Chapter 468: Secret Room

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This secret room was built very strangely. It was different from the secret room that Shen Xiaoxiao had stayed in before. It was all made of steel. Although it was pitch black, the material was obvious. What did Ouyang Jinling mean by this?

“It’s all made of steel. How can it be made of steel?”


“This is a place left behind during World War II. It’s similar to a bomb shelter, but it’s been abandoned for a long time. It’s very suitable to be used as a secret prison. However, such a place usually has another exit. We can look for it.”

“You really know everything? Tell me, what is it that you don’t know? And is it within your expectations to make a trip?”

“It’s not within my expectations, but I do know that this time is about right. The time limit for being hit by Suoyin Flower Tears is 30 years. This year, it’s already almost 30 years. No matter how capable Ouyang Jinling is, she can’t snatch people away from the King of Hell.”

“Are you sure it’s the Suoyin Flower Tears? Isn’t the Suoyin Flower Tears cured with the Black Ganoderma?”


Yan Kuan glanced at Shen Xiaoxiao and said very carefully, “Previously, I used the Black Ganoderma to exchange with the man in black for the fake you. If the Black Ganoderma was useful, Ouyang Jinling wouldn’t have made a move after three years.”

“Moreover, I’ve seen with my own eyes what kind of journey the so-called Suoyin Flower Tears took. Such a disgusting and strange thing is definitely not something that an ordinary Black Ganoderma can cure. I think that perhaps what this antidote really needs… Ouyang Jinling simply can’t do it.”

“In addition, whether this man in black is Ouyang Jinling or someone else, I can’t say for sure. But I feel that no matter who the man in black is, Ouyang Jinling is definitely the big boss behind the scenes. Otherwise, why has she been hiding in the shadows for so many years?”

Shen Xiaoxiao didn’t know what to say. Using the Black Ganoderma to exchange for a fake, Yan Kuan was really stupid.


“Do you have the face to say it? You can even mistake me?”

Once this question was brought up, Shen Xiaoxiao’s tone was indeed not good, and Yan Kuan could not say much. However, why did he mistake her back then? Other than the fake rouge mole on Shen Xiaoxiao’s neck, there was also that round belly and the Obsidian Star on her hand.

“As long as the pregnant women are all me, then why don’t you go and recognize them on the streets? Don’t talk to me about the Obsidian Star. If it did not help me block the Blue Demon, do you think I would have been able to escape from it?”

When this question was brought up, Yan Kuan was at a loss for words. Blue Demon had attacked. If it wasn’t for the Obsidian Star, it would have been very difficult for Xiaoxiao to escape,

“I only wanted to use the second Blue Demon to block it. I forgot what I taught you.”

“Hmph, I don’t want to talk to you. Find a way out.”


Shen Xiaoxiao was actually very against this question. Whenever she thought of the two Blue Demons, she would gnash her teeth in hatred.

Yan Kuan knew that this was not the place to talk. After thinking for a while, he still took out his mini detector. Shen Xiaoxiao looked at the things that he carried with him and felt that this person really knew how to plan. However, he was clearly such a smart person… why did he mistake her for someone else in the first place?

Shen Xiaoxiao had overlooked one thing. No matter if you were smart or stupid, when faced with the situation of your beloved being in trouble, it was very rare for you to have enough reason to face these things.

So perhaps it was fated that these tribulations would happen between them.

Beep, beep, beep–

The sound broke the strange silence between them. Yan Kuan walked over and took a closer look. There was indeed a small crack. Yan Kuan used his hand to push it, but there was no reaction for a long time. Shen Xiaoxiao walked over and the two of them used their strength together. After a long time, the iron door was opened.

Thick dust rose up. Yan Kuan pulled Shen Xiaoxiao back a little. A mini flashlight appeared in Yan Kuan’s hand. The small and bright light emitted a glimmer of hope on the long, dark passage.

“Reduce your breathing. It has been a long time since the wind passed through here.”


“Yes, I know.”

This passage wasn’t long, but because it was built during World War II, it had been abandoned for a long time. There was always a creepy and terrifying feeling inside.

“Ouyang Jinling doesn’t know about this place?”

“M Country is my territory. They might not know what I know, but I definitely know what they don’t know.”

These words sounded like he was bragging, but Shen Xiaoxiao knew that Yan Kuan was telling the truth.

The passage was exceptionally long, and there were some steel walls in front of it. This was also to prevent the houses above from collapsing, but the walls at the back were gradually getting wet. This should not be too far from the forest they had passed by previously.

“We should be getting out soon. Be careful of the slippery ground.”

Not long after Yan Kuan said this, there was no way out in front. The small detector was released again. It was still the same ‘beep beep beep’ sound, and the way out was above their heads.

Yan Kuan pushed with his hand, and another wave of soil appeared. It was just that it had started to rain outside.

“Come, be careful.”

Yan Kuan climbed out first, and Shen Xiaoxiao followed after him. As expected, they had already arrived at a mountain forest.

“How is it? Do you have the feeling of returning to the past? The two of us met in this kind of mountain forest.”

“Yeah, you chased after me relentlessly, making me look like a savage.”


“Fortunately, I didn’t chase after you relentlessly. Otherwise, I would have ended up in the lake for the rest of my life.”

“Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s go out first. It’s not easy to stay in the forest at night, and it’s raining.”

Shen Xiaoxiao deliberately avoided the topic of Yan Kuan again. Yan Kuan knew that Xiaoxiao still did not want to forgive him, but he did not dare to force her. He did not dare at all.

“Are you cold? Put it on.”

“No, it’s not very cold. Moreover, if you are sick, I don’t have the ability to get you out. When that time comes, I can only leave you here. I’m not joking.”

Yan Kuan smiled and still took off his coat and draped it over Shen Xiaoxiao’s body. Shen Xiaoxiao took a look and finally held back her words. ‘Forget it, let’s talk after we leave this place.’

“The rain is a little heavy, and it’s very likely that they haven’t left yet. Let’s find a cave to take shelter from the rain. Someone will come to pick us up tomorrow morning.”

“Why don’t we get someone to pick us up tonight? Are the people of the Dark Empire afraid of fighting with them?”

“Don’t you want to know who they’re going to save? Since they want us to think about it for three days, then we won’t leave now. We don’t need to alert them so quickly.”

“But they will also find out that we are missing tomorrow.”

“No, with Ouyang Jinling’s personality, if she says that if you will be locked up for three days, then it will be three days. Even if you want to eat a mouthful of water and a mouthful of rice, no one will come to check on you.”

Hearing Yan Kuan’s detailed explanation, Shen Xiaoxiao even suspected that this Yan Kuan experienced it personally.

“Don’t think about it. In the past, as long as I made a mistake, this is how I was punished.”

For a moment, Shen Xiaoxiao didn’t know how to comfort him. Ouyang Jinling, this woman, was indeed abnormal. At that time, Yan Kuan was still a child.. Sigh, he was also pitiful.