Xiaoxiao, the heir’s banquet will be held as scheduled in a month’s time. I’ll get Dark 1 to personally guard it. This time, I guarantee that there won’t be any mistakes.”

“Little Treasure?”

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at Yan Kuan. His expression always made Shen Xiaoxiao feel like he knew everything, but it was impossible. He had already determined that the child he saved was Little Treasure. He shouldn’t be able to discover anything, right?

Moreover, Shen Xiaoxiao had guessed that the two children would return to the country, and Little Treasure would definitely follow them. It was even 100% Little Treasure’s idea. The two children would definitely be together. Did Yan Kuan know that the Dark Empire lost two children or one child?

“There are five or six children who were lost in the same batch of smuggling. There are internal problems. Da Bao has already been found. I will take care of the other matters.”

The answer was just right. Shen Xiaoxiao looked at Yan Kuan in surprise. She was just wondering, and he answered her question? What a coincidence? Was that why Yan Kuan ignored the real Little Treasure? Was it like this? Was it so?

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