Reborn the godfather has fallen for me – Chapter 485

Chapter 485: Plot After Plot, Get Rid of Pei Li

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Dark 1 pressed down on the message and did not tell 19. However, the smart 19 was not someone that Dark 1 could hide from. When he found out, he wanted to kill Dark 1. He ignored him and drove off. Since they were going in four directions… He had already eliminated two of them. There were only two left. One was Las Vegas, and the other was Texas.

He felt that Las Vegas was the most likely place. 19 did not delay and immediately headed to the airport, taking the first flight there.

“You’re awake? Are you feeling unwell?”

“Why am I here?”

Shen Xiaoxiao’s head hurt a little and she was very confused. However, she knew that someone had pointed a gun at her and even gave her a shot.

“What do you think? Don’t worry, everything is fine now. Pei Li has been detained by me. You can do whatever you want with him.”

“Pei Li? What happened?”

Shen Xiaoxiao had a bad feeling in her heart. However, looking at Yan Kuan’s appearance, it did not seem like she had been hurt, so she asked very calmly.

“He tried to get his hands on you, and he took medicine to make you pregnant with his child.”

“What? Where is this b*tch? I will skin him alive. I can’t believe it.”

Did he really think that she was easy to bully? After bullying her in her previous life, he still wanted to come back? Dream on.

Yan Kuan looked at Shen Xiaoxiao’s high-spirited appearance and heaved a sigh of relief. As long as her attention was not on the children, he would be much more relaxed.

“Eat first. We’ll go over after we’re done. You can do whatever you want with us.”

After comforting Shen Xiaoxiao, Yan Kuan frowned as he looked at the information desk. There was still no news of the children. He had to do something to prevent the man in black from being alerted.

“Has it been done?”

“Sir, it has been done. It’s just that Pei Li didn’t take the right angle when he was recording the video. I couldn’t see his face clearly. However, I could still see his general appearance.”

“Didn’t I say to make him pay attention?”

“Pei Li said that time was too short, so…”

“Alright, I got it. Send the video over. Go down. Did that person save her?”

“Yes, we ran away quickly, so when he arrived, he only saw her alone in the room.”

“Hahaha, interesting. Alright, you can leave now.”

The man in black waved his hand and two people brought the person who reported the news away. As for where to go, after doing such a serious thing, of course they had to send him back to the road of hell in advance to avoid being caught by the people of the Dark Empire. That would be worse than death.

The person who was dragged away did not have any other reaction. Knowing that he was about to die, he did not even make a sound. The man in black was pleased with himself. He finally felt that he had vented his anger.

Liu Yumeng felt extremely happy that she had passed the interview smoothly. She knew her ability. After experiencing the changes in her family and overseas, she knew what she wanted in the end. Fortunately, she was enlightened and did not play around. If she was like Liu Yufei… If she was only limited to the country, she would probably be the same as Liu Yufei.

When she thought of Liu Yufei, Liu Yumeng’s expression became a little uncomfortable again. Yesterday, the bartender had sent her a message, and there were different men in the photos. This Liu Yufei was really amazing. She served three strong men at once. What kind of rhythm was this?

However, Liu Yumeng did not care about her matters anymore. She could not care about it, and she did not want to know too much. After working in M Country for a few years, she finally figured it out. If she should not know, then she should not be curious. Otherwise, she would not even know how she died.

Her current position was a high-level white-collar worker. The life she wanted was to truly find a rich husband. Pei Li, this thing, was definitely not rare anymore. Foreign ones were even better.

Liu Yumeng packed her things and walked to the office. She heard that the president would make a monthly inspection of the company today. Perhaps she could meet the legendary person, a diamond bachelor. What a great opportunity. She was very confident with her current appearance and figure.

Shen Xiaoxiao came to the base. When she saw Pei Li in a white suit being locked in a room, she felt so angry that she hadn’t managed to fight back. He even dared to touch her. How bold of him.

“Shen Xiaoxiao?”

“Why are you so surprised to see me?”

“What do you want to do? Let me out.”

“Let you go? Are you dreaming? Haven’t you woken up yet? Hmph, shouldn’t you know the consequences if you dare to have designs on me?”

“What exactly do you want? I didn’t do anything to you.”

“Hmph, take him away and castrate him.”

“You’re crazy, you crazy woman. You’re crazy. How can you do this? You crazy woman, Shen Xiaoxiao, no, no, no, let go, let go. No, Shen Xiaoxiao, I beg you, no, no, no…”

Shen Xiaoxiao acted as if she did not hear Pei Li’s scream. Only now did he realize that he was afraid? It was not over yet. Not being a man was only the first step. The second step was Dongyou Country. Just wait..

This time, she would definitely not wait for any so-called opportunity. It was best to cut through the mess quickly.

“Miss, everything has been taken care of. This person?”

“Strip him naked and send him to the entrance of Dongyou Country. Remember, call the reporters.”

Shen Xiaoxiao’s words stunned the secret guard. She was indeed Boss’ woman. Her viciousness was exactly the same.

“What did you say? My son was adopted by Yan Kuan? No, Yan Kuan thought that my son was his dead son?”

Liu Yufei was so shocked that she almost could not close her mouth. What did this mean? Wasn’t her Min Hao sent by Pei Li to travel for school? How could this be?

But this man in black’s words was absolutely reliable. It was impossible for him to play with her.

What should she do now? What should she do?

“Then what should I do? What does Pei Li mean by this?”

“You? What do you want to do? Be the empress or empress dowager of the Dark Empire?”

“Ah? I, I…”

“Don’t be anxious. You can take your time to consider.”

The man in black slowly tried to seduce her. Liu Yufei bit her lips and did not speak for a long time. How was she going to choose? How was she going to choose?

“I have * * * * * * * inside me. How can I be with Yan Kuan?”

“I know your choice. Wait for my news. Go back and take charge of Dongyou Country now. Something happened to Pei Li.”

Liu Yufei’s heart was still beating rapidly. Was, was this true? Could it really be done?

But something happened to Pei Li? What happened to him?

And to let her take charge of Dongyou Country? What did this mean?

“I’m taking charge of Dongyou Country?”

“Yes. From now on, you are the CEO of Dongyou Country. You are also educated. However, you have forgotten all the things you have learned so quickly. You want to be the mistress of the Dark Empire? If you don’t have the ability, you won’t be able to stand up.”

“This, okay, I understand. I will go back immediately. But Ouyang Le?”

“From now on, Ouyang Le has nothing to do with you. You don’t have to care.”

The man in black hung up the phone. He did not know what Liu Yufei was thinking at the moment, but she could still let Ouyang Le go. Who asked her father to give her such a good thing in exchange? With this thing, what she requested…. It was not impossible.

What do you think?