Reborn the godfather has fallen for me – Chapter 472

Chapter 472: You Were Brought Up By Me Too

“What’s wrong? Are you tired?”

Yan Kuan looked at Shen Xiaoxiao who had suddenly stopped and walked over to touch her forehead. Could it be that she had caught a cold? They had to hurry on their way now. If she was sick, they would have to hurry out even more. He was a little regretful that he had insisted on staying for a night.

“No, I’m fine. It’s just that my eyelids are twitching non-stop. I don’t know what’s going on.”

“Twitching eyelids? Maybe you didn’t rest well last night. We’ll have a good rest when we get to our place.”

“We’re not going back?”

“There’s no rush. We haven’t received any definite news yet. If we enter the tiger’s den and don’t take something out, we’ll have come for nothing. We didn’t come here to be abused.”

“But I have a bad feeling. Is there any news about Da Bao?”

Shen Xiaoxiao mentioned Da Bao for no reason, causing Yan Kuan’s brows to furrow. Could it be that something had really happened to Da Bao?

However, Da Bao was in the Dark Empire, so nothing would happen to her. If something could happen to his own base, then he wouldn’t be able to survive. However, he still had a plan, so he couldn’t tell Shen Xiaoxiao about his plans. Therefore, he could only say:

“Don’t worry, Da Bao will be fine. My people already have some news. We will get the answer very soon.”

Shen Xiaoxiao glanced at Yan Kuan and then remembered that Da Bao was in the Dark Empire. She would definitely be fine. However, her eyelids kept twitching. What was going on?

“If there’s nothing else, we will continue on our journey. There might be another battle to fight today. This journey will not be safe.”

Shen Xiaoxiao didn’t say anything. She nodded and followed Yan Kuan slowly forward.

Da Bao pinched her nose and squatted in the trash can. She didn’t come out until the afternoon. The smell was very unpleasant, but she was very obedient to Little Treasure. In this aspect, she was the most persistent person. When she was about to fall asleep… There was finally movement in the trash can.

“Da Bao, Da Bao.”

“Little Treasure, I’m here. Why did you come so late? I’m so hungry.”

The sky was completely dark. Normally, the base would set up a series of intersecting street lights. The trash can was hidden, and the night was the brightest. However, when the night alternated… there would always be a gap of a few minutes.

Little Treasure did not know when or where he learned these things, but he waited for the right time to sneak out of the bushes. Da Bao stayed in the garbage can for the whole afternoon, and he also stayed in the bushes for the whole afternoon.

After he snuck Da Bao out, the two of them slowly moved to the big jujube tree behind the villa.

On the other side, Dark 1, who had been watching the two of them from the beginning, did not move at all. He looked at 19 and asked, “Did you teach them?”

19 was also very surprised by Little Treasure and Da Bao’s actions. If they hadn’t noticed that something was wrong in the grass, they wouldn’t have realized that these two brats actually wanted to make a live prison break.

“What do you think? They’re so young. How could I possibly teach them this?”

“Then it looks like they’re born with it. They’re born with this job. The Lord has a successor.”

“Tsk, I don’t care about that. These two devilish children still want to climb trees? I have to go over and catch them.”

When Dark 1 heard 19 say this, he immediately stopped him, “Let them go. I also want to take the opportunity to clean up the trash here.”

“Ah? Then don’t care about them? What do they eat and drink?”

“I don’t care. Look at their own abilities. If they have the ability to feed themselves under the eyes of the secret guards, that is their ability. It is also the secret guards’ incompetence. They did not even notice two children. They are really stupid.”

“Aren’t you being too cruel?”

“Cruel? I taught you this when you were young. You endured it the same way, but you like to cry. I just don’t know if these two kids will cry.”

“What? I cried? How is that possible? How can I cry? What a joke.”

Dark 1 looked at 19 meaningfully. This was the first time he had seen such a prideful look. The affection in his eyes was so strong that he didn’t even try to hide it. 19 couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. Could he not look at him like that? Why did he feel like he had become someone’s food? His gaze was so scary.

“Let’s go. Let’s play along and make a scene.”

“Do you want to inform your boss?”

“What do you think? Are you bullshitting?”

Dark 1’s words made 19 very uncomfortable. He rolled his eyes and discussed with Dark 1, “Why don’t we not tell him? Or do we not tell him that we know where these two kids are?”

Dark 1 looked at 19 with disdain and directly told him what he was thinking. “Are you trying to help your mistress punish the master?”

“Hehe, you can see that? I’m doing this for their own good. Think about it, let him be anxious too. Our mistress has been worrying too much for the sake of her children these past few years. This isn’t the way to take advantage of their father, is it?”

“Besides, you see, I can’t contact the outside world. Isn’t it good to let these two worry about him? Maybe it can even increase their feelings. These two worrying about their children together will naturally bring them closer together, right?”

Although 19’s words were illogical, Dark 1 knew that what he said was not without reason.

Shen Xiaoxiao was an extremely proud person. She would definitely not forgive Boss so easily. Perhaps if they did this, he might really be able to help Boss.

But would he really not tell Boss? He did not want to be a traitor, nor did he want to go against his principles. However, 19 was actually looking at him with that pitiful gaze. He did not know what to say.

“I’m going to patrol. I don’t have the time to fool around with you. I trained the whole afternoon in the afternoon. Aren’t you tired? I’m tired.”

19 was a little speechless. They trained the whole afternoon? When did they train the whole afternoon? Was there something wrong with that? Ah, he had done it on purpose. He had agreed to it and pretended that he had not seen it. Was that what he meant? Was that so? Dark 1 was really too cute.

“Da Bao, do you still remember how to climb the tree?”

“I remember. Uncle secretly brought me to climb it. Mommy doesn’t know, but it’s so high here. I’m so scared.”

“Don’t be scared. It’s just like before, you know? We just need to climb up slowly like before. As long as we climb to that window, we’ll be able to enter.”

Because this location was close to Yan Kuan and Shen Xiaoxiao’s bedroom, and because Shen Xiaoxiao had climbed that tree before, that place had been preserved by Yan Kuan all this time. Meanwhile, the guards nearby had always been strict. However, because a certain person had turned a blind eye, there were some special adjustments. The two of them climbed the tree for a long time without anyone noticing.

Of course, they thought that their calculations were very accurate. The patrolling people had not arrived yet.

“Little Treasure, I’m afraid, I’m afraid.”

“Don’t be afraid. See that rope? I’ll shake it for you later. Sit on the branch and don’t move. then tie it around your waist. I’ll pull you over.

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