Chapter 484: Da Bao and Little Treasure’s Way Home

“Little Treasure, I’m hungry.”

“Hey, Da Bao, I’m hungry too. What should we do?”

“Let’s go look for food. Those bad guys might have already left.”

Little Treasure didn’t say anything. After thinking for a while, he said, “Da Bao, aren’t you afraid to go with me?”

“Go? Where are we going?”

“We’re going home. We’re going back to China’s home.”

Da Bao was overjoyed when she heard that they were going home. However, she wasn’t clueless anymore. She said to Little Treasure, “Little Treasure, we don’t have the money to buy a plane ticket. How are we going to go back?”

This was also where Little Treasure had no choice. There was also another problem. It was very difficult for them to walk out of this place. There were cameras everywhere.

“Got it. Da Bao, I have an idea. We’ll definitely be able to go back. However, we have to go to Las Vegas first.”

Da Bao was not interested in these foreign places. She did not know what this so-and-so place was, but looking at Little Treasure, she felt that there must be a way. Little Treasure was so smart.

“But how are we going to go to this so-and-so place?”

“Let me tell you, I have observed it. They send people to Las Vegas in vehicles every day. As long as we get on their vehicle, we can secretly go there.”

“But could it be like last time? Will we get on the wrong vehicle again?”

“No, no, not this time. I’ve heard them talk. My English is very good.”

Da Bao was a little skeptical, but she could not ignore Little Treasure’s words. However, she thought about it and asked, “Then what are we going to do?”

“Gambling. As long as we win, we’ll be rich.”

“Ah, no, no. Little Treasure, you have to be obedient. We can’t gamble. Gambling is not good. Uncle said it before.”

“We don’t gamble. We just want to think of ways to make money. Do you understand? To make money, a gentleman likes to take money in the right way. We don’t steal or rob. That’s the right way. Do you understand?”

“Wow, Little Treasure, you even memorized this sentence? And you know what it means. Little Treasure, you’re really smarter than me.”

“Alright, you pack your things and we will wait until nightfall before getting on the vehicle. Do you understand?”

“Yes, get on the vehicle. But how are we going to get on the vehicle?”

“Uncle said that 4 am is the time when people are most sleepy. We will sneak out at 4 am. Now, go to sleep.”

“What about those cameras?”

“I have an idea. Don’t worry.”

4 AM.

The two kids got out of bed with sleepy eyes. “I’ll go down to look for food first and then turn off the main switch. Then you can take the opportunity to run downstairs, okay? I’ll wait for you at the corner.”

“Yeah, be careful, Little Treasure.”

In the monitoring room, the secret guard was a little sleepy. He glanced at the kid who was running downstairs and smiled. This kid had secretly gone to get food again. He thought that he had hidden it well, but they had seen it clearly long ago.

But now, forget it. He would definitely go back after taking the food. There was no need to worry.

Just like that, the dark guard relaxed and closed his eyes. Suddenly, the entire room turned dark. He was shocked and immediately stood up. He immediately activated the infrared device. There was nothing wrong with the cameras.

He immediately let out a sigh of relief. There should not be any problems in the first ten seconds or so.

He didn’t expect that it would be such a simple oversight that he would be sent back to the base to be re-trained once again. In the future, when he saw the two little ancestors, he would be extremely respectful and scared.

“Little Treasure, Little Treasure.”

“Shh, be quiet. I’m here.”

When Da Bao saw that Little Treasure had indeed quickly slipped down the stairs, her heart immediately relaxed. He pulled her along and slowly moved along the corner of the wall.

This position was the blind spot of the camera. It was best for them to hide here, but they had to run away to the parking lot not far away.

“What do we do now?”

“Da Bao, get down. Quickly get down. We have to climb to the parking lot, okay? Climb over and take this. I found it in the kitchen.”

Da Bao took out two huge black plastic bags. They were much taller than the two of them. He took the lead to dig a hole and went in. Da Bao followed suit and went in as well. The two of them slowly moved along the corner of the wall. They really avoided the sight of all the cameras.

The cameras could indeed shine at 360 degrees without any blind spots. However, if it was completely dark and the two things that were not too long were crawling slowly in the corner of the wall, it would be very difficult for anyone to notice them at this time.

Of course, if it was an adult who was crawling here today, they would have been caught long ago. However, the two children were still some distance away from each other. Their movements were also slow. Almost every time they raised their heads, the two of them would be able to take a break. Therefore, even though it was only a few minutes away, they had to crawl for half an hour to reach it.

The two of them looked extremely disheveled. Little Treasure pulled Da Bao and hurriedly ran to the back of a car. The car in the parking lot was not locked, and it was opened as soon as it was opened.

The two of them got into the vehicle and hid in the box under the backseat cushion. Only then did they let out a sigh of relief.

“Da Bao, don’t worry. This vehicle doesn’t bring people every time. It only puts some things in the back. Take a look at the things that have been put away. They will set off in the morning. As long as we don’t make any noise, we can run away.”

“Okay, I got it. I’ll be careful. Can I sleep, Little Treasure? I’m so tired.”

“Yes, go to sleep. I brought sandwiches. When you’re hungry later, I’ll feed you.”

The two brats ran out just like that under the watchful eyes of the Dark Empire…

“What did you say? Dark 1, where’s your vigilance? You actually let the two children run away?”

Dark 1’s face was ashen at this moment. He had never thought that the two kids would be so bold. If it wasn’t for the fact that no one had come to take his breakfast in the morning, he might not have realized that the kids were already gone.

After retrieving all the surveillance equipment, if one didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t have realized that the two kids would actually use this method to climb out.

However, when they finally climbed to the parking lot, they could not see any traces of them. Today, a total of four vehicles had gone out, going to four different places.

When they found out, it had already been five hours since the vehicles had left. In other words, almost all of the four vehicles had reached their destination at this moment.

Of course, two of the vehicles were going to Las Vegas, and they had already followed the plane to Las Vegas.

However, according to the feedback, there were no traces of the two children. Perhaps, but they had already taken the opportunity to escape again. This time, they had really lost the two children.

“Immediately put a curfew on the search and mobilize all of them. Bring them back unscathed.”

“Yes, your subordinate receives the order.”

Yan Kuan hung up the phone in exasperation. These two devilish children were really troublesome. Who exactly did they take after? Who did they take after? Did they do all these things in the past three years? How did Xiaoxiao survive?

“Little Treasure, are we here?”

“Da Bao, we’re here. Look, Las Vegas!”

“That’s great. We’re one step closer to going home.”