Realms In The Firmament – Chapter 1901 – Subduing the Brotherhood

Chapter 1901 : Subduing the Brotherhood

But Mo Feiyun possessed his own perseverance, and absolutely wouldn’t throw the game at the end.

As he was just about to say the remaining two words in ‘you have lost’, his eyes suddenly straightened, and those two words just froze in place upon his lips.

He saw Ye Xiao’s originally lax sword light unexpectedly concentrate to become solid once again. Soon after, he performed a counterattack, shooting straight towards him through empty space!

This new sword light approached a severe level, and was unexpectedly something so valiant that he had never seen anything like it in his whole life!

Compared to Ye Xiao’s sword light from just now, it was unexpectedly approaching ten times more severe than before, or maybe even more!

This one boundless sword light was endlessly resplendent. From its middle, Ye Xiao’s voice unhurriedly echoed out, saying, “Feiyun, please judge this one move of mine… I Rule the Universe!”

Scattered and returning to assemble, the unprecedentedly splendid and magnificent boundless sword light counterattacked. Just like a magnificent expert, it neatly wrapped him in the limitless and imposing qi of a king, brazenly overlooking all.

Like a monarch overlooking the entire world, the sovereign king dominating the universe, he suddenly appeared in front of Mo Feiyun’s face.

Although Mo Feiyun’s cultivation level was high, he was still just a martial man introduced from the wilderness. Suddenly seeing this one sword that was so imposing upon the whole world, that sword that approached his innermost heart, his mind was immediately unable to remain in control as it told him of the danger approaching. At long last, his steady, calm, persistent will surpassing an ordinary person was finally changed, and he narrowed his eyes as he recoiled at extreme speed. He wanted to break away from this move of Ye Xiao’s before it was able to envelop him.

The true strength of both sides somewhat differed. If it wasn’t that the might of this one sword of Ye Xiao’s was so intimidating, the situation on the battlefield would still be unknown!

However, Ye Xiao’s sword ray was like a maggot in the tarsal bone, and from beginning to end it remained closely on his tail, not letting the slightest gap separate them.


The retreating Mo Feiyun’s momentum gradually collapsed. He only felt his throat go cold, and his two eyes couldn’t help but suddenly protrude out as he stood there dumbstruck.

This was because three inches in front of his throat, the brilliant sword point was held in position. This dense sword ray still lingered.

The result was finally understood. Mo Feiyun, defeated!

Mo Feiyun only felt that his mind was full of paste.

He actually didn’t understand. From the beginning to end he controlled the battle situation, and he had self-confidence that everything was in his grasp, how could he be defeated?!

The sword ray disappeared, and Ye Xiao’s figure once again appeared.

“Unable to understand the problem there?” Ye Xiao’s complexion was still amiable as he faintly asked.

Mo Feiyun was somewhat at a loss as he shook his head, and perplexed, said, “How was that possible? How can you have this sort of thing?”

Ye Xiao faintly smiled. “Actually, the cause is very simple, you underestimated me too much! This is the biggest reason for your defeat!”

Mo Feiyun said, “En?”

“Just now when I was inside the room with you, when I gave off my qi momentum, you consequently knew me to be at Undead Stage Rank 8 Peak cultivation. Also originating from that time period, you didn’t have my release in your eye. In your mind, the so-called battle situation’s win or loss was entirely in your grasp, and there was only the execution to go!”

Ye Xiao slowly said, “However, it was starting from this period of time that you were already defeated in this battle by nine tenths. Actually, so long as you think slightly deeper about it, it’s not that hard to think of. When I released that pressure at that time, wouldn’t it be impossibly stupid to expose my own strength? Don’t tell me that I wouldn’t know that your brothers absolutely would not surrender, so how could I expose my trump card that early? Therefore, I actually exposed a so-called trump card, but it was simply a façade to let you fall into a trap and nothing more!”

“By the time that we arrived inside the courtyard, when I suggested the high altitude showdown that would carry out this battle outside of everyone’s field of view, you were even more sure that I didn’t have any certainty in the outcome, and that I wasn’t willing to be humiliated in front of everyone. As soon as you started thinking this way, you were defeated completely, without any margin for error!”

