Reborn the godfather has fallen for me – Chapter 471

Chapter 471: Looking For An Opportunity

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“Are you sure we don’t have to leave? Are you really not afraid of attracting other wolf packs?”

Shen Xiaoxiao watched as Yan Kuan skillfully chopped off the wolf’s leg, removed the wolf’s skin, and began to roast the meat on a wooden stick. This made her feel a little disgusted.

Other than dogs, Shen Xiaoxiao actually thought that wolves were her favorite animals because waves were the most beloved animals in the world. They only had one partner in their entire life. When she was young, her father had told her that a person should be like a wolf, wild, but they also had to have humanity.

“Don’t worry, the blood and the corpse has already been buried. Moreover, I just released a small smoke bomb. Those wolves will only follow the scent and go in the opposite direction to us. As for the missing one, Ouyang Jinling will definitely think that it was dealt with in another direction.”

“You’re really confident.”

“It’s not confidence, but the real battle is the real beginning. I also want to see what kind of trump card this thousand-year-old demon from the Ouyang family has, and what kind of abilities she has.”

When Yan Kuan said this, his eyes were filled with killing intent. Although Shen Xiaoxiao knew some of Yan Kuan’s background, she did not know the specifics. Now that she heard Yan Kuan say this, she wanted to ask, but she was afraid of hurting him… Therefore, she opened her mouth and simply let out an ‘oh’ before she stopped talking.

Yan Kuan glanced at her and focused on roasting the wolf meat in his hands. It was not that he was unwilling to tell Xiaoxiao, but it was those nightmares that he did not dare to touch for many, many years.

In this world, the first person that Yan Kuan was afraid of was not Ouyang Tian, his foster father, or those people who wanted his life or even harmed him. It was her, Ouyang Jinling.

“Be careful, it’s hot.”

“I don’t want to eat it.”

“Xiaoxiao, I’ve taught you before. To survive in the jungle, the first rule is that you must eat something that you think you can never eat. Whether it’s alive, half-dead, or dead, you must swallow it.”

These words reminded Shen Xiaoxiao of her life in the jungle a few years ago. At that time, Yan Kuan was also a man of few words. However, every one of them was teaching Shen Xiaoxiao how to survive in the jungle. He was a good teacher. However, he liked to make that person pay a terrible price.

She took it helplessly and took a bite. She felt a little sour. She did not know if it was because of her heart or if this meat was originally like this, but she still forced herself to swallow it. This was because they had to wait until daybreak before they could walk out of here. In order to maintain their physical strength… they had to eat something.

The faint raindrops were getting smaller and smaller. However, the jungle that had been raging for the entire night still had a thick layer of moisture in the air. It was stuffy and wet. It made people easily feel a strong sense of unease.

After eating, Shen Xiaoxiao looked at Yan Kuan and said to him, “You go and rest for two hours. I’ll guard this place. We can only set off at daybreak.”

Yan Kuan looked at her and smiled. He said bluntly, “Alright, I’ll rest, but let’s rest together. I don’t have the habit of letting a woman protect me.”

“Together? Here? Aren’t you afraid? What if there’s a wolf?”

“Don’t be afraid. The detector isn’t a knockoff. Its function isn’t just to search for a way out. There are many things that you haven’t discovered yet.”

“Come here, let’s sleep together.”

After Yan Kuan said that, he moved the fire toward the entrance and added two more pieces of firewood. Then, he pulled Shen Xiaoxiao into his arms and fell asleep.

“Little Treasure, are we just going to stay in the house today and not go out?”

“Yeah, don’t go out yet. I’ve checked all these days. There are 20 cameras in this corridor and outside the door. We’ll be seen as soon as we go out.”

“Isn’t it good to have cameras? Didn’t you say that this way, no one can come and take us away?”

“Didn’t you hear what those people said yesterday? They’ve already made arrangements. What if those people have the ability to run in? But if we don’t go out, they’ll definitely suspect us. Da Bao, let’s do this…”

Little Treasure and Da Bao muttered to each other. The two of them brought everything they could carry, including two packs of toy guns. However, they didn’t have any bullets.

According to their daily activity patterns, after lunch, the two of them slowly walked out of the door hand in hand. The small backpack had already been thrown out of the window. It was the only place without a camera. Although there was a protective fence, the children’s backpack was very small. Furthermore, it was the small backpack of Little Treasure and Da Bao.

“Little Treasure, I’m a little nervous.”

“Don’t be afraid. Have you forgotten what Mommy told us about playing hide-and-seek? The most dangerous place is the safest place. As long as we find the most dangerous place, we will be able to hide.”

“Yes, I know. Hey, Brother, look at what they are doing. There are so many children.”

Da Bao quickly diverted her attention. She saw many children who suddenly appeared on the playground.

“They are the children who want to choose the secret guards for the Young Master. Let’s go over too. There are so many people. They might not be able to tell us apart.”

“Okay, okay. Let’s go quickly.”

Little Treasure ran so fast that the hat on his head was blown away by the wind. The child behind them hurriedly picked it up and chased after the two of them. However, at this moment, a pair of hands covered the child’s mouth in the dark, the child once again dropped the hat in his hand on the ground.

“Let’s leave quickly. There are cameras everywhere.”

“Okay, let’s go. Didn’t you say there was a little girl?”

“I don’t want the little girl anymore. I heard that Young Master likes her. This boy’s life is more valuable. Let’s go.”

“Little Treasure, what are you looking at?”

Da Bao looked at Little Treasure who was curiously turning his head to look at the car that was transporting things in the distance. He hurriedly said, “I think I heard a child crying just now.”

“Did you? Why didn’t I hear it?”

“Maybe I heard it wrong. Their activity is about to end, so we took the opportunity to slip away. Do you still remember the bedroom that you stayed in before? Is it the building in front? If you find an opportunity, go there. Remember that fat garden maid coming over? Do you know that you’re going there? Lower your body a little and hide next to the bucket that she’s carrying. The camera will be able to block you.”

“Yeah, I know. Little Treasure, you’ve said it many times. I know, but that fat auntie will find out.”

“No, she’s mute. Even if she finds out, she won’t be able to say anything. Besides, she’ll definitely think that you’re playing with her.”

“Oh, okay. What about you?”

“Me? I have an idea. Don’t worry about it. Remember to do as I say. Remember to hide in the trash can after you get there. Do you see that trash can? There’s no camera anywhere.”

“Little Treasure, you’re so amazing. Did you memorize all the cameras here?”

“I basically remember everything. Alright, go quickly. The fat auntie is coming. I have to get ready too….”

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