Chapter 470: Wolves

Da Bao and Little Treasure stared at the people who were plotting against them through the window. They didn’t know what to feel. They were too young, and they didn’t know how to react except for fear.

Were these people talking about them? Were they trying to sell Little Treasure and keep Da Bao? Was that the case?

Da Bao looked at Little Treasure anxiously. In the past, she would discuss everything with Little Treasure. What were they trying to do now?

Little Treasure looked at his sister’s anxious expression and acted like an adult. He shook his head and said, “They want to sell me, not you. Don’t be afraid.”

“But I want to be with you. No one can separate us. Let’s go find Uncle, okay?”

Da Bao’s suggestion was very touching, but Little Treasure didn’t think so. Since they came here, they hadn’t seen Uncle. They hadn’t even seen Aunt.

“Da Bao, have you seen Uncle? I haven’t seen him. Let’s go back first.”

“Yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen them. But it doesn’t matter. Little Treasure, when the time comes, Sister will take you to find Mommy. We shouldn’t stay here anymore. Anyway, I don’t like this place. It’s not as fun as kindergarten. We can even go and fight next door.”

“Okay, let’s go. Let’s go back first.”

In the dense forest.

Shen Xiaoxiao was awakened by the howling of wolves. She sat up vigilantly. Seeing Yan Kuan staring at the outside of the cave with a deep expression, her heart jumped.

“Why are there howling of wolves? This place shouldn’t be far from the farm.”

“Yes, this howling of wolves is a little strange. It seems to be summoning something, but it also seems to be looking for something.”

Shen Xiaoxiao was a little surprised when she heard Yan Kuan’s words. How did he know what the wolf’s howl meant? Also, how could it be looking for something?

“How is that possible? Wolves are looking for something? What would they be looking for? It’s not a hunting dog.”

“It’s not a hunting dog, but it can be considered an existence that has been trained to be like a hunting dog. Looks like we’ve been discovered.”

“Discovered? It’s 4 am. Didn’t you say that Ouyang Jinling wouldn’t discover it? If she was to discover us, she would be much more alert than you can imagine. Moreover, she was really full of it. Choosing this time is the most tiring time of the day. It looks like they knew we haven’t walked out of this jungle.”

“We should have left overnight. You had to wait until now.”

Shen Xiaoxiao wasn’t complaining, but whenever she thought of Ouyang Jinling, she felt that Ouyang Jinling was particularly frightening. A woman without a plan was simply heaven-defying.

Yan Kuan glanced at her, but he wasn’t angry. Instead, he said, “You guessed wrong. She wasn’t sure if we ran out, so she released the search wolves.”

“What do you think these search wolves are?”

“It’s a sharp weapon that’s sharper than a hunting dog. It should be used by the imperial secret service to train and capture people since the Ming Dynasty. It’s been passed down from generation to generation, and few people in modern society know how to use it. I just didn’t expect Ouyang Jinling to know how to use it.”

“Sigh, it seems that a scourge will be around for a thousand years. This Ouyang Jinling is much more terrifying than Ouyang Tian. We’ve been guessing who the man in black is, but they never showed up. Now, she probably can’t wait any longer, so Ouyang Jinling showed up. But this is also good. We don’t have to be clueless.”

“Yes, if we know who this person is, we will know exactly what she wants. However, I think that apart from saving people, Ouyang Jinling also wants something else. Moreover, it must be related to your Shen family’s life-saving fund.”

When Shen Xiaoxiao heard Yan Kuan mention their Shen family’s life-saving fund, she immediately thought of some things in her hometown.

All these years in China, her control over her hometown had become more direct. It was precisely because of this that some things were slowly changing. Although the change was very small, it could not be stopped for a long time. As time passed, everything would change.

“There was someone who offered a high price to purchase the back mountain of our hometown village. Fortunately, our village had a rule at that time. The mountain passed down from generation to generation, so it was definitely not for sale. Otherwise, the back mountain would have changed owners. Moreover, that buyer was very strange. The price increased year by year. Some of the villagers were even tempted. However, because our Shen family had absolute authority, they didn’t dare to make a decision without us.”

And there’s no way I’m going to sell that back mountain, so it was kind of forced down, but I think the so-called life-saving fund has something to do with that place.”

“Well, I’ve known that for a while now… Look out, the wolves are getting closer.”

Wolf howls came. Shen Xiaoxiao’s heart had some fear. Because wolves were social animals, she did not know whether this Ouyang Jinling’s wolf was a single one or a pack of wolves.

“Should we hide?”

“Hide? It’s too late. Stand behind me, behind the fire.”

After Yan Kuan said that, he took out a broken blade from his pocket. Under the dim light of the fire, he looked even colder. If it was against a person, she wouldn’t be afraid. But against a wild beast without thinking, and it was the fiercest wolf among the wild beasts… She could not ignore it.

“Be careful.”

“Don’t worry, your man is still waiting to pursue you again.”

Yan Kuan’s words stunned Shen Xiaoxiao. Pursue her again? What did he mean? What was this person thinking?

Shen Xiaoxiao did not know that after she fell asleep, Yan Kuan had sat there thinking for a long time. He had listened to every word Shen Xiaoxiao said. It was because he had listened that he was not thinking about how to force Shen Xiaoxiao to accept it, but how to face it together… to experience it all over again.

Since their relationship had developed so abnormally in the beginning, and his motives were not pure, then he would have to start all over again. He already had two children, and he had more chances of winning than anyone else. No, it should not be anyone else… It was because no one could compete with him for Xiaoxiao. In the past, they could not, and even more so in the future.

“Have you eaten wolf meat?”

“What? Wolf meat? No, I’ve eaten wild boar meat before.”

“Alright then. Later, hubby will cook roasted wolf meat for you to eat. It’s coming.”

When Yan Kuan said this, Shen Xiaoxiao saw through his side that the pair of green eyes not far away appeared particularly sinister in the darkness.

Only one?

“Don’t worry, there’s only one now. It might not be so later.”

Shen Xiaoxiao swallowed her saliva and looked at the wolf standing not far from Yan Kuan. Yan Kuan deliberately took a few steps out of the cave, and the flames were getting further and further away from him. In the darkness of the night, Shen Xiaoxiao could clearly see that the wolf was ready to attack. It seemed like it was going to take the food in front of it. The low whimper sounded especially terrifying in the dark night.

The front paws crouched, the rear buttocks raised, and just a chance to breathe, the wolf pounced on Yan Kuan…