Reborn the godfather has fallen for me – Chapter 462

Chapter 462: Each With Their Own Thoughts

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Why did Shen Xiaoxiao choose to personally visit Yan Kuan at this time? It was because she had also heard the news that Yan Kuan’s son had been found.

Not only that, Yan Kuan was even going to hold a party to introduce his successor to the outside world.


Little Treasure had been sent to the base, and then he announced it to the whole world. What did Yan Kuan mean by this? Was he using Little Treasure as a target?

However, Shen Xiaoxiao wasn’t really that impulsive, because the more she thought about it on the way, the more she felt that something was wrong. Yan Kuan had clearly thought that the child he saved was his son, which meant… Was this idiot Yan Kuan really going to use that fake to impersonate his own child?

Was it really as she had guessed?

If that was really the case, why would she stop him? Wasn’t that great? Weren’t Little Treasure and Da Bao both safe like this?


They had already reached the company building. Shen Xiaoxiao stopped in her tracks and turned around to leave.

When Yan Kuan arrived, he saw Shen Xiaoxiao walking back. He was a little curious. This person suddenly ran over but did not come up. What was she trying to do?

Yan Kuan strode forward. He was definitely faster than Shen Xiaoxiao in her high heels. He pulled her back and asked directly, “Where are you going?”

Shen Xiaoxiao knew that it was Yan Kuan the moment she was pulled back. She really wanted to pat her stubborn brain. She had not thought this through. When she heard that there was a problem, she thought that it was Little Treasure who had been pushed out. She was too impulsive.


“Why do you care where I go?”

“Aren’t you here to have lunch with me? Let’s go, it’s already noon.”

“Hey, hey, you must have made a mistake. I’m here to do something. I just finished doing something and I’m leaving. Oh right, forget about having lunch. I have an appointment with someone. It’s a man.”

Shen Xiaoxiao deliberately emphasized her tone on the man. She just liked to see Yan Kuan’s sullen look. No matter how she looked at it, it felt good.


This d*mn girl. Yan Kuan actually had no idea what to do. Now that she really had him by the balls, he just had to fall for this trick.


Who asked her to be his life?

“I’ll go with you.”

“Are you alright? What are you going to do? Let out the cold air?”

“I’ll be the driver, alright? There’s something else I want to tell you.”

Yan Kuan did not wait for Shen Xiaoxiao’s decision. He pulled her by the arm and walked into the car. Shen Xiaoxiao’s anger never stopped, but she felt that the thing that Yan Kuan wanted to tell her was definitely related to that fake Little Treasure. For a moment, she was curious and conflicted.

“Tell me, what is it?”

“Next month, I’m going to recognize ‘Little Treasure’ and hold a grand ball.”

When Shen Xiaoxiao heard the name Little Treasure, she almost thought that it was her Little Treasure. She stared straight ahead, determined not to meet Yan Kuan’s gaze so that he would not notice anything.


“Whatever. Is the child alright?”

“I was wondering why you didn’t ask. It’s fine. He’s been sent to the hospital. It’s best to bring the child to my side to take care of him, don’t you think so?”

Yan Kuan was implying something, but Shen Xiaoxiao did not doubt him at all. However, Shen Xiaoxiao also heard what he said. She said to Yan Kuan calmly and tactfully, “You’re right. It’s best for your child to be taken to your side, so don’t let your child stay in the hospital. Isn’t there a medical base over at the villa? If you send him there directly, I can take care of the child nearby. What do you think? Your child will be in pain.”

As a qualified mother, she had to tell Yan Kuan that she was willing to take care of her child and put on an act. Who wouldn’t?

Yan Kuan knew that Shen Xiaoxiao would say that, and that it was fine to send him there. At least for now, the child was still very useful. Nothing could happen to him before the ball.

“Of course it should be like that. After all, he’s our flesh and blood. But Little Treasure looks a little like you, especially his eyes.”

Indeed, when Yan Kuan saw Little Treasure earlier, he felt that Little Treasure and Da Bao’s eyes were very similar to Shen Xiaoxiao’s, but Little Treasure looked more like him.

“Is that so? Maybe. Stop the car in front. You go. I won’t go back in the afternoon. Oh right, I’ll go back by myself at night. You can remove your secret guards. Where is Little Treasure? I won’t run away.”

Yan Kuan frowned. Not going back? And they were going to have dinner? Who was it that was so important to meet?

“Who are you meeting?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“You — fine. You can dismiss your secret guards, but I’ll wait for you outside. These are troubled times. It’s best to be careful. Don’t look at me. If you look at me again, I’ll go in with you.”

After Yan Kuan finished speaking, Shen Xiaoxiao slammed the door angrily and got out of the car. If he was willing to wait, then so be it. With Ai Wei’s dilly-dallying attitude, he definitely wouldn’t stop until the night was over. Hmph!


“Da Bao, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought you out to look for Daddy.”

“Little Treasure, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left you alone. I caused you to be caught by the bad guys. Are your injuries better? Daddy said you were injured.”


“Yeah. Little Treasure, could it be that you didn’t see Daddy?”

Little Treasure was a little surprised. Could it be that Da Bao had seen Daddy?

“No, where is Daddy? He was here just now. Little Treasure, Daddy looks like you.”

“You said that long legs was daddy?”

“Yeah, Daddy is so good. He tells me stories every day. It would be great if Mommy was here too.”

“Da Bao, are you mistaken? That’s not Daddy.”

Little Treasure still remembered that woman saying that the Young Master missed his father. That was definitely not his daddy. How could his daddy have another child? There was definitely no other child.

“That’s not it. Daddy said that he’s our daddy.”

“It’s true. I heard everything just now. He has a child. Everyone calls him Young Master. He’s not our daddy. Did you forget? Uncle said that Daddy only has two children and no other children. If he has a son, he’s definitely not our daddy.”

“Ah? How could this be?”

“Da Bao, when you saw Mommy, did Mommy tell you?”

“No, Mommy only said that I should wait here obediently. She didn’t say who Daddy was. But Daddy was so strange. He didn’t let me tell Mommy that I was here, and he also didn’t let me tell Mommy that I acknowledged him.”

Da Bao was very curious about this. This made Da Bao not know what to think for a long time.

“See, that’s right. If he was our daddy, he would definitely let you tell Mommy. That’s why he’s not our daddy. Maybe he’s someone very similar to our daddy. Uncle said that it’s very easy to get two people who look alike, such as plastic surgery.”

“Ah, is that really the case? I thought I found Daddy. So, Little Treasure, are we going to find Daddy again now?”

Da Bao was very disappointed, but she still wanted to find her father. Perhaps every child wanted to have a complete father’s love and mother’s love in their heart.. Regardless of whether their parents wanted them or not, they all wanted them.