Reborn the godfather has fallen for me – Chapter 479

Chapter 479: No Food To Eat

After eating and drinking their fill, the two little ones finally slept a little more peacefully.

19 looked at the tightly shut door and only went downstairs after hearing that there was no movement. This Little Treasure was still so smart, but he was still too young and could not think of so many things.

“Are you asleep?”


“Didn’t you say that you didn’t care? Why are you still asking?”

19 opened his mouth and choked. Dark 1 glanced at him and turned around to leave without saying a word.

19 looked at Dark 1 in amusement. This man was indeed sultry.

“Aiya, I’m going to rest too. Good night, it’s so late at night.”

Dark 1 had only taken two steps when he stopped. It was obvious that 19 was walking on a different path from him. Moreover, he was going to rest. Did he say where he was going to rest?

“Where are you going to rest?”

“What do you think? Of course, it’s a guest room. Don’t tell me that the Dark Empire doesn’t even have a guest room?”

“Yes, but it’s not for you.”

“If not for me, then who is it for? Also, where am I going to stay?”

“What do you think?”

After Dark 1 finished speaking, he pulled him back. Of course, 19 also followed him.

Early in the morning, after Da Bao and Little Treasure woke up, they obediently went to the bathroom to wash up. There was still chicken congee from last night, and it was still in the thermal tub. It was still a little warm, so the two children did not mind it. They poured it out and ate it one bite at a time.

“What are we eating for lunch? Why don’t we save it for lunch?”

Da Bao knew to prepare for a rainy day, but Da Bao’s words were not without reason. Little Treasure looked at the remaining chicken congee. The two of them were barely able to eat it. If it was left for lunch, it would definitely not be enough.

“Don’t be afraid. When the time comes, I’ll go find some more. You won’t be hungry.”

“I’ll go with you.”

“No need. You still have a mission. You have to think of a way to run to your room to get your phone. Don’t forget that we still have to call Mommy.”

“Yeah, I got it. Alright, we’ll divide the work and work together. But Little Treasure, what should we do after we find Mommy?”

“Find Mommy? Wait for Mommy to come pick us up. If Mommy doesn’t come pick us up, we’ll think of a way to get out.”

“Get out? But Little Treasure, didn’t you say that it’s not safe outside and we won’t go out?”

“It’s not safe outside, but we don’t even have food here.”

Little Treasure was very thorough, but Da Bao didn’t really want to go out because she was afraid of being separated from Little Treasure again. After thinking for a while, she finally said to Little Treasure, “Let’s make a call first. What if we find Mommy?”

“Yes, we’ll split up later.”

After Yan Kuan and Shen Xiaoxiao walked out of the base, no one followed behind them. Shen Xiaoxiao was even more curious. What was going on?

“Ouyang Jinling isn’t the man in black? Someone is using her?”

Yan Kuan looked at Shen Xiaoxiao who finally reacted. He bent down to help her fasten her seatbelt before slowly saying, “At least you’re not stupid. Yes, when Ouyang Jinling first arrived, I also thought that she was the person behind the scenes. But after seeing that old man, I knew that she wasn’t. Ouyang Jinling isn’t the person behind the scenes.”

“It’s really strange. Too strange. If It’s not Ouyang Jinling, then who is it? Why does it have to be our children?”

Yan Kuan frowned. He seemed to have guessed who that person was, especially after meeting Ouyang Jinling this time. He had even more guesses. As long as the old man’s identity was found out, he would be able to completely prove it. However, this result… even he found it hard to accept, let alone Xiaoxiao?

“No matter who it is, you just have to remember to protect our children. Don’t think too much about anything else. I will handle it. After being the passive one for so many years, this time, we have to make a move and have fun.”

Shen Xiaoxiao glanced at him. Since he was so confident this time, she would trust him for once. Moreover, she was not completely unprepared. Even if Yan Kuan failed in the end, she had prepared a backup plan in the past few years. When the time came, she would fight to the death. She would definitely not let anyone gain anything from it.

Fortunately, Da Bao and Little Treasure were sent to the Dark Empire. 19 followed them. She was not worried about the safety of her two children. Meanwhile, her temporarily stalled acquisition plan had to continue. This time, she was somewhat glad that Little Treasure had taken the initiative to find their father. If the children had still followed her, perhaps she would not have been able to protect them. After all, there were two children, and no matter how powerful she was, she could not monitor them all the time.

Thinking of the children, Shen Xiaoxiao could not help but ask Yan Kuan, “Where are Da Bao and Little Treasure?”

“It’s fine. The two children are fine. Don’t worry.”

Although Yan Kuan said that, his wrist had already warned him. When the Dark 1 sent a message, the two children were hiding in a corner of the base. Some little ghosts had appeared, and they had recently been strictly investigating.

When he thought of the two mischievous children, he felt that it was funny. They actually dared to run away on their own without being discovered by the dark guards. If he had not accidentally seen Dark 1, the base might have been thrown into chaos.

However, what surprised Yan Kuan was that Dark 1 did not tell him where the two children were hiding. Was he going to give him a surprise and guess? When did Dark 1 become so strange? Was he joking with him? Was he?

On this end, Shen Xiaoxiao took her bag. Her phone had been turned off long ago. As soon as she opened it, messages came. There were 19 messages, some from Ai Wei, and some from the company. However, Shen Xiaoxiao did not want to go back now. She was also a little tired. It would be better to go back and rest for a while.

However, just as Shen Xiaoxiao was about to turn off the phone again, the phone rang. When she saw the number, Shen Xiaoxiao was completely stunned. Was it Da Bao’s call?

This, this, this..

Shen Xiaoxiao glanced at Yan Kuan. After thinking for a while, she finally picked up the phone. This was because she really could not refuse to pick up her baby’s phone call. She missed her children too much. She really missed her children too much.

“Little Treasure, it’s ringing. It’s ringing. Come over quickly. It’s Mommy’s call.”

Da Bao’s surprised voice on the other end of the phone made Shen Xiaoxiao feel soft from the bottom of her heart. However, because Yan Kuan was sitting next to her, she could not kiss her baby affectionately on the phone.

“Hello, Mommy? Mommy, we miss you so much. When are you coming to pick us up?”

Little thief Shen sneaked a glance at Yan Kuan, coughed, and pretended to say, “Oh, I’m at work. In two days. In two days.”

“Ah? In two days? Mommy, we miss you so much. Let’s go home, okay? Little Treasure and I don’t want to stay here anymore. We have no food to eat. We’re so hungry.”

“Ah? No food to eat? How can that be?”

When Shen Xiaoxiao heard Da Bao say that the two of them actually didn’t have any food to eat, she cried out in surprise. It also happened to attract Yan Kuan’s attention. Sure enough, Yan Kuan turned his head and asked, “Who are you talking to on the phone?”

What do you think?