Reborn the godfather has fallen for me – Chapter 483

Chapter 483: Queen’s Attack

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“Boss, Miss Huang has taken away Ai Wei.”

“Huang Yueyan?”


“Don’t worry about it. Just let her.”

If Huang Yueyan was the one who took away Ai Wei, Yan Kuan wouldn’t be too worried. With how loyal Huang Yueyan was, it could be seen that Xiaoxiao’s friendship with her wasn’t in vain, even if she was willing to put aside her huge interests over the years and would never cooperate with KN.

However, he did not know where Xiaoxiao had been all these years, so no matter how hard Huang Yueyan pressed him, it would be useless.

Huang Yueyan did not have the ability to understand him, but she would choose not to provoke him, including the huge benefits in front of her. She would definitely not be moved. Such a friend was definitely worth making.

Now that she had found Ai Wei, it seemed that she had also discovered something. It did not matter. It was good that she knew.

When Ai Wei woke up, he was already in a hotel room. He touched his clothes in a similar manner. Fortunately, he wasn’t r*ped. His clothes were neat, so no one would secretly take any extraordinary photos. Then, he moved his limbs. Hmm… He wasn’t beaten up or anything.

However, who was the woman who kidnapped him? That strict and broad person was staring at him from not far away, yet he didn’t come forward to help? Could she not be provoked?

“Oh, you’re awake? It’s good that you’re awake. Your small eyes still look pleasing to the eye when you open them. Tell me, how do you maintain your skin? It feels smoother than my skin. Look at this small face. Oh my, it’s like a peeled egg.”

“Hey, let go of your hand. I’m not familiar with you. What are you doing? Are you trying to kidnap me?”

Huang Yueyan looked at Ai Wei’s expression and felt that this man was really funny. She had already done her research. He was a celebrity that was quite famous internationally and was considered clean in the entertainment industry. It made sense for such a person to know Xiaoxiao.

“Kidnap you? Did you see me do it?”

Even a kidnapper could speak so confidently? Who was this woman?

“What do you want? Money? Or what?”

“Money? Do you think I’m lacking? But I think it’s not bad to want s*x. What do you think?”

Ai Wei was speechless. He was considered a top superstar in China. Even if a rich woman wanted to have dinner with him, she would never dare to say such words. In fact, no one in all of China had ever said such words to him. Firstly, he did not lack money. Secondly, he was not short of fame, so it was hard for him to be moved by anything.

But now, he was overseas, and a woman had said that she wanted to rob him. For a moment, he did not know how to respond to her.

“How about my assistant? His kung fu is better?”

“Hahaha, interesting. Kid, let’s talk about the r*pe later. Let’s talk about Lin Weiwei first. Do you know Lin Weiwei?”

The question that he had been ignoring earlier was once again put in front of him. This woman really came for Sister Weiwei. She was so arrogant and even brought bodyguards with her. Could she be Sister Weiwei’s enemy?

Sister Weiwei was a member of the society. (Even after a few years, Ai Wei always thought that Shen Xiaoxiao was a member of some hidden society. Especially after he had seen Yan Kuan’s power in M Country, he was even more certain.) There were many people in the society, and of course, there were many enemies.

Moreover, a sultry man like Yan Kuan, who was arrogant, was the most popular among these girls. Perhaps this woman in front of him was the same.

“I don’t know her. Did you hear wrongly?”

Huang Yueyan looked at the person who suddenly came to his senses and smiled. “What about Yan Kuan? You should know this person, right?”

“I don’t know him either.”

“Kid, what are you afraid of?”

“Nothing, I’m not afraid. Is there a misunderstanding? Didn’t you want to r*pe her? Why don’t you r*pe me instead!”

Huang Yueyan looked at him in a different light this time. Even if he was r*ped, he wouldn’t reveal the information about Shen Xiaoxiao and Yan Kuan? Whose friend was this? Yan Kuan’s? It shouldn’t be. How could Yan Kuan have a friend who was so loyal?

It was most likely a friend of that wretched girl, Xiaoxiao. She was really amazing. This friend of hers had been loyal to her from the beginning. She was really blessed.

“Kid, how is Lin Weiwei? Is she in M Country?”

Ai Wei was stunned. Was she a human or a ghost? Was she an enemy or a friend?

“What’s with that look? Do you think I would harm Lin Weiwei? Idiot, if I wanted to harm her, I would use you to threaten her.”

“I think so.”

Huang Yueyan pursed her lips, pulled a chair to the side, and sat opposite Ai Wei. She said, “How’re the children? And is her bodyguard 19 with her?”

Mentioning 19 and the child, Ai Wei was a little puzzled. Was she really not an enemy?

“You’re not an enemy seeking revenge, are you?”

“Seeking your head. Have you been acting in too many TV dramas? Do you always look at everything with prejudice?”

Ai Wei took a hit and looked at Huang Yueyan with some anger. “Are you a woman? How can you be so rude? How can Sister Weiwei have a friend like you?”

Huang Yueyan looked at Ai Wei’s cowardly look and smiled. “I have something even more rude. Do you want to see it?”

Since Huang Yueyan was sure that this person knew Shen Xiaoxiao, she was not in a hurry. Instead, she wanted to tease this man. Not to mention, this look was quite to her liking. Men should not be too strong. She liked this kind of tone. It was a great feeling to play with.

Huang Yueyan stood up and her fingers lit a fire on Ai Wei’s body bit by bit. Ai Wei’s face flushed red. Was this woman a pervert?

“You, you, you, what do you want to do? Let me tell you, quickly let go of me. Your hand, where are you putting your hand? You woman, what do you want to do?”

Huang Yueyan moved her lips close to Ai Wei’s ear and exhaled like an orchid. The hot air pounced on Ai Wei’s ear, causing him to tremble.

“What do you think I want to do? A grown man and a woman, and you’re a big star. What do you think a woman like me should do first?”

“You sl*t… shameless woman.”

“Are you trying to say sl*t? Don’t say it. This knife is so sharp. I don’t want my hands to slip.”

Huang Yueyan really felt that Ai Wei was getting more and more cute. This little appearance really suited her taste more and more.

“How about this? You tell me where Lin Weiwei is, and I’ll consider putting you on the bed? Otherwise, you’ll be very uncomfortable doing things on this chair.”

Ai Wei swallowed his saliva because of these words. This woman was so close to him. Her s*xy red bra was faintly discernible. He could even see it. Her little honey-colored skin and the fragrance on her body were so alluring. He actually felt a little thirsty. D*mn it, was he really seduced?

“Um, you, you, don’t come over. I won’t say anything even if I die.”

“Be good, don’t die. How could I bear to let you die? You’re Lin Weiwei’s friend, right? Lin Weiwei and Yan Kuan are together, right?”

“How do you know?”

As soon as Ai Wei said that, he knew that he had been fooled. How could he still be so stupid?

“Hahaha, I know more. How about we reason a little bit?” Huang Yuanyan said as she reached her fingers down and into his pants….

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