Chapter 473: Temporary Base

Little Treasure was the first to climb to the window, but Da Bao was too scared to go forward when she reached the branch. When Little Treasure arrived at the room, he saw that the room was empty. He had noticed that the lights in the room had not been turned on for the past few days. That was why he chose this position.

Did Little Treasure ever think of running out?

No. Ever since he had lost Da Bao, he knew that he could not do things that were beyond his abilities. However, there were people here who treated him well, but there were also people who wanted to harm him. To the little him… He naturally wanted to find a place to hide so that the bad people would not be able to do anything.

Although this method was stupid, it was not impossible. At least for a four-year-old child, this was the best method.

“Da Bao, be good. Don’t be afraid. Tie it tightly. Brother will hold you back. You have to hurry. The guards are coming. Quickly climb over. Don’t look down. Look at Brother. Be good.”

“I’m the big sister. You’re not the big brother. No.”

“Okay, okay, okay. You’re the big sister, so you have to set a good example for me. Quickly climb over. Climb over.”

At this moment, heavy footsteps came from not far away. Da Bao was even more afraid. Seeing that Da Bao was about to cry, Little Treasure became anxious, he shouted at Da Bao sternly, “Quickly climb over, or else I’ll be sold. Do you want me to be sold?”

These words had an effect. Da Bao really listened to him and immediately started to climb over.


“What happened? Did you fall? Let me see.”

“No, I didn’t fall. Da Bao, you’re amazing. Look, you did it. You did it.”

Da Bao turned to look at the window. The rope had been pulled in. She couldn’t believe that she had climbed up such a high tree.

“But where is this? Little Treasure, my room is on top.”

“I know, your room is above this room, but those people know that we’re not here, so they’ll definitely go to your room to check first. So, we’ll stay here for the time being. I’ve checked this room, and there’s no one in it.”

“No one? This place is so big. Could it be that uncle’s room?”

“I don’t know, let’s look around?”


The two kids did not even turn on the lights and started to look around the pitch-black room. They had inherited Shen Xiaoxiao’s excellent eyesight. They could see everything in the room very clearly. Even though it was already pitch-black here… However, the moonlight outside was still a little hazy. With just a little bit of light, they could see everything outside clearly.

“Little Treasure, look. There are many women’s clothes here. That uncle really lied to me. He’s not our father. Our father would never be with another woman.”

Little Treasure immediately ran over to take a look when he heard Da Bao’s voice. His eyes narrowed. He did not know how much his actions resembled Yan Kuan’s.

“I’ve told you a long time ago. You still don’t believe me. Look, don’t simply believe the words of strangers, understand? Hurry up and look for food. Why isn’t there any food in such a big room? The table is filled with all those jewelry. That woman must be very greedy. Mommy is the best. Mommy’s room has a lot of snacks.”

“Yeah, Little Treasure, I miss Mommy so much. When will Mommy come to pick us up? Let’s not look for Daddy, okay? Daddy doesn’t even come to look for us.”

“Yeah, we won’t look for him anymore. When I grow up, we’ll look for him again. No, when he comes to look for us, we won’t look for him anymore.”

“Yeah, okay. But Little Treasure, I’m hungry…”

“Wait a little longer. There’s water to drink. Da Bao, drink some water. Later, we’ll go downstairs to look for something to eat. There’s nothing to eat here.”


“Where is this place?”

Shen Xiaoxiao saw a bomb shelter in front of them. It was blocked by a big rock, but they could pass through it sideways. There were branches everywhere outside, so it was well-shielded. She didn’t expect Yan Kuan to bring her to this place after walking for an entire morning.

“Bomb shelter. The entire forest isn’t big. That farm is used as a temporary base to extend the entire forest. Let’s go in and get lucky. We can also be considered to have avoided those wolf packs that are tracking us. Those wolves can’t come in here.”

“Bomb shelter? How did you know?”

“This place was once used as a research base for the Dark Empire. I inspected it before, but because it was too small, I gave up on this place. As I said, no matter how powerful Ouyang Jinling is, she’s still abroad. Abroad, there’s nothing that I don’t know.”

Shen Xiaoxiao pursed her lips. He was bragging again. Seriously.

It was noon now, but because of the rain, the light was not strong. Not only that, only some light could be seen.

“Are we going in?”

“Yes, we’re going in. There’s the most complete underground passage here. The base can only be settled in this one place. According to Ouyang Jinling’s care for that person, she will definitely bring that person there wherever she goes. Since that person is going to be in trouble, Ouyang Jinling will not take any risks. She will definitely settle that person properly. In other words, there’s a high possibility that she will temporarily stay here or be the base’s medical center.”

“Your analysis is thorough, but since she asked us to come here, aren’t you afraid that she will wipe the Dark Empire out?”

Yan Kuan laughed mockingly, “Ouyang Jinling is a very conceited person. She has made up her mind that if we don’t agree to the exchange, she will never let us go. Moreover, from the very beginning, she has been letting people slowly lure us here to meet her. She has no plan at all. Do you think she is afraid?

“Of course, if it was in China, perhaps I really wouldn’t be able to do anything to her, and I wouldn’t be able to search the entire country. But here, my territory is under my control.”

“Let’s go. You’re so talkative.”

Yan Kuan looked at this girl with a funny expression. She had asked him, yet she found him to be talking too much.

“Be careful. Ouyang Jinling is a cautious person. It’s impossible that there aren’t any traps here. Walk behind me.”

“Okay, I got it. Let’s go.”

“I’m really pregnant?”

Ouyang Le couldn’t believe her ears. She was really pregnant?

Ouyang Jinguo felt helpless when he saw his daughter like this. He didn’t know why Lele was so loyal to that man. What was so good about that man? In the past, he had played with two women at the same time. Now, he was even better. He played men. If it weren’t for his tight hands and his firm refusal to give her the treasures and antiques in his hands, all of his assets would have been squandered long ago. What would Lele do for the rest of her life?

The Ouyang family had crossed the line.

“Dad, you have to save me. I’ve been hit by * * * *. There’s * * * * in my body…”