Chapter 478: Chapter 478

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Even though Shen Xiaoxiao was far away, she could feel the intense killing intent. Her heart was anxious. Why did this person act so foolishly at this moment? If he didn’t leave now, when would he leave? What an idiot. He had run out and thought of a way to kill his way back to save her. Otherwise, they would have used her to threaten him. Wouldn’t this have been a wasted trip?

“I told you to leave. Don’t stay here. Go. Find an opportunity to come back. Leave immediately.”

But would a man like Yan Kuan let his woman fall into danger and run away? Of course not.

Not only that, he would rather use his own life than keep her alive.



After a few screams, the two men with guns beside her also fainted from the screams. Yan Kuan walked directly to the iron gate and pulled hard. There was no response. Just as he was about to use Blue Demon to break the steel bars… A familiar female voice sounded. Not only that, the lights suddenly lit up.

“Ran’er, I don’t mind giving my good daughter-in-law a taste of the Suoyin Flower Tears.”

Ouyang Jinling held a syringe in her hand. Her words had really touched Yan Kuan’s itch. The Suoyin Flower Tears would be terrible to touch, let alone a syringe?

Yan Kuan gnashed his teeth in hatred toward Ouyang Jinling. He tightened his grip on Blue Demon that was held in his hand. He directly shouted at Ouyang Jinling, “Let her go. If she is hit by the Suoyin Flower Tears, I will naturally let you have a taste of it.”

“Do you think I’m afraid? I’m already old, and I’m not younger than you young people.”


“Shameless? Not shameless, little girl. This is called the mantis stalks the cicada, but the oriole follows behind. You guys are very smart, but in the end, you have too little experience.”

Ouyang Jinling had a look of confidence, which made Shen Xiaoxiao and Yan Kuan furious. Yan Kuan looked at Shen Xiaoxiao, and Shen Xiaoxiao also looked at Yan Kuan.

The two did not speak, but they spoke a lot in a similar manner.

“What do you want?”

“Isn’t my purpose very clear? I want to take two children, but if you are unwilling, one of them is also fine. Anyway, you two have two children. Give me one, and each of us will take a step back. How about it?”

Ouyang Jinling’s words made Shen Xiaoxiao even angrier, but she couldn’t open her mouth. Instead, Yan Kuan looked at Ouyang Jinling and asked, “You want my children? You have to let me know whose life you’re using my children to save.”

“You don’t need to know that. You only need to know that the person I’m saving has a very important relationship with you.”

“Hmph, very important? Don’t tell me that it’s my short-lived father.”

After Yan Kuan said this, he could see clearly that no matter how well Ouyang Jinling hid it, her eyes revealed a hint of discomfort, even if it was only for a few seconds.

Yan Kuan’s heart jumped, and he continued to ask, “What? No? Thinking about it, you’re already willing to give that old monster Ouyang Tian An Ning, so how can you still be so affectionate towards a person who’s already dead? I really overestimated you.”

“Impudent! Who taught you to speak like that? Where’s your upbringing?”

“You’re talking to me about upbringing now? Did I hear wrong? What right do you have to talk to me about this?”

“You — Ran’er, it looks like you don’t intend to save your little wife’s life.”

Ouyang Jinling obviously did not explain further. She held the syringe and aimed it at Shen Xiaoxiao again because the space in the iron gate was limited. Moreover, the Suoyin Flower Tears would affect her as soon as it touched the skin. Even though Shen Xiaoxiao was wearing a woolen coat all over, she did not dare to take the risk. However, a person like Shen Xiaoxiao who would rather risk her life to drag the opponent into the fight would definitely not be willing to be threatened like this.

Yan Kuan was distracting Ouyang Jinling while Shen Xiaoxiao took out the blade that she had hidden in her sleeve.

Other than her hands and eyes, Shen Xiaoxiao could be considered to be completely covered. Yan Kuan was still continuing his speech.

“Yes, so I’m having a good talk with you, right? As long as you tell me who you want to save? I might really be able to exchange with you. Don’t you know that Xiaoxiao is my life? How can I be willing to give up my own life?”

Ouyang Jinling revealed a playful smile and looked at Yan Kuan, saying, “The Ouyang family really has a love seed, and it’s a love seed that will do anything. Ran’er, the person I want to save is indeed related to you. You guessed right, it’s indeed your father.”

“My father? Hahaha, are you joking? How can Ouyang Tian leave him alive? If you want to lie to me, you have to find a better reason.”

When Ouyang Jinling heard Yan Kuan mention Ouyang Tian’s name, she could not help but show a disgusted and hateful expression. She said with some resentment, “Alright, do you want your little wife’s life or your child’s life? Choose one yourself. Don’t talk so much nonsense.”

“Well, let me think about it. Actually, what I want the most is your life…”

Ouyang Jinling did not expect Yan Kuan to dare to speak to her like that. Wanting her life? She was his mother.

Ouyang Jinling was about to scold Yan Kuan when she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her right hand. She could not help but scream. When she turned her head to look, her three fingers holding the needle were all cut off.

Blood spurted out.

“I don’t want your life. I want your annoying right hand more. No one can threaten me with this thing.”

After Shen Xiaoxiao finished her story, she took off her mask and used it as a cushion. She picked up the syringe and injected it into Ouyang Jinling’s bleeding arm. Ouyang Jinling’s scream sounded again.

After Shen Xiaoxiao finished the injection, she broke the needle on the ground and threw the syringe into the distance. She would never touch these harmful things.

Ouyang Jinling collapsed on the ground. Yan Kuan took out the Blue Demon and watched as Shen Xiaoxiao found a good position to stand in. He immediately struck out. The Blue Demon was made of special steel, so these ordinary steel bars were no match for it. They were broken directly… Shen Xiaoxiao walked out of the iron gate.

The two stood a few meters away from Ouyang Jinling. Seeing her faint like a stray dog, they only felt that she deserved it and that it was satisfying.

“You brought this upon yourself. You won’t blame me for being ruthless, right?”

Shen Xiaoxiao deliberately said this to Yan Kuan. Yan Kuan smiled, rubbed her hair, and said, “I hope you can be more ruthless. It doesn’t matter to me whether she exists or not.”

“Really? You’re really ruthless.”

Although she said that, Shen Xiaoxiao also did not feel that she was wrong. It was Yan Kuan’s ruthlessness that made her very satisfied.

The two of them walked towards the exit without any scruples. However, Yan Kuan made a gesture towards the camera where Shen Xiaoxiao did not see. He was full of provocation.

On the other end of the camera, the man in black looked at everything in the video angrily. D*mn it, this Yan Kuan was indeed not a good person. He had lost Ouyang Jinling for nothing. Humph, they were not done yet.

Did they think it was over just like that? It was still early. This time, it was not just the children. He wanted their lives too. He wanted them to torture each other before taking back their lives.

“The woman you want will be delivered in two hours.. Remember, you must make her pregnant.