Mo Feiyun deeply inhaled a breath.

“As it should be, your true strength is indeed above mine. If in the beginning you had utilized your whole strength, using the pressure of your Burning Sky Eight Styles, you still might have had an opportunity to win. However, because you had misjudged the previous two matters, you were confident that victory was in your grasp, and you immediately adopted the Big Mountain Covers the Top Style, intending to overwhelm and pull up the dead weeds to end this battle as quickly as possible… But you abandoned your genuine finishing blow, the fundamental reason being that you didn’t want to have me in your eyes any longer.”

“Underestimating the enemy, error of judgement, choosing suitable tactics for the battle, you had already failed in three ways, and your defeat was comprehensive. You were not merely defeated, but rather… If I was an enemy, you would already be eight tenths of the way dead!”

Ye Xiao said, “When my sword ray broke through the Three Extremes Convergence move and my extra momentum didn’t weaken but continued to carry out an attack towards you to where you could only passively defend, your personal sense of my firepower led you to be even more certain that my offensive was one that could not endure long. It was even more impossible to threaten you, to the extent that you unexpectedly completely didn’t think I had any sort of following move… You took for granted that once my offense collapsed, you would just seize total victory?! When I took a timely retreat, you immediately went for a full strength attack, not even considering that you might have a more suitable attack manner, because you had shielded all the possible variables…”

“But, I still had a trump card that I had not yet taken out!”

“At that moment, if I was an enemy of yours, you would already be ten tenths dead! You wouldn’t have the slightest possibility of survival…”

Ye Xiao faintly said, “Since you accumulated this many causes of defeat, how could you not be defeated?!”

Mo Feiyun’s face was as black as a pot bottom. He said, “How could I not know these reasons that you have listed off. What I truly don’t understand is… You are using an Undead Stage Rank 8 Peak cultivation base, and your attack wasn’t interrupted. The thick offensive was enough to cause my Rank 9 Middle Step to be completely incapable of returning fire. At maximum firepower, you can only support that for a certain length of time… When you passed this time limit, it was inevitable that your spirit strength would be used up, and this is also why I was certain that you had to be empty of qi and your strength finished. However, why did you still have energy left over to use an even more formidable finishing move to determine the victory? This isn’t propelling by force, or some sort of secret technique attack move!”

Just as Mo Feiyun had said, this ability was the place most impossible to figure out.

Because of Mo Feiyun’s cultivation base and strength of firsthand experience, he could completely and accurately calculate out just what time Ye Xiao should exhaust his strength.

But, in reality this was unfortunately a mistake in estimation.

Ye Xiao slightly smiled. “Nothing more than a ruse to tempt the enemy, that’s all. If I didn’t have a later move, coming up and adopting this sort of crazy fast attack would be bringing about one’s own destruction and hurrying his defeat, wouldn’t it?”

“Or should I say, this kind of secret of quickly returning qi is only one of my numerous trump cards, and this doesn’t even compare to others in my eyes!” Ye Xiao seriously stated. “Don’t tell me that you didn’t feel that I absolutely hadn’t exhausted my full strength?!”

Mo Feiyun almost sprayed out a mouthful of old blood.

Are you trying to make me even more depressed?!

An Undead Stage Rank 8 Peak very casually flipped over an Undead Stage Rank 9 Middle powerhouse, but is claiming with a straight face that he absolutely didn’t even use his whole strength. This is one of those classic legends in the Human Realm Upon Heavens of using the weak to defeat the strong…

Unfortunately, I, your father, was nevertheless the bad guy, that counterexample…

How can this be endured?

I should simply buy a lump of tofu and knock it against my head to kill myself, ah…

“Defeated… An utter failure of a defeat!” Mo Feiyun smiled bitterly. “These years… were really too easy and comfortable, ah…”

Immediately after, he said, “Monarch Ye, no need to worry. Mo Feiyun’s words carry an enormous amount of weight, each word is equal to nine cauldrons.”

Ye Xiao peacefully smiled, and said, “Already, this Ye is looking forward to seeing the nine brothers’ esteemed selves in the Life and Death Hall.”

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