Reborn the godfather has fallen for me – Chapter 466


Chapter 466: The Exchange

Neither Shen Xiaoxiao nor Yan Kuan had expected that Ouyang Jinling would use these two people to threaten them.

When those subordinates pushed the two wheelchairs in, Shen Xiaoxiao didn’t know how to describe her feelings at this moment.

She could understand Third Uncle inside because she knew that Third Uncle had been taken away by this man in black. The last time the fake man in black appeared, it was Third Uncle in disguise. Therefore, she was even prepared for something to happen to Third Uncle.

However, this man was someone that Shen Xiaoxiao had never thought of. He was Shen Jinhe, her biological father.

If that person was Grandma Lin, perhaps she could understand. However, how was it possible for Shen Jinhe?

Shen Xiaoxiao stood up immediately. She ignored Yan Kuan who wanted to hold her hand and walked towards the two people in the wheelchairs with their eyes closed.

Yan Kuan seemed to have guessed something, but he was not sure. This was because this man in black had a huge research team under him. What if that person was a clone? If they were clones, wouldn’t they be fooled again?

However, this person’s identity was too special for Shen Xiaoxiao. She could not completely ignore him.

His skin was sickly pale. His hair was a little long, and he leaned weakly against the wheelchair. She touched him with her hand. It was a little warm. If not for the fact that his chest was slowly rising and falling, which meant that this person was still alive, Shen Xiaoxiao would think that she was looking at a corpse.

Her hand was trembling. This person, who was blurry in her memory… She had never thought that she would see him like this again in reality.

The photos of the three of them were placed in the ancestral hall of her hometown. She could vaguely match the photo with the person in front of her. She did not dare not to do so, because this was not someone else, but her biological father.

Although her father had only stayed in her mind for a few years, however, the love and pampering he had when he was young were not fake. Although his heart had almost been completely devoted to love Gu Yuehua, as the child of Gu Yuehua’s love, he was still very, very good to her.

Her hand gently touched his hair, as if to feel the real touch. At the moment, Shen Jinhe was still very young, in his twenties and under 30. Shen Xiaoxiao’s hand gently placed on the back of his neck, it seemed like she wanted to wake him up.

But only Shen Xiaoxiao knew what she was doing.

She shook twice, but there was no response. Shen Xiaoxiao walked to Third Uncle’s side with a disappointed look.

She looked and found that Third Uncle’s legs and limbs were intact. Just like Shen Jinhe, his eyes were tightly shut, as if he was asleep.

After checking for a while, Yan Kuan walked to Shen Xiaoxiao’s side and pulled her back to the sofa.

Yan Kuan’s hand gently tapped on Shen Xiaoxiao’s hand. Shen Xiaoxiao knew that this was their password. After so many years, both of them had remembered it in their hearts.

“How is it? Two for two. Isn’t it worth it?”

“Worth it? Ouyang Jinling? Are you crazy? That’s your grandson and granddaughter too.”

Ouyang Jinling looked like she didn’t care at all. She looked at the two and said, “So what? It’s not easy to raise a child. Just treat it as if the child died early and have another one. You’re young anyway. What are you afraid of?”

Shen Xiaoxiao was so angry that her lungs were about to explode. Yan Kuan pulled Shen Xiaoxiao, who was about to fly into a rage, and said to Ouyang Jinling, “Where did you get the confidence to think that we would definitely exchange the lives of our own children for those two people?”

Yan Kuan’s words made Ouyang Jinling raise her brows slightly and said with a faint smile, “Just because you don’t want to exchange doesn’t mean that Xiaoxiao is unwilling to do so. Xiaoxiao is so filial. How can she not even want the lives of her biological father and uncle?”

“Is that so? No one has ever dared to openly try to take my children away from me, Yan Kuan.”

“Xiaoxiao, what do you think? This decision is up to you. Yan Kuan can’t make it for you. I’m clear on this point.”

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at Ouyang Jinling and asked calmly, “Why do you want my child?”

“You don’t need to know that.”

“Funny. Do you really think you’re a big shot? Do you really think I’m a nobody? You’re right. Yan Kuan really can’t make the decision for me. What about you? Who do you think you are that you can use these two people to threaten me?”

“Didn’t you investigate? I, Shen Xiaoxiao, was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Everything I did today was my own hard work. It had nothing to do with my father and Third Uncle. Not only that, everything I suffered in my childhood was because of them. Do you think I’m willing to exchange my own flesh and blood for them?”

When Ouyang Jinling heard Shen Xiaoxiao’s words, she wasn’t angry. Instead, she smiled and clapped her hands. Then, she continued to speak to Shen Xiaoxiao and Yan Kuan:

“What if we add in this person?”

This time, Yan Kuan could not sit still. He stood up from the sofa and looked at the person who was slowly pushed in. He suddenly wondered what had changed this Ouyang Jinling that she could have so many chips in her hands… Moreover, every chip hit their soft spot. Before, it was Xiaoxiao. This time, it was him.

There were very few people that he cared about in his life. Other than Xiaoxiao and his children, there was only one other person, and that was his deceased father.

However, Yan Kuan was considered to be a posthumous child and did not know what his father looked like. The person in the wheelchair now was at least 90% similar to Yan Kuan. Yan Kuan was extremely surprised when he saw this. What exactly did this crazy woman mean by this?

“How about this? This should be enough for two kids, right?”

Shen Xiaoxiao also saw Yan Kuan’s reaction. The man who looked very similar to Yan Kuan had more exquisite facial features and was more gentle. He was not as sharp as Yan Kuan who had a strong murderous aura.

This time, the three of them lined up neatly. Shen Xiaoxiao knew that Ouyang Jinling had gambled a lot.

“Ran’er, you really look like your father. Every time I see your face, I feel ashamed.”


This time, Shen Xiaoxiao’s words were out of everyone’s expectations. Perhaps even Ouyang Jinling did not expect it. Shen Xiaoxiao was not surprised. She did not wait for her to speak and attacked her.

However, what was even more unexpected was that just when everyone thought that Shen Xiaoxiao’s fist was about to land on Ouyang Jinling, Shen Xiaoxiao suddenly stopped and struck the man in black behind Ouyang Jinling.

The man in black had originally wanted to defend against Shen Xiaoxiao’s attack on Ouyang Jinling, but he just happened to fall into Shen Xiaoxiao’s trap. Her finger brushed past his mask, and just as the fist landed on the man in black’s face… The mask slid down from the top of his head. This time, his face was exposed in front of everyone…