Reborn the godfather has fallen for me – Chapter 475

Chapter 475: Liu Yumeng, Research Room
When Liu Yumeng returned to the rental house, she still did not realize that the person was Liu Yufei. Did she see a ghost in the middle of the night?

A ghost?

Although she left China four years ago, she had heard everything about China from her mother. Especially after Liu Qiangui’s accident, the news that Liu Yumeng heard was almost all related to Liu Yufei’s Liu family.

After Liu Qianmin’s accident, she even thought that her uncle was crazy about money. Admittedly, she liked to take advantage of others and was a little clever, but Liu Yumeng knew that she wouldn’t do anything illegal.

Moreover, her family had relied on Liu Qianmin to develop, so she had a hard time. Therefore, she understood the importance of money better than Liu Yufei. In the past few years abroad, Liu Qiangui had given her a large amount of money. Although it wasn’t much, however, Liu Yumeng did not waste it. Moreover, after Liu Qiangui’s accident, Liu Qianmin had also given the mother and daughter a sum of money as compensation. Therefore, Liu Yumeng’s life abroad was not difficult.

Moreover, she had experienced a metamorphosis and matured relatively early. In the past few years abroad, she also had some opportunities to work. She did not expect to meet Liu Yufei one day while working in a bar.

She clearly remembered that her mother had told her that Liu Qianmin had been sentenced to life imprisonment while Liu Yufei had been sentenced to death. It had been carried out three years ago. At that time, because Gu Yuehua had suddenly disappeared, Liu Yufei’s ashes had been collected and buried by her mother. Her mother had complained to her for a long time about this matter.

However, how could a person who had clearly died suddenly appear in M Country? And she was afraid that she had made a mistake, so she deliberately asked the bartender to help her go over and take a look. There was a black mole on Liu Yufei’s * * *, near her breasts, especially her heart. Last night, Liu Yufei wore a sexy red short skirt with a tube top. The white rabbits almost jumped out, so the bartender pouring wine could see it clearly.

Liu Yumeng was also a capable person. Although she was not sensible when she was young and was a little out of line, she had been working overseas for many years. She was no longer the same person she was back then.

Moreover, she had also undergone some minor adjustments. The corners of her eyes had been opened and the bridge of her nose had been adjusted. In addition to her extremely hot figure, she might not even be able to recognize the current Liu Yumeng even if she stood in front of Liu Yufei.

Liu Yumeng could not understand why Liu Yufei would come back from the dead. The final conclusion she came to was that Liu Yufei must have used some backdoor to save her life. Otherwise, she would not have come overseas. Moreover, according to the bartender… during this period of time, Liu Yufei had been a regular customer.

Not only did she have a good figure, she was petite and thin. She also had an oriental face. The most important thing was that she was particularly open-minded. It was said that she had taken away three strong men the night before last. All of them were black men. Last night, he saw that there were no less than four men around Liu Yufei. She had been surrounded by those men. This Liu Yufei was really an eye-opener.

She did not expect that a person who was so aloof and proud back then would become so s*xy and open after just a few years of not seeing each other?

However, she could not care too much about other people’s matters. Tomorrow, she still had to go to KN for an interview for a secretary position. This was a rare opportunity. If it was not for the help of a mysterious person, she might not have been able to get such a good opportunity. Although she had paid a small price, it was a great deal to be able to get such a good job opportunity at such a price.

Moreover, the relationship between a man and a woman was consensual. She didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with it. If she needed it during normal times… didn’t she have to go out and look for a suitable one?

Therefore, this opportunity was too important to Liu Yumeng. As long as her job was stable, she would be able to take care of Liu Qiangui and her mother, Zhang Dafang, who had already been released from prison.

It was said that the boss of the KN Group was extremely mysterious. Other than the people in the secretary’s office and the higher-ups, no one had seen his face. Up until now, not a single photo had been shown. If such a mysterious diamond bachelor took a fancy to her… she would not have to worry about the rest of her life. As for Liu Yufei, she would not care about her for the time being.

Although there were not many secret tunnels in the bomb shelter, there were quite a number of small traps involved. Although they were not fatal, it was still very easy to get injured if one was not careful.

Shen Xiaoxiao followed behind Yan Kuan. They walked for at least an hour before they slowly realized that the walls around them had become reinforced again. In other words, it was very likely that… they were about to reach this crucial place in the middle.

“It shouldn’t be too far away, right?”

“It should be. Be careful. There must be guards inside.”

Shen Xiaoxiao nodded. The two of them walked forward for another ten minutes before they were blocked by an iron door. Just like the iron door that they had used to escape from the secret room, Yan Kuan placed his ears on it to listen, but there was no sound. Then, the two of them pushed hard together. Dust rose around the iron door, and the door opened..

Yan Kuan was still walking in front. This place was indeed the same as the dark room they stayed in yesterday. It was supported by iron walls all around, and there were some slight sounds coming from above their heads. Yan Kuan squatted down and signaled Shen Xiaoxiao to climb up on his shoulder to listen, or to inquire about the situation above.

Shen Xiaoxiao and Yan Kuan always had a special tacit understanding in these places. She sat on Yan Kuan’s shoulder, and the two of them were at least two meters tall. Yan Kuan was already 185 cm, and Shen Xiaoxiao’s hearing and vision were excellent. She could reach the metal sheet above her head with a single touch.

The voice was a little soft, so it should not be around here. Shen Xiaoxiao thought about it and decided to try to see if she could open it, even if it was just a small crack.

Shen Xiaoxiao was fearless. Moreover, Yan Kuan was supporting her, so she was not afraid.

“Little thing, be careful.”

Shen Xiaoxiao did not say anything. She used her hand to pull down the iron sheet, and sure enough, the iron sheet opened.

However, the scene on the iron sheet was completely different from what Shen Xiaoxiao had thought. There was only a crack on the iron sheet, and the blinding light illuminated the entire dark room clearly.

The crack was a little too small, but Shen Xiaoxiao could still see clearly from the limited area. It was indeed a place like a hospital operating room. As she could only see the side, Shen Xiaoxiao boldly enlarged the gap a little. After waiting for a while, no one noticed it. Then, she simply opened half of the gap and nodded at Yan Kuan. With both hands propped up, she jumped out from Yan Kuan’s shoulder.

She looked left and right. This was no other place, but an infirmary. There was a computer in the room, as well as various medicines. The surroundings were sealed. Shen Xiaoxiao let out a light sigh of relief. Then, she turned her head and said to the person who was already halfway down, she even said to the person who was already a little angry, “Come up. There’s no one in here.”

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