Chapter 463: Party

Shen Xiaoxiao’s best friend meeting lasted from lunch until 5 pm. During this time, Shen Xiaoxiao and Ai Wei discussed some work matters, but later on, Ai Wei became more and more enthusiastic and decided not to talk about business at all. They completely started talking about his topics.

“I say, Miss, how long do you want me to maintain this kind of excited action? Although I’m lively, cute, and agile, but I’m not a robot that can maintain this appearance all the time. My cheeks are about to turn stiff from smiling.”

“Shut up and smile for me. Smile, a charming smile. Aren’t you an actor? Just treat yourself as if you’re a male pig’s foot and I’m a female pig’s foot. Be more affectionate, understand?”

“Great Aunt, I’m afraid that if I were to be more affectionate, that strong man will charge in. He has been staring at me for five hours. From sitting in the car to getting off the car to standing at the intersection, I suspect that it won’t take more than half an hour. He will definitely move further in front of us.”

Yan Kuan, this lunatic, had really wasted his time waiting for her for five hours. Shen Xiaoxiao did not feel any heartache. It was only five hours. Compared to three years, it was too short.

“Wait a little longer. 19 is about to come to the rescue.”

Ai Wei put on that affectionate look and smiled until his face was about to cramp up. There was no such thing when filming television. People could always pause for a while for you to rest and relax, but Shen Xiaoxiao was torturing him continuously. Of course… Although he did have that little bit of interest in Shen Xiaoxiao, 19 said that was the real deal. If it was anyone else, Ai Wei would definitely not be afraid, but he was the boss of K-ONE.

Ai Wei did not think that he was good enough to get out of her corner, especially if she had two children.

Of course, it was okay to give his love rival some trouble occasionally. After all, even if he wanted Xiaoxiao to forgive him, Ai Wei did not want things to go too smoothly. Moreover, he felt pity for the heart that he had secretly loved for a few years. Fortunately, Xiaoxiao had rejected him completely from the beginning. If it were not for the fact that this man had not appeared for the past few years, he would have felt that he had a chance. Perhaps he would not have been able to hold on for long. However, he really liked Shen Xiaoxiao. Although he did not love her deeply, he felt that she was very good. Very good.

“When I just came back from Las Vegas, I still felt that it was so hot that I hated it. I need to wear a coat here. I run around all day long. Come, come, give me a drink of water.”

19 started to complain as soon as he entered the door. Moreover, he really came in a hurry. Someone who had nothing better to do just now had parked the car in the middle of the road for more than five hours, causing a huge traffic jam. It was unknown what the traffic police in M Country ate. They actually did not do anything at all. No one came to tow the car. In the end, it was that great big shot who parked the car so arrogantly that he blocked a few exits.

19 naturally did not know that the great big shot he mentioned was Yan Kuan.

The moment 19 sat down, he saw the two of them looking at him strangely. What was going on? Was there something wrong with his face?

“Why are you looking at me?”

“19, you just drank from my cup.”

“I know. What’s wrong with drinking? We’ve been eating in the same bowl for so many years.”

19 didn’t think that there was anything wrong with this. Wasn’t it usually like this?

However, Shen Xiaoxiao really wanted to remind him that today was really different from usual. There was a stingy man watching outside today. She was afraid that 19 would be punished when he went back.

That wasn’t right either. 19 was no longer a member of the Dark Empire. He shouldn’t be punished. She was really too careful.

“Ah, 19, what’s that on your neck? Which macho man did this to you? Let me take a look.”

Shen Xiaoxiao also saw the hickey and immediately thought of Dark 1. However, seeing 19’s rare red face, she decided not to guess.

19 was also very depressed. He had only hit a bump. How did this thing appear on his neck after he got off the plane? How did that b*stard do it? He actually didn’t feel anything.

The few of them were laughing and playing inside. Yan Kuan had long seen 19 drinking from Shen Xiao’s small cup the moment he entered the room. He was so familiar with it. It seemed like he had been drinking from it quite a lot in the past few years.

After making a call, Yan Kuan said directly into the phone, “Your 19 is out fishing for a handsome man. I’ve sent the photo to you. Take a look for yourself.”

Yan Kuan sent the photo from different angles to Dark 1. Dark 1, this frosty freezer, would definitely come back. He should be able to calculate the time. How many minutes would it take for him to arrive? 10 minutes? 20 minutes?

He heard that they were stuck in a traffic jam, so he would guess 20 minutes. Hmph, he promised not to disturb them, but Dark 1 did not agree.

Sure enough, after 10 minutes, Dark 1 walked over with a frosty expression. He glanced at Yan Kuan but did not say anything. However, the disdain in his eyes was too obvious. Yan Kuan could not ignore it even if he wanted to.

However, he would not say anything to Dark 1. He would only show up after Dark 1 had gotten rid of 19 and that little b*stard. He was a very trustworthy husband.

Shen Xiaoxiao was the first to see Dark 1. After not seeing him for a few years, Dark 1 was still as cold as ice, strong and sturdy.


Shen Xiaoxiao frowned. Why did he call her madam? Didn’t he call her miss? This address was really not pleasing to the ear.

“1, why are you here?”

Dark 1 glanced at 19 and then glanced at Ai Wei, whose claws were still on 19’s neck. That gaze frightened Ai Wei so much that he could not wait to withdraw his hand on the spot.


Dark 1 was a man of action. He did not say much. What he wanted to do was to swear his sovereignty, walk over, put his arm around 19’s head, and kiss him on the lips.

Whether it was Shen Xiaoxiao or Ai Wei, many people in the restaurant were stunned when they saw this scene. Men together were very common overseas, but this was the first time they had seen someone swear their sovereignty like this.

Yan Kuan, who was standing outside, clenched his fists. It seemed that he should learn from Dark 1. Look at how obedient 19 was. When Dark 1 told him to leave, he followed.

Yan Kuan did not know that 19 was so embarrassed that he didn’t care to resist. He had been kissed by a man in public. The key was that it was a man that he had fallen in love with. Moreover, the most important thing was that he could not bear to stop the kiss. It was very embarrassing.

“Ai Wei, your manager, Ala, was in a car accident. Don’t you know?”

Ai Wei was stunned. How did this man know about Ala? The most important thing was that Ala was in a car accident?

He immediately took out his phone. Sure enough, there were many missed calls from Ala. Ai Wei immediately called him. After understanding the situation, he said goodbye to Shen Xiaoxiao and ran away.

The party was ruined because of Dark 1’s arrival. Shen Xiaoxiao looked angrily at the culprit who had walked into the restaurant. Don’t think that she did not know that Dark 1 must have been called by Yan Kuan. What kind of heart did this man have?

“Why don’t I have a French kiss too?”

“Get lost.”